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Sony Xperia SX - Discussion | Smartphone, 3.7 "

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DiscussionSony Xperia SX
PictureSony Xperia SX, MT28, Komachi
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Rep: (52)
Excellent phone, will be even better if he leaves us later with a slot for cards without an antenna.

Rep: (11)
razacharovali scent design, the next "iphone killer" Suddenly I.

Rep: (890)
Hallelujah, powerful iron + standard sizes. If you will attend a slot for a memory card, then definitely take a European version of a subject. Hurray. More weight- and less than 100 grams. And if pushed pro chip version ... Waiting version for us.
Ps Lord, a word about the iPhone. ;)

Rep: (52)
Olive and should leave this device in the table Unknown

Rep: (107)
Op-na, good machine looms. Once the battery is frustrating - I would like more.

Rep: (122)
firstwolf @ 09.05.2012, 19:22*
Once the battery is frustrating - I would like more.

It is in any case greater than that of Saul, U, and the same P-ki.

Rep: (890)
If the display characteristics are true, then the pixel density297.69 PPI- that will make the picture just wonderful.
Upset no camera button and the location of the speaker. Again the same rake
However, TTX and design and can be changed in the version for the rest of the world, but the device is, IMHO, not bad.
The main thing that the price is not too clever by half.
And da necessarily yank his player to "look at neo": D

Rep: (52)
In yushki pixel density that will Pobol

Rep: (890)
DAskeza @ 09.05.2012, 21:31*
In yushki pixel density that will Pobol

From what?
Xperia U- 854 \ 480, 3.5 "= 279.9 PPI
Xperia SX- 960 \ 540, 3.7 "= 297.69 PPI

Rep: (52)
With such a diagonal that is less

Rep: (890)
DAskeza @ 09.05.2012, 23:05*
With such a diagonal that is less

Em. Yeah, at 0.2 inches. Only resolution is lower. I wrote above.

Rep: (52)
Perhaps the characteristics have not yet accurate although these will go well. I like it plastic.

Rep: (15)
xxDIYxx @ 09.05.2012, 21:07*
razacharovali scent design, the next "iphone killer" Suddenly I.

Here is how you can have ... Phone must be round, so it was not like yablofon? I now can not read it, here samsungi yes, especially ACE copy of the Quartet, then where?
Sam Still waiting GX-bomb!

Rep: (52)
Well you seen everywhere iphone

Rep: (54)
On the iPhone does not look like. Resolution is good for 3.7 ". The filling is also at altitude. This is exactly the successor of the Xperia Ray. It remains to learn about housing materials (plastic, glossy or matte). And, of course, wait for the announcement outside Japan.

Rep: (133)
Design very much, akkurtny, nothing more. Features quite on the level, it is a pity that there is no camera button.

Rep: (11)
Nik_I_Ta @ 10.05.2012, 00:11*
That's exactly the Xperia Ray successor. It remains to learn about the material body (plastic, glossy or matte)

probably, as in ray: Black - softtach, white - gloss. it would be nice if in the same ray become generous to the metal ends.
P.S. but in general is quite good, almost the same size 3.7 shoved display ... what many in the ray missed
P.P.S. By the way, about the shape and proportions of the device -
Now it appeared long before the iphone 4

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Reason for editing: P.S.S

Rep: (19)
dead-vasilii @ 10.05.2012, 21:41*
Now it appeared long before the iphone 4

100% support you, and how many more such devices from different manufacturers can be found: D
Let the apple with their fans more rectangle patent licenses, then be able to claim all the producers present: rofl:
If on the smart really liked the size and the filling is just super, with the processor, it will be a monster, we hope it will be, well, or its equivalent, not for lte networks.

Rep: (133)
Hm, if the metal in the housing, it can be)

: D

Rep: (8)
And what price range it?

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