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DiscussionSony Xperia в„ў P
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ALL ABOUT WHITEMAGIC в„ў - a detailed description of the macro photography screen + greening and yellow clipping at high brightness values
Sony WhiteMagic в„ў - LCD display technology improvements by adding additional monochrome (colorless) subpixels in the pixel. Due to this, it is achieved the significant brightness gain of the screen at the same luminance backlight LCD matrix, or vice versa, can be substantially reduced luminosity backlight LCD matrix (and thereby improve power consumption), while maintaining the same level of screen brightness as that of the conventional LCD matrices.

Attached Image

A side effect of Sony WhiteMagic ™ technology - change the color of pure yellow(Yandex, Homer Simpson search box) in the direction of greenish and yellow shades clipping (loss of color gradations, yellow sunflower turns into a blur of yellow-green). It occurs only at very high values ​​of the brightness of the screen (greater than ~ 70% on the manual slider, or a bright light source in the "bright" Auto Brightness). This phenomenon is the hardware and can not be solved by software. Screenshot showing software naturally normal display colors - screen shot needed by another device.

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What does it mean -Zozov, Halfling

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Are you satisfied with your SXP - ended June 30, 2012
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Do you have any bugs to reconnect to the network firmware .162 - ended August 6 in connection with the release of a new stable firmware
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Are you satisfied with your SXP - ended December 27, 2012
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On the Sony Xperia P is attached to the plant all the transparent protective film! It is under the protection of the transport (that which is to be labeled with an eye for removal). high quality film, stable and transparent. Do not try to stick on top of the spare protective film or buy another one in the store!

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Mr.Anderson @ 19.05.2012, 11:29*
Oh, wait!

Already I learned?

Rep: (17)
Mr.Anderson @ 19.05.2012, 11:29*
By the way, Google Market does not yet know anything about the P-BCCH, considers it an unknown device as the Chinese androidofon some ...
Oh, wait!

And I know that's what wrote: The application is compatible with your device MegaFon Sony Ericsson LT22i.

Rep: (873)
fatspirit @ 19.05.2012, 11:50*
Already I learned?

No, it is in the sense of not kitayefon whether Sony pushes us?

xopop13 @ 19.05.2012, 11:53*
The application is compatible with your device MegaFon Sony Ericsson LT22i.

I have the same thing, Sony Ericsson LT22i, but the model nameSony Xperia P in Market has not yet been hammered.

Rep: (873)
In the FAQ, is not found, so I am here.

Q. How to connect to a PC Xperia P by ADB-interface (for MyPhoneExplorer, etc.)?
A. You must install the driver ADB-USB. The composition of the Sony PC Companion such drivers are not included (there is only NDIS), so they should be put separately. Archive attached (taken from another large archive unlock xperia arc bootloaders.zip ).
When Windows asks for a driverSEMC HSUSB Device it is necessary to hand him a shove android_usb.inf .
Tested on XP 32-bit.
On your phone, it is necessary to includeUSB debugging (Settings, Applications, Development) and unknown sources (Not to install from Market APK same MyPhoneExplorer)

Attached files

Attached fileADB_win_drivers.rar(2.76 MB)

Post has been editedMr.Anderson - 19.05.12, 11:11

Rep: (22)
dogsly @ 19.5.2012, 1:17*
And you do not want to manually check a second microphone?
The application "Phone" dial * # * # 7378423 # * # *, Service Test - Microphone / Secondary Microphone

A second microphone does have checked through the service menu, located approximately in the rear chamber area (as someone here suggested - on flash)

Rep: (36)

You, unfortunately, not one who complains about the quality of the conversation! And you have the MTS, Beeline and I .. and you have trimmed Simca, and I have a new micro-SIM ... What you have to disayre that my Ray all was well with voice calls ...

Accordingly, no sim card and not the operator problem !!!!!

How Not once wrote, I hope that this software .... I would be handed over or exchanged phone in the first denl, but do not see any reason to get a precise machine ... and if you surrender and return the money and vyazt, something different, and then it turns out that a week to fix everything firmware that will tear their hair out because ... I do not see it replacing the phone in the Russian market = (

P.S. Yandex on at the moment and I do not know how long ago the Xperia P is listed as "not for sale" Che for garbage ?! The site looked so connected everything is ok ...

Post has been editedSpider14 - 19.05.12, 12:49

Rep: (873)
Spider14 @ 19.05.2012, 13:47*
Accordingly, no sim card and not the operator problem !!!!!

Yes, I read the entire thread before you buy, and have seen the comments about communication.
Obviously, the problem is in the phone, and I hope only in the software part.

The surprise for me was the only tupyaschie SMS ...

Incidentally, the speaker at the company, which is characterized by potrenkivayut when coming call or sms at U-shkepop constantly .
Whether it is in the tower constantly pereavtorizuetsya, or in hollowed SMS tries to send ...

In general, the radio firmware on the first installment of any criticism does not stand up.

Rep: (56)
MTS me, there are no problems with communication, sms, etc, etc.

Post has been editedLeonid_F - 21.05.12, 09:58

Rep: (2)
Spider14, Just Sony P officially sold this month only connected. Apparently struggling competitors. IMHO.

Rep: (6)
Megafon 3g, too, there are no problems with communication, I think it's how to keep the phone while talking.

Rep: (249)
It is also possibleSony Xperia P - Marriage (Post # 13226019)

Post has been editedWalksik - 19.05.12, 14:24

Rep: (25)
And I'm all about you again green. Now akkoe a notification in the status bar - it does not matter. 3 in a yellow circle. I go into an application that can see the status bar (as he is called, such a top that?), For example, an alarm clock or data tracking application and watch when you open these applications: notice slowly, in small spurts goes green. One has only to go to the desktop - instantly returns the same yellow.

Go to your discussion more than once wrote, but hardly anyone remembers: I MTS, 2g / 3g, squelch on, everything is fine. The complaint was only 1 time. I hear myself always good. A couple of times there was a small bounce at maximum volume.

Rep: (25)
FTC, no one will tell you whether it is possible a standard keyboard is more convenient to set up for themselves? Is it possible that in a row above the letters, which are usually written word suggestions were punctuation marks and some symbols convenient for me? I kind of dug in the settings, but did not realize how to do it. I was only able to disable the tips. It seems the topic of S raised this issue to the line in general someone smiles were, and they did not find me anywhere. I think that this means that I am not entirely understood and can be set up comfortably.

Rep: (10)
in the smart keyboard can do everything, I recommend;)

Rep: (43)
Viewed today in a connected two black p the 18th week. From lacks only the upper insert is a little crooked glued, and so all is well. Now obviously it makes sense to look for phones released after the 16th week.
By the way, the white Sola was also the 18th week.

Rep: (105)
A check AMPs quality speaker (microphone) call the subscribers which have had problems using BT headset, or even be a full-time, and will be immediately clear to the software or hardware is, we can run you have to change, suddenly breakpoint.
The rest, I think, too, it will be interesting and useful to know what to check when buying.
Just disputes already tired.

You think so quick to respond?
MDE on the one hand with the other well too many people hit a breakpoint

Post has been editedjello73 - 19.05.12, 17:00

Rep: (43)
jello73 @ 19.05.2012, 17:53*
You think so quick to respond?

Nothing they have not responded. This is likely to debug production.Or time paid salary to the Chinese.

Rep: (52)
Tkell @ 19.05.2012, 17:06*
Or time paid salary to the Chinese.

and here the Chinese, is going on all conveyor fully automated. and no matter Chinese Uzbek Jewish or Russian would be there standing.

Rep: (43)
XperiaP @ 19.05.2012, 18:20*
and here the Chinese, is going on all conveyor fully automated. and no matter Chinese Uzbek Jewish or Russian would be there standing.

It was a joke.

Post has been editedLeonid_F - 21.05.12, 10:06

Rep: (58)
Saw yesterday serebryashku 18-0y week

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