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> MoneyWiz / MoneyWiz 2 | [IPhone] [iPad] [Watch] universal financial assistant
16.05.12, 17:41
iOS + OSX = forever ♡

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MoneyWiz 2 - download

Version: 2.9.3
Last update of the program in the header:27.03.2019

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Short description:
A complete solution for managing your personal finances.

All your bills, budgets and payments in one place! With powerful reports, Internet banking all over the world and instant synchronization between all your devices!
This MoneyWiz is the most powerful and beautiful financial application in the world.
"The best financial application"
- The Telegraph
"MoneyWiz is an elegant personal finance management application."
- MacWorld Magazine

● SELECT FROM DEBTS: We have built MoneyWiz in such a way that it is easy for you to see a complete picture of your finances. You will be able to evaluate how to optimize them in order to reduce your debts!
● NEVER FORGET TO PAY AN ACCOUNT: Omission to pay a bill can cost you dearly. MoneyWiz will not allow this to happen again. Set up all your bills for reminders and forecasts.
● GOOD FORECASTING: Have you ever wondered how much more you have to pay until the next salary, or about bills where you may not have sufficient funds for your payments? MoneyWiz will show you by pressing a single button!
● ALL IN ONE PLACE: Have all your financial data in one place, a unique overview and convenient management!

● ACCOUNTS: All your accounts in one place. Arrange them in groups, assign them badges and determine which accounts will make up your current capital. Choose from a variety of accounts: Credit Card, Checks, Savings, Loans, Cash, or Internet Banking.
● BUDGETS: Make budgets, and MoneyWiz will automatically monitor your transactions and assign them to the proper budgets. Batch budgeting is also available.
● PAYMENTS: Never miss a pay bill! View all your accounts in the list or on the calendar, get forecasts for any period with one click.
● ONLINE LIGHT INTERNET BANKING: Connect your Internet banking to MoneyWiz and all your transactions will be downloaded and categorized automatically. MoneyWiz will even establish the proper payee! (* Additional service, requires a subscription)
● TRANSACTION INPUT: Transaction entry has never been so powerful! Configure which fields you want to use and the parameters for each field; use the pull-down gesture to save the transaction. Entering transactions occurs with the maximum possible speed!
● REPORTS: Tons of reports will give you a look at your expenses and incomes that you have never had before! MoneyWiz also allows you to create custom reports based on what you want to know about your money.
● DASHBOARD: The dashboard is the place where you get a quick overview of your finances. Fill it with widgets that you can organize and customize. See everything important on one screen.
● SETTINGS: Configure MoneyWiz to suit your needs. Select currencies, manage categories, set the location of the transaction list, allow entry of POS style sums, create invoice reminders, and more.
● PROTECTION: Protect your data with PIN. Set a PIN timeout for maximum comfort and auto-delete after 10 incorrect entries, for maximum security. The iOS version also offers TouchID integration for devices that support it.
● SYNCHRONIZATION: Connect several devices with SYNCbits - a cloud synchronization service that does everything automatically - from data synchronization to conflict resolution. SYNCbits has the security level of banks, and it is absolutely free!
● IMPORT: You came to MoneyWiz from another application? Import your data! Be it a CSV, QIF and OFX, QFX or MT940 file, MoneyWiz can handle all of this.

You have questions? Just email us at he[email protected] We have a fanatical support that will answer any questions you may have!
Also, for more information go tohttps://moneywizapp.com.

Languages: Russian , Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Dutch, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Korean, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, French, Czech, Swedish
Developer: SilverWiz Ltd
Compatibility: Is required iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This application is optimized for iPad Pro.
Homepage: http://moneywizapp.com
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/moneywiz-2-finansovyj-pomosnik/id936248215

Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.9.3.ipa(36.71 MB)
Installer for Windows + Attached fileMoneyWiz.v. KB)
thanks, we sayigorca
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.7.6.ipa (37.74 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.7.5.ipa(37.74 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz.v. KB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.6.11.ipa(37.61 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.6.9.ipa(37.6 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.6.7.ipa(37.6 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.6.6.ipa(37.54 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.6.5.ipa(37.45 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.6.3.ipa(37.44 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.6.0.ipa(24.85 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.5.12.ipa(23.65 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.5.10.ipa(36.84 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.5.4.ipa(37.94 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.5.3.ipa(24.33 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.5.2.ipa(25.2 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.5.1.ipa(25.64 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.5.ipa(25.63 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.3.3.ipa(28.16 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.3.2.ipa(27.16 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.3.1.ipa(28.11 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.3.ipa(27.2 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.2.1.ipa(26.65 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.2.ipa(39.47 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.1.ipa(38.71 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.0.7.ipa(38.55 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.0.6.ipa(21.67 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_.0.5.ipa(53.9 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.0.4.ipa(23.87 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_2.0.3.ipa(18.4 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_2_Personal_Finance_2.0.2.ipa(17.38 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_1.6.1.ipa(20.67 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_for_iPad_1.6.0.ipa(23.21 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_for_iPad_1.5.6.ipa(13.16 MB)
MoneyWiz 2 Personal Finance (v2.0.1) .ipa
MoneyWiz 2 Personal Finance (v2.0) .ipa
iPad - MoneyWiz_for_iPad_1.5.6.ipa
iPad version 1.5.5
iPhone version 1.5.5
iPhone version 1.5.4
iPad version 1.5.4
MoneyWiz - Personal Finance for iPad (v1.5.3) .ipa
MoneyWiz - Personal Finance (v1.5.3) .ipa (iPhone)
version 1.5.2
version 1.5.2
version 1.5.1
version 1.5.1 HD
MoneyWiz iphone 1.5.0.ipa
MoneyWiz ipad 1.5.0.ipa
version 1.4.1
version 1.4.0
version 1.3.7(23.96 MB)
version 1.3.5(22.71 MB)
version 1.3.4(22.56 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_v1.3_S1.AnGeR.ipa(9.03 MB)
2.9.3 Mar 27 2019
Bug fixes
2.9.2 Mar 7 2019
With this update we're fixing over 50 bugs reported in the past few months.
Also, MoneyWiz 3 is now available with lots of new features and new design (both Premium & Standard). Please visit our websitehttps://wiz.money3. We'll continue supporting MoneyWiz 2 though we’re not supporting to upgrade.
2.9.1 Dec 18 2018
Minor bug fixes
2.9.0 Dec 17 2018
If you are not available on Yahoo
- fixed issue where converting transaction amount
- changed the number of decimals for these currencies: AFN, BYR, LAK, MZN, TJS, TMT, UGX and VND
- fixed crash on SYNCbits sign up just after confirming the privacy policy
- info chart info popup
- solved issue with stock prices in ZAc (1/100 of ZAR) currency
Report for the field
2.8.1 June 30, 2018
This update fixes various bugs.
2.8.0 June 22, 2018
* Bug fixes & stability improvements
* Minor performance improvements
* GDPR compliance
* Updated Apple Watch app
MoneyWiz 3 for Premium subscribers is now released. If you want to migrate to MoneyWiz 3 and take advantage ofhttps://wiz.money
2.7.6 Jan 24 2018
Bug fixes
What's New in Version 2.7.5 Jan 19 2018
- fixed a number of crashes
- fixed german localization
- fixed issue with duplicated last month on bar chart reports
What's New in Version 2.7.11 Dec 5 2017
* Fixed several crashes
* Improved duplicates recognition with SaltEdge transactions
What's New in Version 2.7.0 Dec 6 2017
- Face ID support for iPhone X
- MoneyWiz is now also iPhone X optimized
- Increased speed of Yodlee connections, it's now 4 times faster
- MoneyWiz now allows manual price updates.
- Fixed issue of where the transaction
- Fixed issue
- Added Belarusian translation (by Viktar Mishyn)
- after the budget
- Fixed issue with BYR currency
- Record number from SaltEdge transactions will be stored in the memo
- Fixed issue with iOS 11 and smart quotes and apostrophes
- When it comes to stock money from Yodlee automatically
- Fixed issue where MoneyWiz skips importing SaltEdge transactions
- Added handling for duplicate transactions with SaltEdge banks, where the bank changes.
- Fixed crash with updating stock prices from Yodlee and Yahoo at the same time
What's New in Version 2.6.11 3 Nov 2017
Bug fixes
What's New in Version 2.6.10 Nov 2 2017
This is an update of currency exchange rates that we use. This update will fix them. We have been able to support their currency exchange rate API.
For any issues please email us at [email protected]
What's New in Version 2.6.9
Banking via SaltEdge.
What's New in Version 2.6.7
* Fixed category name issue
* Fixed various budget issues
* Transaction reports
* Fixed jumping when setting cleared or pending status
* Fixed crash with creating a group during import from online banking
* Fixed issue with missing lines on iOS
What's New in Version 2.6.6
Bug fixes
What's New in Version 2.6.5
* Optimized for iOS 11
* Ability to manually set the cost of investment holdings
* Ability to update the price, such as some mutual funds)
* Performance improvements
* Fixed a visual issue with the screen on iPad
* Made investment G / L calculations to take dividends, fees etc. into account
* Implemented a check to avoid duplicating transactions.
* We’ve implemented a feature that we call "The Ultimate OB Data Consistency Check". If you are going to be able to do so, you can
It can be followed by the ordering of a number of transactions.
* Online sync
* Disabled the reminder to review MoneyWiz
* Various fixes related to handling MFA accounts via Yodlee
* Split transaction monitored by 2 or more budgets.
* Value of a transaction
* Fixed a bug
* Fixed a crash when generating a custom report
If you’re in a crash
* Fixed a crash screen subscription via the Subscriptions screen.
* Rollover is used.
* Fixed an UI issue may be truncated
This is where the transaction takes place.
* Fixed an issue with SaltEdge online banking where MoneyWiz would incorrectly ask your credentials
* May be twice
* Fixed a crash when clicking on the stock's Details button
* Fixed a visual glitch where investment portfolios would not show up at times
If the account is not valid
* Fixed a rounding issue with investment accounts
* Auto updates of their price
* Input from the keyboard when inputing JPY transactions
This is a category of a transaction.
It’s not a problem.
If you are creating a budget
It was impossible to choose the login type (where applicable)
* Fixed a crash
* SaltEdge linked accounts
* If you’re trying to get out of the screen
It shouldn’t have been a pending transaction.
* Fixed a crash for some TouchID users
* Fixed an issue where you can’t start in your local language.
* Various other crash fixes, bug fixes and stability improvements.
* Fixed a visual glitch with the calculator on iPad
What's New in Version 2.6.3
* Various UI improvements
* Fixed a bug where it should be
* Fixed an issue with disappearing PIN keyboard
* Working tickers
* Automatic decal entry was enabled.
* Stock details will now open up the Google Finance website.
* Decimal signs
* Show up when you buy a buy / sell transaction
* Fixed an issue where you buy moneyWiz will open up a blank page.
* Various UI improvements
* Various localizations improvements
* Fixed a bug where the report end date
* Various sync related issues have been resolved
* Performance improvements related to searching transactions
* Fixed a bug
It was taken in account
* Online banking will be the time when the bank provides them.
* Fixed a bug related to de-sync
What's New in Version 2.6.0
The long awaited Investment Accounts are finally here! Thank you for your feedback and patience. Let us tell you more about this update ...
• If you’re looking for a financial institution. We have added support for over 3,700 Investment Accounts institutions.
• If you want to add a new Investment Account.
• MoneyWiz will automatically refresh your holdings.
• MoneyWiz can handle buy / sell / short / cover. You can also add expenses / incomes / transfers to investment accounts. MoneyWiz will automatically handle all transaction / trade types.
• Support for stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, precious metals and every other tradable commodity.
Just will handle handle handle handle handle handle handle handle handle handle handle handle handle handle handle
• Investment Accounts also introduce you to the table below it. You can switch between transactions or transactions.
• MoneyWiz can handle all types of Investment / Brokerage accounts, including retirement accounts (IRA, 401k etc), self managed accounts etc.
• Translated from the left hand side of the transaction.
• Bug fixes, stability improvements, security improvements
Since the investment account has been updated, it’s possible to update it.
Please share your thoughts about investment accounts. If you experience any issues, also let us know. The best way to reach us is at [email protected]
Bug fixes and stability improvements.
Thank you!
- Team MoneyWiz
What's New in 2.5.12
Bug fixes.
What's New in Version 2.5.10
Bug fixes & security improvements.
What's New in Version 2.5.4
Happy New Year! :)
This update fixes over 30 reports.
We are actively working together in February.
What's New in Version 2.5.3
This update fixes several bugs.
We're also working on bringing money in 2017!
What's New in Version 2.5.2
This update fixes some bugs and stability.
What's New in Version 2.5.1
This update fixes several bugs. What are some of the issues?
What's new in version 2.5
Here’s our big autumn update! We’ve done.
● Tags - tag transactions for additional reporting power. Budgets also support tags.
● Receipts sync-sync your attached transaction transaction receipts across all devices (enable it via the SYNCbits menu)
● 14 new reports.
● Ability to add filters to reports by categories, payees and tags.
● New type of reports visualization - spreadsheet report (Categories vs Tags report use uses it)
● Offset categories - it is a sign that you can use for offset categories. Remember that MoneyWiz still has built-in Refunds functionality!
● Budgets can be created with 0 amount, which can help.
● Improved SaltEdge online banking
● Much improved online banking auto-categorization. Really, it’s like a whole new experience there!
● Auto-completers for automatically entered transactions are now account independent.
● New currency added - BYN
● Ability to disable auto-categorization for online banking accounts.
● Ability to set up online banking.
● Over 100 fixes
This update changes the data format. If you’re continuing to run smoothly.
If we’re getting any updates, we’ll get updates. Once you’re done with MoneyWiz 2.6.
If you run into any issues, please e-mail us at [email protected]
Thank you for using MoneyWiz! We’d love your feedback in the AppStore!
What's new in version 2.3.3
* Bug fixes
What's new in version 2.3.2
Bug fixes.
What's new in version 2.3.1
Apologies for any inconveniences caused by bugs. Everything that was reported is now fixed!
What's new in version 2.3
* 1 month free trial for online subscription + redesigned Subscriptions screen
* Profit & Loss Report
* Redesigned Categories management (in Settings / Categories)
It is clear that you can keep your iPhone with
* New Reports
* Reports are now divided into sections for easier navigation
* Greatly improved entry
By default, it’s not possible to split it. It is necessary to create a transaction.
It will make it possible for you to save money.
* Ability to create a new cateogry directly from the transaction entry screen
* Lots of lower improvements and bug fixes
Are you a fan? Please support us by rating us on the App Store! Thank you! :)
If you can always email our support team at [email protected] They're always happy to help!
What's new in version 2.2.1
* Optimized for iPad Pro and Split Screen multitasking
* New supported banks for Online Banking
* Bug fixes & stability improvements
* Small UI improvements
What's new in version 2.2
Of great improvements. We hope you love it!
● 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
● iPad Split screen support (for iOS9 devices only)
● Visual effects (blur & vibrancy)
● Redesigned transaction entry screen
● Ability to set scheduled transactions in online banking
● Min & Max values ​​on reports graphs
● Currency sign will have a single character symbol (such as $, €, £ etc.)
● Ability to search for online banks by country code
● Warning indicator for online banking account hasn’t been refreshed for more than 24 hours
● Hungarian translation
● Improved online banking auto-categorization and duplicates recognition
● 30% faster loading on iPad. 3 times faster accounts switching on iPad. 20% faster loading of accounts on iPhone.
What's new in version 2.1
* Fixed issues with intrusive messages
* Stability improvements
* Fixed issue with PDF reports not being generated properly
* Fixed issue with Online Banking not accepting passwords with special characters
* Fixed issues related to wrong calculations in Reports
* 30+ other fixes
* Advanced Reconcile on Mac only. Coming to iOS soon. Syncs with iOS even now!
What's New in Version 2.0.7
* Fixed "Invalid Subscription" error for 32bit devices
* Fixed Yodlee beta banks showing up in the list of supported banks
* Fixed calculations for liabilities in Statistics report
* Other minor fixes
What's New in Version 2.0.6
* Improved Online Banking automatic categorization. It would not be a problem for you to learn how to use it.
If you’re trying to make it, it’s possible to keep track of it.
* Improvements in MoneyWiz for Apple Watch
* General stability improvements
What's New in Version 2.0.5
● MoneyWiz for Apple Watch is now available. Apple Watch, as you’re looking at accounts balances. Check out your watch band!
● Performance improvements
● Online banking improvements
● Stability improvements
What's New in Version 2.0.4
*** NOTICE ***
Please try again!
If you’re online, you’ll just delete them.
If your bank was not previously found, please search again. We have added a new integration (with Yodlee) that brings more than 12,000 new banks!
* Added integration with Yodlee to support more than 12,000 new banks, making MoneyWiz support more than 15,000 banks in total in 41 countries.
For the expense / expense buttons
* Stability improvements & bug fixes
* Fixed issue with wrong running balance
What's new in version 2.0.3
* Fixed bugs related to online banking
If you come from online banking
* Improved performance for search and displaying all transactions
* Released our first Today Widget - "Quick Transaction". More widgets to come soon!
* 70+ bug fixes and stability improvements
What's new in version 2.0.2
* You can now disconnect online banking accounts / via Edit of the account /
* Ability to import memo field from QIF files
* Running balance now shows in iPad 2
* Online banking will now auto-clear / reconcile transactions
* 130+ bug fixes & stability improvements
* Performance improvements
* Fixed online banking not downloading most recent transactions
* Fixed subscription error for online banking
* Fixed crashes on some devices
* Improved load time on iPad
The report has been updated for a very long period.
* iOS 7 support
* Added 50+ new banks to online banking
* Planned release ~ 10 February
* More bug fixes
* More performance optimizations
* A few small features
* Planned release ~ mid-March
* Ability to assign tags to transactions
* Advanced accounts reconciliation (with starting / ending balance)
* Adjust budget balance
* Profit & Loss report
* More features & fixes
What's new in version 1.6.1
* Bug fixes
* Ready for MoneyWiz 2 (now available in the AppStore)
What's new in version 1.6.0
* Bug fixes on sync
* Preparation for MoneyWiz 2
After you install this update, it will make it a long (few minutes) sync ... this is normal. It’s not a problem. Please note that the sync has finished. Do not close it. Just give it time to finish.
What's New in Version 1.5.6
In case of any problems with this update, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]
• Improved stability

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03.06.12, 21:24

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for ipad version 1.3.4
for iphone version 1.3.4

Attached files

Attached fileMoneyWiz_v1.3.4_iphone.ipa(9.04 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz_v1.3.4_ipad.ipa(22.56 MB)
12.06.12, 18:07
a guest

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Apple iPhone 4

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For Mac version 1.3.4 you do not have?
15.06.12, 09:03

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Elegant program, a nice interface Russian language, everything is very like

24.07.12, 19:48

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HTC Incredible S

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Of all financial programs, the most adequate. Only here I received the required functionality - the forecast. Pleasant, comfortable, user friendly.
It is strange that it is not in the catalog. :(
02.08.12, 22:45

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Oneplus one

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Does anyone have 1.3.5?

Oneplus 1 64GB, iPad Air 64Gb.
08.08.12, 18:05

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Please share version 1.3.5 for the iphone, then put the latest version on the MAC and now I can not sync the data between the computer and the phone !!!
08.08.12, 21:32

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Oneplus one

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Yesssss ... There is on iPed, and the synchronization is turned off, demons :)
We pick up and synchronize MoneyWiz [HD] 1.3.5, iPad only.

Attached fileMoneyWiz-v1.3.5.ipa(22.71 MB)

If anyone finds for the iPhone, you are welcome.

Oneplus 1 64GB, iPad Air 64Gb.
14.08.12, 18:15
Old resident

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In the description of the version for Mac I saw this screenshot
Attached Image

To whom not laziness, show as this expert mode of transactions on iPad looks. Now I am leading the table in Numbers, but this is not always convenient and long enough, I look after the alternative.
And another question, is there an integrated currency converter in the application?
Converter is. I saw in the review.

Post has been editedAVK.86 - 15.08.12, 15:11

Life is short. Wait a bit..
14.08.12, 22:28

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Oneplus one

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On iPed one view mode and looks like the last picture in the topic topic.

Oneplus 1 64GB, iPad Air 64Gb.
03.09.12, 23:47

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On the iPhone 1,3,5 version did not run? Already a month has passed ... maybe someone has a broken line?
04.09.12, 07:51

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Apple iPhone 8

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big_nab @ 09/04/2012, 00:47*
can not broken line who have?

In the App Store there is

Samsung E720 ->Nokia N80 ->Nokia 5800 ->Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S 16Gb ->Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II 16Gb ->iPhone 5 32 Gb ->iPhone 6s 64 Gb ->iPhone 8 256 Gb
04.09.12, 07:52

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Ravannu @ 09/04/2012, 08:51*
In the App Store there is

aha is, but for denyuzhku ....
04.09.12, 14:45

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Apple iPhone 8

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big_nab @ 09/04/2012, 08:52*
aha is, but for denyuzhku ....

Put free iBear Money. Also a very convenient program. Or our Russian Budget Notes. 30 rubles just worth it. Great program. There is also a free version of Budget Notes HD with a slightly reduced functionality. I bought myself. And use. Very comfortable and beautiful. IPhone version coming soon. Hope for Mac too.

Samsung E720 ->Nokia N80 ->Nokia 5800 ->Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S 16Gb ->Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II 16Gb ->iPhone 5 32 Gb ->iPhone 6s 64 Gb ->iPhone 8 256 Gb
05.09.12, 12:09

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One thing did not understand, with regards to budgets.
I understand that budgets only for expenses can be made out? How to make parishes? Say, I plan that this month 10,000 ye will come to my pocket, in fact, let's say 9000, I see according to a plan analysis I should have 1000 ye, thus I don’t lose money.

ibear money has budgets for income and expenses, and how can we organize such a thing?
16.10.12, 19:21

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for ipad version 1.3.7
for iPhone version 1.3.7

Attached files

Attached fileMoneyWiz iPad-v1.3.7.ipa(23.96 MB)
Attached fileMoneyWiz iPhone-v1.3.7.ipa(9.49 MB)
20.02.13, 16:52
a guest

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iPhone version 1.3.7 crashes to iOS 6.1, iPhone 5;)
13.03.13, 08:19
a guest

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Apple iPhone 5

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iPhone version 1.3.7 crashes to iOS 6.1, iPhone 5

Yeah, with the error FairPlay failure
13.03.13, 09:33

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after the release of 1.4.0 version 1.3.7 stopped synchronizing
Who will find a "prepared" 1.4.0 for ipad, please write to the topic.
13.03.13, 15:00

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Apple iPhone 5

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I tried to hack on my own. Version 1.4.0 for iPad
Try it, pliz! I do not want to demolish the working purchased version from my device ..
The first hack, as in any way;)
13.03.13, 15:35

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Just set, ipad2 5.0.1 everything works.
As they say, five minutes of normal flight, the sync with the iphone was successful, the legal version is worth it.

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