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DiscussionSony Xperia в„ў P
Attached ImageSony Xperia в„ў P / Sony Xperia P / SXP / LT22i / Nypon
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A lot of useful experience from the SXS users - miniFAQ

ALL ABOUT WHITEMAGIC в„ў - a detailed description of the macro photography screen + greening and yellow clipping at high brightness values
Sony WhiteMagic в„ў - LCD display technology improvements by adding additional monochrome (colorless) subpixels in the pixel. Due to this, it is achieved the significant brightness gain of the screen at the same luminance backlight LCD matrix, or vice versa, can be substantially reduced luminosity backlight LCD matrix (and thereby improve power consumption), while maintaining the same level of screen brightness as that of the conventional LCD matrices.

Attached Image

A side effect of Sony WhiteMagic ™ technology - change the color of pure yellow(Yandex, Homer Simpson search box) in the direction of greenish and yellow shades clipping (loss of color gradations, yellow sunflower turns into a blur of yellow-green). It occurs only at very high values ​​of the brightness of the screen (greater than ~ 70% on the manual slider, or a bright light source in the "bright" Auto Brightness). This phenomenon is the hardware and can not be solved by software. Screenshot showing software naturally normal display colors - screen shot needed by another device.

What it looks like -Dikoza, Leonid_F
What does it mean -Zozov, Halfling

Any further discussion on this issue is not allowed!

USEFUL - HERE !!! Technical documentation, surveys, tests,

TAPE OF NEWS - news, reviews, video reviews, testing

TECHNICAL DETAILS - detailed specifications, instructions, testing
Are you satisfied with your SXP - ended June 30, 2012
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Do you have any bugs to reconnect to the network firmware .162 - ended August 6 in connection with the release of a new stable firmware
Attached Image
Are you satisfied with your SXP - ended December 27, 2012
Attached Image

On the Sony Xperia P is attached to the plant all the transparent protective film! It is under the protection of the transport (that which is to be labeled with an eye for removal). high quality film, stable and transparent. Do not try to stick on top of the spare protective film or buy another one in the store!

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I have a poser, you tell how you use Asay, possibly a reference to the layout. Use jasmine, but there is an obvious flaw - I am constantly on the network is visible to your contacts, while the phone is in general blackouts.

Posted 20-06-2012, 22:53:

alex240690, tomorrow I can send

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alex240690 @ 20.06.2012, 22:31*
I would like to see how the light stripe in the Xperia P in the dark. Who can take a picture the phone is in the dark? (Naturally without a flash). With me. +

It turned out badly of course, but I think you will appreciate the luminosity of the strips. The first photo is SXU with SXP next, the second purely peshka.
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Hello everyone ... Finally I got this unit ... just loosing the infidel from the network (French) 10 days ... So far, so very much ... I only wish that the bootloader can not be razblokirovat..Tak I did check in the machine and it was written
Rooting status:
Bootloader unlock allowed: No
so no custom firmware, rue, and the like buns ... sad ... And left the program with the operator's firmware that do not work well to remove them there is no way. well, it's my own fault, chased desheviznoy..V everything else flies ... super..tsveta screen just as lively ... The camera is also at 5, even when compared to my ex-X10 ... In short, not a bit sorry that moved. He would have a slot for flash card and the battery a little more, then it would be exactly the price it was not ... Well you must have been to them to exalt ... With Sony was the way and the opportunity to buy it, but did not like the display (too much) and the material of the body. .a here still alyuminiy..Takaya golden middle ... We'll see how he is manifest in the future ..

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guys tell, there Simca same as in iPhone 4th? Well, ie micro sim?

Rep: (115)
That's right, microsomes better to get it from the operator you cut yourself ..

Rep: (4)
petermurzin Ruth is, and accordingly it is possible to unlock. Look theme firmware in the cap ;-)

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Recommend a good widget to the entire desktop as a Top Contacts, with the ability to edit the list of friends ?!


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Even if the service menu is written
Rooting status:
Bootloader unlock allowed: No
The operator (zalochenny) phones will be written "NO" and the blue LED never lights up (well, there are a couple of options, but they gemoroynye, paid, and require specific programs) (c), here is a quote from instruktsii..Ya understand that the phones do not operatovskie unlocked?

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Iridka @ 21.06.2012, 03:48*
Ruth is, and accordingly it is possible to unlock. Look theme firmware in the cap
Him, this method will not work. Do not confuse otvyazku the operator to unlock the bootloader, are two different things and communicate with each other do not have.
Ka4aH4uk @ 21.06.2012, 04:46*
Recommend a good widget to the entire desktop as a Top Contacts, with the ability to edit the list of friends ?!
There is a special topicSEARCH software for Android OS when the rules to learn to read?: rtfm:

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Good afternoon. I bought the phone on the CU. After he had spent 4 days on the track appeared MMPO entry "Export Germany". Called the EMC, said that the package went to Germany, and the reason for the "mysterious circumstances." Advise how to continue.
The first advice is good enough to get acquainted with the cap and turn in a profile subject -Sony Xperia P - Purchase

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For the overall development, power consumption:

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

For all the time talking about half an hour, the same Internet EDGE and Wi-Fi, Auto-Brightness economical. A couple of times connect to bb for the transfer of photos, a total of 2 minutes can not anymore.

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aviator_se @ 21.06.2012, 10:41*
For general development:

Sorry, but the good of this development, it is a smartphone and the smartphone that would have to Use it, and you, according to the charts, he just lay there. With such success could buy Nokiyu 1100 that in this mode keeps the month.

Rep: (115)
Sorry for the stupid question but where he macro? All camera settings clambered, and found only portrait mode ... and other .... And the image stabilizer too much ...

Rep: (12)
I have some reason the phone does not see NFC tags

Rep: (935)
petermurzin on older versions of the camera (that's me on the Ray) was such a regime. on new versions of his cell removed, the camera has become both ics. Apparently, macro now works automatically. it before, in general machine work .. I do not know why, and a separate regime was. special priority not feel foreground.

Iridka, If you read the topic of jasmine, you know that the problem of pseudo-online is a problem of the android. In the general case is not solved. better customer no.
If you use the push-before delivery to another client, then disconnect.
if not used, then here. necessary quality of the network output))

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aviator_se @ 21.06.2012, 10:41*
For general development

you make us ridiculous. and now at 100% charge switch and turn off the WiFi, 3G, Auto-Brightness to adjust the full auto-sync 2 accounts of Google, 5 email accounts (every 30 min.), G +, auto-updating application, 2 hours of music via Bluetooth and of needless calls and sMS. And then send your graphics.

Rep: (1610)
petermurzin @ 21.06.2012, 10:10*
and where he has a macro mode?

"Documents" mode is? If there is, then this is it

Rep: (115)
Mack48 Yeah, est..zapihnuli pancake at the very end of the list))) Thank you very much ... I'm shocked how cool quality ... I'm even in the real world did not understand much of what is written there, and after all the pictures on the monitor can be seen clearly and yasno..Pryamo though spies recorded)))

Rep: (935)
petermurzin Document mode tears up the brightness up and ISO.

- = IRONMAN = -, nfc must be enabled in the settings. if still does not work, a general reset does not work - check the label on the side label it or simply 'cardboard'))

Rep: (1345)
Macek48 @ 21.06.2012, 13:29*
"Documents" mode is? If there is, then this is it
Nifiha not. Makrosomka cut one machine if user "Recognition conditions of filming" worth "SCN AUTO", Hold 5-7 cm to the object and filming "Makrosomka" kerf machine. With the same settings if you point the camera at something with a predominantly white / light background - cut one "document".

aetufuigh @ 21.06.2012, 13:27*
at 100% charge switch and turn off the WiFi, 3G, Auto-Brightness, adjust the full-auto-sync 2 x accounts gugla, 5-mail boxes (each 30 min.), G +, autorefresh applications chasa 2
Wi-Fi is almost 60% per day is included, 3G - preferably always, always full synchronization, Gmail mailbox one (to the default with other forwarded) synchronizes the time, not every 30mins, G +-too thing as auto-update apps - naturally. Conversations - in different ways, sometimes 10-20 minutes a day, sometimes passes for 1.5-2 hours. Was never so until the evening did not live quietly survive until the next morning with 20-30%. On the morning of charge up to 100 and over again.
RS Auto-Brightness in economy mode. NFC useful in handy, hanging on the arm of the front door, set up on the cutting out wafers on the tube at the exit from the house (previously forgotten constantly), and now it is impossible to pass. : Lol:

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