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Google Nexus 7 - Discussion (archive)
N7 survey
Will you get the second generation Nexus 7?
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Not. [ 784 ] ** [38,81%]
I will use both. [ 57 ] ** [2,82%]
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Total votes: 2020

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[ARCHIVE] Discussion Google nexus 7 first generation
PictureAsus google nexus 7
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The second part of the discussion (current) -> Google Nexus 7 First Generation
The discussion continues in it.

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CPU: Nvidia Tegra 3 T30L Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 (up to 1.3 GHz in single-core mode)
GPU: NVIDIA ULP GeForce, 12 cores 416 MHz
Screen: 7-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels (216 ppi) and viewing angles of 178 °, max. brightness - 275 cd / m2(= 275nits), contrast - 630: 1, physical size: 15.08cm x 9.42cm
Operating system: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (current version is 4.3 Jelly Bean)
RAM: 1 GB DDR3L 1333 MHz
Battery: 4270-4325mAh Li-polymer 16Wh 3.7V
Built-in memory: 8 GB (discontinued)16 or 32 GB ext4 file system
Camera: frontal 1.2 Mp
Dimensions: 198.5 x 120 x 10.5 mm
Weight: 340 grams (Wi-Fi version)
347 grams (3G version)
Modules: Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz), Bluetooth (v 3.0), GPS (without GLONASS support), NFC
Network: Support GSM / UMTS / HSPA + networks
GSM / EDGE / GPRS (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
3G (850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz)
HSPA + 21 Mbps
Other: Gyroscope, light sensor, magnetic sensor, digital compass, 2 microphones, 2 speakers
Detailed specifications of the display, memory ... you can readhereandhere
Additional information and answers to frequently asked questions.
For newly bought and future buyers
When you first turn on the tablet requires a connection to Wi-Fi.It does not get around!If you do not have it, then distribute it from your smartphone or find an open one.

1.What is the price of the device?
The recommended price in the US for the version with 16 GB of memory is $ 199, with 32 GB - $ 249, with 32 GB + 3G - $ 299. The recommended price in Russia for the version with 16 GB of memory is 8990 rubles, with 32 GB + 3G - 11990 rubles.

2.What to check when buying?
Readinstructions upon purchase.

3. How to determine which batch of the device?
Indicated on the box. A photo:
[attachment = "2848236: nexus-32-box.jpeg"]
The first symbol indicates the year of production (C = 2012, D = 2013, E = 2014, F = 2015), the second symbol indicates the month of production of this device (1-9 - January-September, A-October, B- November, C-December).

4. Is it possible to tear off the film with the serial number, which is on the back cover near the speaker?
Can. She is not needed. Warranty is not affected.

5. The tablet is purchased abroad and the adapter is not under my outlet. What to do?
Buy an adapter. It is sold in any household. the store.

6. Will it be possible for me to repair the tablet in the official SC, if it is purchased from an online store abroad?
Yes. The tablet has a global warranty. It will be repaired no matter where it is purchased. In Russia and Ukraine there is a global guarantee.

7. Is it necessary to "rock" the battery?
Not. Modern lithium-polymer batteries do not need any “buildup”. It is absolutely useless.

8. Is it necessary to glue the film?
It is better to buy a cover, then the film is not needed. Can be without a film and without a cover. The screen is completely scratch and dirt resistant.

9. Why do we need 4 points on the left side?
These are contacts for connecting to the docking station. Using the docking station, you can charge the tablet, listen to music, watch movies ...

10.Why wipe the display?
You can wipe with a paper napkin, any soft lint-free cloth (microfiber, bike) or suede. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives!More details.

11. Why when you click on the edge of the frame there are stains on the screen?
Because there is a minimum gap between the glass and the screen.

12. Why are the lights on the black background visible?
This is a feature of the backlight IPS screens.

13. Is there a signal?

14. How to start the camera?
Install the applicationNexus 7 Cameraor the like.

15. How to change the number of desktops? How to create folders in the application menu?
In the stock launcher in any way. Install any other launcher.

16. How to connect to a computer?
On Windows:
How a flash drive will not be displayed! The tablet is mounted in the system using the MTP protocol and is visible only as a multimedia device.
If it was not possible to connect the tablet in MTP mode or there are problems when transferring files to the device, then install the client on the tabletMyPhoneExplorer, and on the computerdownloadand install the PC version.
MTP connection setup
First install the universal driver.Instructions and the driver itself in this post.

DownloadUSB driver for Nexus 7. If it doesn't help, theninstruction,how to act. Or herestill. Still.And further:
1. Remove from the installed devices on the BB (if before attempts were made to connect)
2. DownloadUSB driver for Nexus 7
3. On the tablet settings>storage>3 points in the upper right>USB computer connection>should be MTP
4. Connect N7 to BB
5. When connecting to the question of how to determine, specify the conductor
6. The next time you open it, it must be defined as MTP
7. If the media folder is empty, then if you have a screen lock, just unlock the screen and the internal folders of the N7 will appear
8. If you still have connectivity issues: turn on settings>developer options>on>usb debugging>put a tick.(thankVinchenzo)

List of alternative ways to copy files to the device.

On Linux Mint 11:
First of all, install mtpfs. Then edit etc / fuse.conf, uncommenting the line: user_allow_other
Then, to mount the tablet as an external drive, execute the command:
sudo mtpfs -o allow_other / media / YOURMOUNTPOINT

where YOURMOUNTPOINT is the mount point (folder). Then you can work with this folder as with an external disk.

To unmount, run the command:
sudo umount / media / YOURMOUNTPOINT

You can also write these commands in ~ / .bashrc:
alias android-connect = "sudo mtpfs -o allow_other / media / YOURMOUNTPOINT"
alias android-disconnect = "sudo umount / media / YOURMOUNTPOINT"


On Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10:
To register in the terminal:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa: langdalepl / gvfs-mtp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

After installing everythingto overload comp.

Everything! Then everything works with MTP automatically, as when connecting a regular USB flash drive.

A sourceUpgrade To Gvfs With MTP Support In Ubuntu 12.10 Or 12.04 To Easily Connect Android 4.0+ Devices

If there is a problem with connecting the tablet in fastboot mode (including when using "Google Nexus 7 TOOLKIT", "Nexus Root Toolkit")
If you have problems with connecting the tablet to a computer in fastboot mode (device not found, constant wait, etc.) and the driver is installed correctly (device "Android Bootloader Interface" works fine) first try the following:
  1. Use native usb cord.
  2. Try plugging the power cord into another computer's usb connector.
  3. Try to connect the tablet on another computer.
If these items did not help, ask the question in the appropriate device topic:Nexus 7 Wi-Fi Firmware | Nexus 7 3G Firmware

17. How to view files or install downloaded applications?
Install any file manager from Google Play. for exampleES Explorer. Also ES Explorer can install programs not only from memory, but also from any network storage (DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive). When you first install the program from a non-Market, Android will ask for permission to install programs from unknown sources and display it on the appropriate setting.

18. How to take a screenshot?
At the same time, hold down the volume down and lock / on keys for 1-2 seconds. You can find a screenshot in the gallery or in the Pictures / Screenshots / folder. If you upload a screenshot to the forum, then hide it under the spoiler. If you do not know how, then readshort lesson "How to clean images under spoiler".

19. How to delete photos from the gallery downloaded from picasa?
At the beginning: settings - accounts - google - click on your account - remove the checkbox from the google photo.
Then: settings - applications - all - gallery - erase data. Your photos in the memory of the tablet will not be lost.

20.Why does the tablet not accept * .apk files via bluetooth?
Rename the file by adding after the extension, for example .zip - the file will look like: file.apk.zip Then on the tablet, using the file manager, rename everything back.
You can also use third-party applications. For example,Superbeam, can use all the functionality for reception / transmission (NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, WiFi Hotspot) orBluetooth File Transfer.

21. Where are the letters b and y in the standard keyboard? How to use swype in multiple languages ​​at the same time?
To write them you need to hold the letters L or E. To use the swype function in several languages ​​at the same time: settings - language and input - click the settings icon on the right of the Android keyboard - input languages ​​- remove the checkbox from the system language and select the languages ​​you want below.

22. Because of what the back cover is heated?
The graphics processor is built into the main one and due to the general heating the cover heats up noticeably. This is normal. Plus, the battery also heats up a little while working.

23. How to check the quality of Wi-Fi connection?
InstallWifi Analyzer.

24. How to check the quality of GPS signal reception?
InstallGPS Test.

25. Do wired headsets work with the tablet?
Yes, they work, but unfortunately, the microphone input is not decoupled on the tablet in the connector, so the headset microphone will not be used.

Useful tips:

- do not use the Proxima notification melody and the Cesium alarm melody (Why? - answer )
- Do not allow the tablet to self-power off from a low charge. Put on charging at ~ 15%
- no need to specifically bend the tablet to check the squeak - it is not intended for this
- Do not self-repair without sufficient skills.
General Both for Wi-Fi and for 3G versions
1. I would like to hear feedback about the viewing angles of the screen.
The viewing angles are excellent, the image does not fade, is not inverted at any glance.

2.What is the display coverage? Glass or plastic?
Corning Fit oleophobic coated glass. The screen with a minimum gap between the matrix and cover glass. The sensor layer is applied directly to the glass coating (of course, from the "inside").

3. How much user memory is available in the machine?
In the 8GB version 5.92GB. In 16GB version 13.43GB. The 32GB version is 27.58GB.

4. How long does the battery last?
About 9-11 hours in the video viewing mode when playing with headphones, about 4-5 hours in 3D games mode.Comparative battery test 4.2.1 - 4.2.2.
Read morehere.(eng.)
If the charge started to leave too quickly, then try to turn off in the "Multimedia Storage" settings. Not forever, but for example at night. Just when you disable this service, some applications stop working, for example, stock gallery, player ...

5. I have problems with the battery, fast discharge in standby mode, at night ... What should I do?
1) First readthis postand follow the instructions.
2) Disable the "Media" program in the settings or disable the synchronization in the program settings; disable all unnecessary standard Google applications.
3) Try to do as writtenhere, hereandhere(more suitable for 3G version).
4) In the standby mode, do not eat up a lot of percent, periodically you need to do a reboot and turn off background processes in developer mode.
5) Create a .nomedia file in all folders where there is no multimedia content and it is not foreseen that the media server does not consume much energy due to scanning.
6) In the sync settings, disable pictures and photos.

6. How to run flash?
Here is the instruction.Here is another browser with flash support:Puffin web browser.

7. When using the multi-user mode function, can I transfer applications from one profile to another without uninstalling, installing applications?
Can. This program will help youMulti-User App Share.

8. How to get rid of advertising in applications?
Install the programAdfree android(root required) Or just turn off Wi-Fi or 3G.

9. The tablet does not turn on, until the battery was low, what should I do now?
1) Put on the charge and after 20 minutes try to turn it onlong (10-20 sec) Pressing the power button + direct the tablet to the light so that the light sensor works. If this does not help, then do something like this:
1. Connect the tablet to the charging outlet.
2. Press the volume down button (or both volume buttons), then the power button and hold them together until the fastboot mode is turned on.
3. After you get to the bootloader menu, use the volume down button until you switch to the “Power Off Device” item.
4. Confirm your selection by pressing the power button.
5. When your device turns off, unplug the charger and then reconnect it to the tablet.
6. Now you should see the battery indicator on the screen. Your tablet is back to life.
2) If, when shutting down, the tablet freezes, then hold down the power key and start charging.
3) Try opening the tablet, disconnect and attach the battery cable.

10. The tablet turns on and works, but the charge indicator shows 0%. What to do?
Open the cover and fix the battery connector.

11. How to connect an external USB flash drive via USB-OTG so that the tablet recognizes it and works with it?
Without Root: buy the program in the Market Nexus Media Importer for $ 4. Or download is free. Allows you to view files; copy from flash drive; copy to a USB flash drive and delete files from it, if the file system is FAT.
With Root: use StickMount. This program provides more features than Nexus Media Importer. for example work with exFAT.
How the tablet behaves when several drives are connected immediately writtenhere
If the flash drive is not mounted / not maintained by the program, then maybe the cable is not working. To check this, connect a mouse or keyboard. If the cursor / keyboard does not appear, it does not print, then the cable is not working.

12. How to run games from an external flash drive?
In Russian: is written here
In English: is written here

13. What can I charge and how to understand whether it is charging?
Nexus 7 charger / cable issues. + can be charged with less current.
If charging is slower than the memory allows, it is necessary to use the cable only for charging with missing or disconnected data wires.

14. How to distribute the Internet on the tablet from the phone?
By Wi-Fi: if you have a Symbian phone, like this. Android has a built-in feature.
By Bluetooth:
1. Starting from version 3.2, Android can itself get an Internet via bluetooth, without additional software.
2. To get an Internet, you need to tick the box "Get Internet from this device" in the settings of the connected bluetooth device.
3. If you don’t have this item, then your phone doesn’t know how to distribute Internet via bluetooth or you haven’t enabled this feature in the settings.
Bluetooth is the same communication protocol as other wireless standards. So it has its own communication formats, such as Ftp TcpIp Audio A2DP, etc.
The presence of one format or another depends on the firmware and the decision of the manufacturer of this phone / device.
90% of old phones have the function of distributing the Internet via bluetooth - earlier it was almost the main criterion for many users.
Now such a function is mainly possessed by low-priced phones - up to 5t.r. for example Nokia C1-01.(thankDreamer ...)
ATthis topicA list of phones capable of distributing Internet via bluetooth is presented.

If you have an Android version less than 3.2, then it should bethisprogram on the nexus. With it, you can get the Internet and Symbian phones.Instructions for using BlueVPN.

15. Can I put the wallpaper on the lock screen, different from the main screen?
Can. On custom firmwareSettings ->Lock Screen ->Wallpaper.
On Off. - installHolo lockerorMultipicture Live Wallparer.You can put it on loxcreen, and on each desktop or even individual folders on loxcreen and desktops, so that they change after a certain period.(thankDreamer ...)

16. The tablet began to work slower with a small amount of memory or on Android 4.2. What to do?

Try to dolike thisor install the programLagFix (fstrim)(required root) and execute TRIM.

17.What is GPS? How fast are satellites catching?
The satellites are about a minute or less. Accuracy is good.

18. Changed the ro.sf.lcd_density parameter in the build.prop file, some applications lost compatibility. What to do?
Return the original value (213) and clear the cache Play Market.

19.MHL-HDMI works? Can I use such an adapter to connect to TV?
Not. Nexus 7 MHL does not support, experiments with adapters have confirmed this. But you can still connect to TV.Instructions.

20. Where to order various spare parts for it?

21.In Android 4.2, it turns on after a very long hold on the power button. What to do?
Do a full reset.It helps.

22.How in Chrome to make sites always open in the full version?

23. How to get rid of the auto-correction of brightness and color saturation depending on the image on the screen?
Like this.

24. How to distribute wired Internet from a laptop / computer in Windows 7 via Wi-Fi?
Follow theinstructions.

25. How to remove the bottom line of buttons in games or in other applications?
Use the programGMD GestureControlorfull! screen(root is required for both programs)

26. How to reduce the screen brightness even more than the minimum value? To make it more comfortable to use the tablet in the dark.
The brightness is not further reduced, but you can dim. Use for thisScreen filter

27. Can I remove the Google search from the screen?
Can. To do this, disable Google Search in the settings and restart the tablet. To bring it back, just turn it on, without rebooting (in the settings it will be at the bottom).

28. How to remove from developers menu settings?
First, turn off the developer mode in the developer menu itself. Then settings - applications - all - scroll down to the settings - erase data.

29.Sound barely audible. What to do?
Headphone jack in the tablet tight, insert harder and until it clicks.

30.When the ro.sf.lcd_density parameter is changed in the build.prop file to enable the tablet interface, the tablet interface does not turn on. Why?
Starting with Android 4.2, Google has removed TabletUI support, and it is done only by switching to custom firmware, for example, ParanoidAndroid, orinstalling APK(alpha version, be careful! use at your own risk and make a backup)

31. Will there be updates coming if the bootloader is unlocked on the tablet, the custom recovery is installed?
Yes, they will come. But they will be installed only under the condition that the system files or pre-installed Google applications have not been changed.

32. The screen is broken. What to do?
Buy a used 8 GB tablet and replace with it. It will be the cheapest option, but if you want even cheaper, then readthismessage. Glue the glass in your frame.Detailed video screen replacement instructions.

33. How to save everything that is in the tablet (application data, music ...) without root rights?
Plain data from the memory of the computer on the computer in any way, and the data of games and applications can save the programHelium.

34. Does Miracast work on Nexus 7?
There is no Miracast support in the out-of-box firmware, but there is a solution - on the websiteXda-developersthere is a core with support for this technology.
Only for 3G version
1.What type of SIM card?

2. Can I make calls and send SMS?
Calls can not be made. About whether it is worth waiting for this opportunity to appear inby thismessage. Megafon subscribers can call via the Internet, while using their phone number and account using the programMultifon.
You can send and receive SMS. To do this, install programs for SMS, for exampleGO SMS Proor program fromthis post.

3.Where to set up mobile Internet?
Settings - More - Mobile Networks - APN Access Points - in the settings, select restore default settings. Or:
Settings - More - Mobile Networks - APN Access Points - New Access Point - (any name):
MTS Internet


Name - beeline internet
Username - beeline
Password - beeline
MSS - 250
MNC - 99
Type APN -default (or empty string)

4. How to check balance?
Use the programAnyBalance.But for its operation, you must create a personal account with the operator.
Or you can still through the programcluBalance.Performs a balance check via SMS.

5. How to distribute the Internet from 3G networks via Wi-Fi? Can I use the tablet as a USB modem?
For Android versions up to 4.2.2: instruction . At 4.2.2 this method does not work.
For Android 4.2.2: use the program Wifi hotspot usb tether or, if there is a custom recovery, you can add the item "Modem Mode" in the settings, instruction .
For Android 4.3 instruction (root required)
You can use the tablet as a USB modem, everything is painted ininstructions.

6. Does the tablet not connect to the 802.11n Wi-Fi network? What to do?
The jamb is fixed in Android 4.3. For those who have not yet 4.3: reset helps (but only until the next insertion of the SIM card) or the programWiFix Manager(root required)

7. How to make it work only in 3G mode?
In the service menu: information about the tablet PC - at the bottom of the line "WCDMA preferred" - click on it - WCDMA only. The service menu can be accessed in various ways:
1) Install the programNetwork.
2) Putdialer- dial * # * # 4636 # * # *
3) If an alternate launcher is used, for exampleApex, then a long tap on the desktop - shortcuts - actions - settings - check. A shortcut to the service menu will be created.
After the reboot, the add-on flies and you have to install it again.

8. Is it possible to hot swap sim card?
Yes. We transfer the device to flight mode - pull out / insert a SIM card - turn off flight mode.

9. 3G connection is falling off. What to do?

Automatically turn on WI-FI when the tablet enters the coverage area of ​​a saved network. And shutdown when it leaves.

Who crashed the display, readthismessage.The author proposes to make a group order of screens for the sake of cheaper final cost.
Battery FAQ,
How to connect various devices. +Instructions for connecting 3G modems
Solving issues with connecting modems to Android devices
List of widgets that can be displayed on the lock screen
List of programs that can be removed from the system
Delay (latency) of the audio signal in the Nexus 7
Nexus 7 Reviews
Full, good reviews:
Mobile Review
3dnewsand more on3dnews
Mobilanews- review from the usersavagemessiahzine.comJackiLL
Short, but also good reviews:
savagemessiahzine.com- by userRage
Internetua- Only text and benchmarks.
Pcweek- text only.
In English
The verge
The verge- Review version with 3G.
Autopsy ifixit
Better quality:
Mobile Review
Mlsterlous- part 1.Mlsterlous- part 2.
Geekstarter- Express review of Android 4.2.
Anboxing- in English.
Google nexus 7- dismantling. (in English)
Lower quality:
Alexey Romanov
Crash tests

Benchmark Resultshere.

vote screens
Are you satisfied with your Nexus 7?
Attached Image

How much memory do you have?
Attached Image

How much time do you have a battery?
Do you need 3G?
Attached Image

Pro purchase.
Attached Image

How do you like the hat?
Attached Image

It is strange of course, why those who chose that the cap was not very good, did not write me anything ... sorry.

What do you most often use on the tablet?
Attached Image

By what percentage do you lose the tablet battery overnight?
What are your wallpaper?
Attached Image

Do you have scratches on the display?
Do you have scratches on the back cover?
Attached Image

How long do you have to wait for an update after its announcement?
Attached Image

How do you exchange files with your tablet?
Attached Image

For owners of the 3G version. Do you have a tablet connected to Wi-Fi standard N, without "dancing with tambourines"?
How many (on average) hours per day do you actively use a tablet?
Attached Image

Do you use Wi-Fi standard 802.11N to communicate with your tablet?
If you use (or tried to use), what results did it give?
Attached Image

How do you protect yourself from malware (more suitable for owners of the 3G version)?
How do you like the overall display quality?
Do you have enough display brightness?
Attached Image

About problems with the battery and SC.
Attached Image

Why was my post removed?
  1. Off-topic. You need to write this in the themes of purchase, firmware, applications ...
  2. The answer is in the cap in the spoiler for more information, in the FAQ or in the profile topic.
  3. The issue has been discussed 100,500 times. Use the search.
  4. Post breaksForum Rules.But usually in such cases, I put the tag.
  5. The rest is up to me. + Note that not only the question will be deleted, but also the answer to it.
If you found a post (s) that (s) clearly need to be deleted, write me about it in QMS.

Questions and problems with the battery or charger and their solution. +possible causes of poor tablet charge. 5 Practical Tips for Using Lithium-Ion Batteries

With suggestions for filling caps contact the curator.givlaxin QMS (if not added during the day - write more)

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Rep: (0)
If I'm not mistaken, the good news about the tablet. And + Asus'ovsky new.

Rep: (122)
Calvin Maple @ 06/24/2012, 08:06*
it's bad that there will be no 3G, although if in the mobile there is such a property, then it is in principle not needed in the tablet!

GrimmXXX @ 06/24/2012, 11:10*
I also think that 3g is necessary, but since Google makes the tablet "for all for $ 200", I think in the process of cheaper prices they will refuse the modem, since it costs almost a quarter of the entire tablet.
But at the same time, I hope that there will be another version up to $ 300 with 3g.

Rather, there will be a similar model from asus, but with 3g.

Rep: (7)
What is the inscription below the back?

My vision is also not very good, but I suppose that this is ASUS.

Rep: (7)
People, without GPS and Bluetooth it can not be. INFA 100%. Google itself has banned certification of devices in the market that do not have these modules. So it is not necessary to breed according to this panic, as it was everywhere on the Internet. 3G will be as usual on all android tablets - via a 3G modem.

Rep: (7)
Darkarrow @ 06/26/2012, 07:35*
Then the home media players with coffee makers will not be able to get certified in the "market", they have something GPS, to anything!

And in them there is no official certification in the market, later the Chinese or craftsmen port the market there. If you do not believe me read about it. When using the market, it has items that prohibit devices without GPS, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, etc. sensors. Think about it yourself! Will there be a market in Google?

Rep: (7)
I would still experience the absence of 3G, it would be possible to distribute the Internet from a smartphone on bluetooth, and I would not have to pay 2 tariffs with an Internet.

To save battery on the phone, you can buy a 3g router from the same Beeline or MTSa for 2000p (they have a normal battery) and plug SIM card with anlim, and disable anlim on a smart phone. The router will distribute the Internet to the smart, to the tablet and to the laptop.
Of course, you will have to carry another device with you, this is inconvenient for someone, but since I always go with my bag, it will not bother me. If Google is without 3g (which is already a fact IMHO), then I will do just that.

Here are the reviews:
Huawei E5830 from MTS
ZTE МF 30 from Beeline
MTS here in Samara is 1990r.
Beeline 2180.

Post has been editedGrimmXXX - 26.06.12, 13:04

Rep: (7)
PRODRIVE @ 06/26/2012, 14:08*
Still, there is no 3G, GPS, bluetooth

But who told you all this nonsense ?!

GrimmXXX @ 06/26/2012, 1:59 PM*
can I buy a 3g router

What are these perversions and a lot of devices for, if any device on an Android without 3G is easily picked up by USB host modems? Even if there is no full usb output, the usual microusb-usb_mother adapter (USB-host, USB-otg) will help.

Rep: (7)
catarsis1212 @ 06/26/2012, 2:26 pm*
What are these perversions and a lot of devices for, if any device on an Android without 3G is easily picked up by USB host modems? Even if there is no full usb output, the usual microusb-usb_mother adapter (USB-host, USB-otg) will help.

USB 3G router with an adapter is of course an output, BUT: This is another SIM card with another 1 tariff, and this protruding “tail” is not only inconvenient, but also looks ugly.
And on the router I pressed 1 button and after 15 seconds I caught the network and on my way ... Nothing hinders anything and only pay for 1 tariff.
I understand, to each his own, but for me personally a 3g router is more convenient and more profitable.

Rep: (28)
GrimmXXX @ 06/26/2012, 2:43 PM*
3G router is more convenient and more profitable

you forgot to tell about how long the 3g router lasts, among the existing ones, MTS \ Megafon \ Beeline, 4-8 hours is not enough

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Romashko @ 06/26/2012, 14:58*
you forgot to tell about how long the 3g router lasts, among the existing ones, MTS \ Megafon \ Beeline, 4-8 hours is not enough

Well, this is enough for 6-8 hours.uninterrupted work. I for example do not sit so much time on the Internet, especially in the mobile. On these modems, if for some time (I don’t remember how much, but there were reviews in the reviews) not to use the connection, it goes into sleep mode and the battery is almost not consumed.
And at home I have a computer with normal anlim, and there’s no point in using a router.

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"The only thing I don’t like at the moment is that there’s no slot for
memory cards "

Where does this information come from?

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r99999 @ 06/26/2012, 15:13*
Where does this information come from?

Well, as if there is no information, it is simply not specified in the specifications, as well as GPS and Bluetooth.

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Artyom Khoroshev @ 06/26/2012, 16:13*
really looking forward, but if there is no microsd slot, then fail

I also hope that the port will be. I will take in any case. 32GB would be the norm, and 16 is not enough. Well, then we will accustomed to the clouds.

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GrimmXXX @ 06/26/2012, 15:06*
Well, this is enough for 6-8 hours of continuous work. I for example do not sit so much time on the Internet, especially in the mobile. On these modems, if for some time (I don’t remember how much, but there were reviews in the reviews) not to use the connection, then it goes into sleep mode and the battery is almost not consumed.
And at home I have a computer with normal anlim, and there’s no point in using a router.

Not all homes have a router and the Internet. Especially when in the country or on a business trip, and to go to carry a 3g or yota egg in addition to the tablet is a small pleasure. It is much easier to plug in a modem, and save on charging (as practice has shown on wifi, the tablet dies faster than the one that works from a usb modem). But the most annoying of course is to always charge him. As an active internet user everywhere, it is terribly inconvenient. If we are so annoying as it sticks out from the side, we can take a short 5cm-20cm usb extension cable and take it to the side.

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catarsis1212 @ 06/26/2012, 16:56*
Not all homes have a router and the Internet. Especially when in the country or on a business trip, and to go to carry a 3g or yota egg in addition to the tablet is a small pleasure. It is much easier to plug in a modem, and save on charging (as practice has shown on wifi, the tablet dies faster than the one that works from a usb modem). But the most annoying of course is to always charge him. As an active internet user everywhere, it is terribly inconvenient. If we are so annoying as it sticks out from the side, we can take a short 5cm-20cm usb extension cable and take it to the side.

As I said, to each his own ... If it is more convenient for you, do so. I just suggested another good way to replace the built-in 3g. Maybe someone other than me will like it.

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Such an active discussion is underway, but who ever said that there will be support for modems in the firmware?

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Odnoraz @ 06/26/2012, 17:19*
Such an active discussion is underway, but who ever said that there will be support for modems in the firmware?

For some reason I missed this moment from attention. Probably because I decided to use a 3g router instead of a modem.

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Odnoraz @ 06/26/2012, 17:19*
Such an active discussion is underway, but who ever said that there will be support for modems in the firmware?

Well, at least in the Nexus smartphones from Google and asus tablets it has always been. Why should she not be now in a newer nexus from asus?

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Pitsbyrg @ 06/26/2012, 16:57*

3G module 100% will not be! Official information! They did not put it because they wanted to save on the price.

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catarsis1212 @ 06/26/2012, 18:18*
Well, at least in the Nexus smartphones from Google and asus tablets it has always been.

"Was out of the box" or "good people learned to add"?
It is extremely strange that in the firmware in the factory firmware there are drivers for external USB devices that duplicate the functionality already in the device.

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