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DiscussionSony Xperia в„ў P
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ALL ABOUT WHITEMAGIC в„ў - a detailed description of the macro photography screen + greening and yellow clipping at high brightness values
Sony WhiteMagic в„ў - LCD display technology improvements by adding additional monochrome (colorless) subpixels in the pixel. Due to this, it is achieved the significant brightness gain of the screen at the same luminance backlight LCD matrix, or vice versa, can be substantially reduced luminosity backlight LCD matrix (and thereby improve power consumption), while maintaining the same level of screen brightness as that of the conventional LCD matrices.

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A side effect of Sony WhiteMagic ™ technology - change the color of pure yellow(Yandex, Homer Simpson search box) in the direction of greenish and yellow shades clipping (loss of color gradations, yellow sunflower turns into a blur of yellow-green). It occurs only at very high values ​​of the brightness of the screen (greater than ~ 70% on the manual slider, or a bright light source in the "bright" Auto Brightness). This phenomenon is the hardware and can not be solved by software. Screenshot showing software naturally normal display colors - screen shot needed by another device.

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Are you satisfied with your SXP - ended June 30, 2012
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Do you have any bugs to reconnect to the network firmware .162 - ended August 6 in connection with the release of a new stable firmware
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Are you satisfied with your SXP - ended December 27, 2012
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On the Sony Xperia P is attached to the plant all the transparent protective film! It is under the protection of the transport (that which is to be labeled with an eye for removal). high quality film, stable and transparent. Do not try to stick on top of the spare protective film or buy another one in the store!

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in generalbought! : happy:

Chose a long time .... 10 minutes between black and gray as gray .. bought black bored!

Aluminum feels pleasantly cools! =)

In general, I do not really have time to them he borrowed, but in short describe yet there ... (I'm sorry, but really need to go before you go to sleep off a night)

I am writing in comparison to SE XPERI RAY (used with the start of sales until 11 April (passed under warranty = (())

1) The screen is gorgeous! I put a +

2) As soon as the phone is launched immediately noticed some confusion ... (compared to the sony S)
Now vprintsepi happy with everything and I'm not a bit long, do not regret!

3) Earphones are 750 th with a single button and a microphone ... Headphones asymmetric!
I would say that at the touch of a button starts the player for the second time ... pause .. double press switches to the next track .. 3 press pause again ... (not switch back and the volume does not change ...) vprintsepi I do not use it and how do you regard this your business =)

4) NFC tag ... not used yet, but I will say that he was disappointed that they are just 2 mark all = ((a straight hard laces were put in the advertisement ?!

5) Speaker external one, and I would say that compared to Ray he seemed so sure .... in general, nothing outstanding ...

6) Bottom cap phone removed from the effort, but it is easy ... if you frequently pull the can and play, but it is of course if you absolutely nothing Activities as well or where it will not get! (Although if the phone will fall here xs that will ... soon think of somebody, I know: P)

7) a second microphone is not present ...at least I do not see it! in principle, the interlocutor can hear perfectly, but compared to older phones it is very close and at the same time I hear the television work ... as a man does something, etc. and etc. ... before such was not = (((

In this case, talk to anyone, everything was fine ... Now called the girl and me to fill in the beginning that I have it bad slyshiti I'm talking like a robot = ((xs Th for garbage ... (it has a cheap Samsung ...)

8) Memory 11.3 free and free phone memory 1.7 total of 13 gigs free but through cable, I see only as a USB flash drive 11 gigs ... the rest xs how to view .. not yet understood ...

9) Photo taken on auto mode:

Attached Image
phone sent in the sun ...

Attached Image
Something similar ...

Attached Image
Garages what it =)

Attached Image

Attached Image
Sky ... (dark something ... soltse VERY shining brightly on the left ...)

Attached Image
A friend to put the car in the garage ... I decided to take a picture .. (garage complete darkness .. only open half the door ...)

Attached Image
mark we here so packed ...

Attached Image

Attached Image
View from the window =)

Well, a tiny video clip! Slight hissing the wind was blowing ... Video sank as I got a call = (litter, but there's no time to rewrite ...
Attached fileMOV_0024_1_.mp4(40.37 MB)

In general, I try to do the rest after the 10th if no one for me, it will not do =)

Attached images
Attached Image

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Reason for editing: spoilers

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The topic has been moved to the section.Sony Ericsson.

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Generally crackle of video missing. It is possible that it was in earlier versions of the second microphone (for shumodava). But in the final version of this fix - we removed the microphone.
But it is, a guess.

Rep: (0)
Silver held in his hands. Made a couple of shots, the camera starts quickly, but the gallery through the film to be seen. Cap, it seemed not quite smoothly docked with metal casing, as it is a very small step, but it is not noticeable.

Rep: (90)
Tomorrow in my hands, I will unsubscribe about feelings.

Rep: (12)
Congratulations! (-;
Quality photos and video I liked it, fine with me. I do not demand more.
True, about the work of the stabilizer would like to know ...

Spider14 @ 05.05.2012, 17:49*
I noticed a certain lethargy

I hope that in the course of work that does not happen. Like S-ke is not strong must give way for the software part.

And you have green trees! Great!
We also note the clinic "Hachiko": smile:

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Reason for editing: Adding offtopic.

Rep: (-1)
friends tell me there is a micro SIM or simple?

Rep: (75)
micro SIM

Rep: (36)
Russe1985 @ 05.05.2012, 19:58*
friends tell me there is a micro SIM or simple?


By the way I changed it because .. at number teelfona Beeline since 2002 that my sim card is assigned a "14" number ... seems to be my lucky number, but FIG find = ((a rare ... more like it was looking for a month .. = (now found in 3- m Magazev ... .. well in the communication issued to me as a trainee something ... I get here P and they are with glowing eyes (two have been) is that SONY P ??? I say "yes =)"

And then I killed the phrase "And on what it selling?" I then began to laugh and say that they know better =))) What do they actually only sell))) They said neche do not know ... well ... terror workers I look across Russia are connected in =) well nothing...

Post has been editedSpider14 - 05.05.12, 19:16

Rep: (5)
Thanks for the review, the phone generally liked. It remains to see live.

Rep: (75)
By the way, speak in Tver centering Svyaznoy are all three colors, you can touch. One witness on Yandex Market in the discussions of this body wrote.

Rep: (25)
Spider14 @ 05.05.2012, 17:49*
Free memory 11.3, and free phone memory 1.7 total of 13 gigs free but through cable, I see only as a USB flash drive 11 gigs ... the rest xs how to view .. not yet understood ...

11.3? Something seemed too little. I relied on the alleged 13 + 2 phone. But not terrible.
I am not a photographer, and I do not understand in this professionally, but my personal opinion that the photo on the floor of the head is weaker than S-ki. This is logical, but the expectations were. The camera is not strong storoynoy phone. Something from the series have something to be photographed can be, but once again it is better not to use.

Rep: (16)
Egoist @ 05-05-2012, 21:02*
Something from the series have something to be photographed can be, but once again it is better not to use.

With the release of instagrama on android "to do" and get the camera can now be in any occasion, whatever it was not ...

Rep: (55)
Greetings from the heart!
Let you happy for a long time and does not break.
Personally, I liked it very much. I think the photo quality, the video is also decent. I saw a photo of Xperia S and much worse than these.
We will wait for further impressions.

Rep: (25)
VelosiFed @ 05.05.2012, 20:05*
With the release of instagrama on android "to do" and get the camera can now be in any occasion, whatever it was not ...

Unfortunately, I do not know what it is. T. k. I was Androyd devices. Anyway smartphone was not yet. Many do not know. I admit that my opinion might be wrong. I will take the P and I will understand what was going on in those of your smart phones: huh:

Posted 05-05-2012, 20:11:

Watched a video - like, really long time catching focus after the increase, but again, for me it is not critical.

Rep: (1345)
Spider14 @ 05.05.2012, 20:49*
Second microphone no ... at least I do not see it!
Strangely enough, inspecificationsSpecified stereo. Resource solid and takes the Old from official sources.
_ Audio Subsystem
- Audio Channel (s): stereo
Microphone (s): stereo
Speaker (s): mono sound
Audio + yield: 3.5 mm

Spider14 @ 05.05.2012, 20:49*
Slight hissing the wind was blowing ...
As he tried, and he could not hear it in the headphones for audio, stereo or mono. The options - calls, there is such a point: "Noise reduction", it includes a second microphone during a conversation. When somke video was supposed to hem automatically, but you can try. If this menu item is not present (in the SXS he really is), the second microphone has definitely not.

Post has been editedbrygse - 05.05.12, 20:41

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I have long been confused by one point. I wonder who ever thought about it or I'm very much finding fault?
I did not even bother, but a little upset that the color of the plastic is markedly different from the metal. On top of this is particularly evident. In life, it is as well visible or less visible?
Here is

Post has been editedEgoist - 05.05.12, 20:29

Rep: (167)
Egoist There's probably worth the antenna and this section of the plastic.
Is also interested in the machine, I plan in the future to change their neo him, but discourages the battery.

Rep: (25)
Gelen80 @ 05.05.2012, 20:48*
Egoist, there probably worth antenna and this section of the plastic.

I understand that plastic. I would like to shade was identical. But this is silly nitpicking, after half an hour after the purchase, think, and do not remember it.
Gelen80 @ 05.05.2012, 20:48*
Is also interested in the machine, I plan in the future to change their neo him, but discourages the battery.

Nearly everyone awaiting the smart primarily straining the battery. But I reassured myself:
- Display rather energoberezhlivy. Sure how to 60% S is not of the total energy. I think 30-45%. Display size is smaller
- the processor, write, too, less energy-intensive than that of S
- as they like to all say at Sony are not stupid work. So obviously will not issue smart working half a day at most. I think like everyone to live a day at a reasonable load and floor / one-third of the day in the continuous game.
Prodolzhitelnosti think of life adapted to the S. And if it does not play, then overtake a little, I guess.
A step forward for the duration of the life of this Sony has not made a smart but also steps back, I am sure, too, will not. Again, all my IMHO.

Post has been editedEgoist - 05.05.12, 20:58

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