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Samsung Galaxy S III - Accessories | Covers, cables, batteries, films, etc.

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Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S III
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III
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Where can one buyoriginal battery ? Shops, trading floors, etc. Answer

Accessories - reviews, articles, tests, purchase, etc.
Original battery on 3000mah and suitable covers
Covers Bumpers Covers
Original covers! from Samsung
Catalogs of not original covers!

| Flip (book) | Overlay (cover) | Bumper | Holster (on the belt) | Case (insert) | Battery cover |

SGP Case Neo Hybrid + Feedback
Otterbox Commuter +Feedback + a photo + how to distinguish fake + excellent review from Ersten
Otterbox Comutter and Triobump Extensible Aluminum Bumper - Review by KOL48
Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Urban Armor UAG + Video + Feedback + Review2 + Thickness
Genuine Rock Quicksand Premium Hard Case -Feedback
Yoobao Protective Case -Overview
Incipio SILICRYLIC DualPro -Recall 1,  Recall 2
Protective Detachable Silicone Back Case w - video review
Anymode clip case
Jekod - Negative feedback
Case-mate - BARELY THERE
Melkco Premium Leather Snap Cover Samsung Galaxy SIII
NILLKIN Hard Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S III
Power Bank Battery Case Samsung Galaxy S3 with built-in battery.
Rechargeable 3500mAh External Power Battery Back Case (With Built-in Battery) -Video review

DF sBattery -01and02- Battery case and Battery case with cover
Glossy hama from Targit
Transparent overlay
copies of Spigen NEO Hybrid and SPIGEN Slim Armor

Kom-Si PDair Belt Holster + PDair Horizontal Pouch Type (Black) - Feedback
Arm Sleevesfrom artur45

Spigen SGP Crumena Leather Pouch Series - Feedback + A photo

Metal battery cover + Feedback
Carbon fiber black + Battery Cover Case Skin Carbon
Alminium Metal Housing Battery Door Rear Cover For Samsung Galaxy S3 from Vitcool
Overview of the three covers

Protective films
Charging device
Car holders
Dock station

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I offered this way
Himself took a hand. Silver edging on white apparatus beaten. Those. already to black pllastika. Do not bother.
The rest - everyone's business.
Link, parts, almost the same
He took it on the parts Tybloko 4s. Changed itself sold almost like new. And he swam.

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People, I have a second full-time headset broken, specifically one ear (a perennial problem). In general, I want to take either the same, or something more interesting. Requirements: dark color, good sound, with the volume control and call button. Well, the price is not more than a thousand. Can that will advise? : Rolleyes:
P.S. I have never tried the headset with flat wires, as an option can be something of these, in order to try something new :-)

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about a month ago I came from ebay MHL to HDMI Adapter:http://www.ebay.com/it…ksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
Protests on 40 inch TV with the included wi-fi on the phone. Works perfectly, no lag, the picture is not far behind for a second ...
I undertook to view IPTV, with what and withrules at 100%!

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Well, that came to me parcels from China (though two weeks ago ...). Two of them with the "bells and whistles" for cars:
Universal Car Holder with Wireless Charger
USB cable for connection, a flat (well fastened on the panel), 2metra
Before that came with the packageWireless charger and receiverfor home.
In short:
Auto-Charger comes in it's entirety, in their original packaging. Three variants of attachment - on the glass panel (glued spets.ploschadka on double sided tape) and the option of mounting the bars on the blower. 1m cable. Charger into the cigarette lighter that says 2,4A. I say at once - NFS, both wireless charging work through the open flip (2 layers) with no problems. Auto-Charger at home I feel stronger. It is calculated using a 2m cable (which is specially bought for the car, as is avtorozetka rear passengers). With the Galaxy program "Charging Current Pro" measured charge with the "native" and charging cable from the network and the home wireless, and 2m cable. Just a avtozaryadnym native and 2m cable. In avtozaryadnom readings are the same, but in a home with 2m. cable drops. Possibly increasing the power mains charger difference will not be felt - not tried.
Setting the phone in the holder, on the cradle diode begins to dim flashes red if the machine is not in it - with a steady (and even yarkovatym) blue (as well as everything in my car). When the phone is "Auto" is the light and the slider at the maximum (far right), included Bluetooth to communicate with the radio, data transmission (for traffic jams, but I do not be turned off) - Charging sunny day there, ie or simply supported by the charge, or (generally) goes weak discharge. Nothing is touching, disable "auto" screen and the slider a little less than the middle - in full swing charging. (Well, still the biggest eater - the screen!)
To test a little time (only 2 weeks and 5 visits pieces and then not for long), but I am completely satisfied with all these "buns". Home I charge every other day - in the evening put on the site - is charged - in the morning and took use day and another day - in the evening for charging. The only negative - the NFS lock work :( Either glue the label outside the charger, or pull out of the cigarette lighter - that I was not comfortable (but other alternatives do not see) Try to stick a label on the sidelines (on the side BSC) to BSC, operation. and then retract back into place.

P.S. the charging current is the same - 460mA.
Attached Image

As seen on the screenshot - in the area included the GPS (it also never like mob.dannye not disconnect - himself drawing and check the map on the use nav.programmoy periodically continuously) - is the work of navigation (SitiGid) in the car cradle, pause - out of the car (to go shopping). The first half Avtosvet with maximum and no second car and below half brightness.
ON state apparatus
Firmware standard - bought a 4.1, a few days later updated via Wi-Fi 4.3. without wipe, etc. Route to this unit never set and do not plan to, because runs like clockwork and nothing to break the "mischievous little hands," I do not want :) In the past, the unit set - and I realized that I need only to install ad-blocking software (well, on the last machine tried to improve GPS), but since I needed a program already quietly I bought (or found here) and I go through the 'Netsavagemessiahzine.comBought Tapatalk and UC Browser - advertising lacks. The only thing - to close the program without using the NFS root does not work - but I think - survive - the better of the SG to go all the same release button.

To put what is "boosters, enhancers" do not plan to. I was completely satisfied - for charging at night - in the morning ready. Well, in a way, kraynyak - and you can put out the screen - it's like all you need to tell;)
Thank you, cap!

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- = White = -, Please add the numbers. What is the charging current to charge the car.
The battery on phone should be stranded half.
Well, on the home charging, a charging current?

Still tell you there is Ruth? You are planning to change the core to accelerate wireless charging? The cap has a guide

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anotoleololo, I bought the same battery craftmann 2100. All the same .. What would be charged fully, it is necessary to wait even after the announcement of a full charge. The first 20 percent goes too fast. I think the battery is to keep the best ...
I can learn what's new? Marriages are not recognized?

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I have a monitor with dvi and d sub, how to connect it to the phone?
You will need an adapter to dvi to hdmi, and micro yusb to hdmi? On both sides do not need to?

Rep: (94)
Sony-ynoS @ 07.04.2014, 23:24*
Will need an adapter to dvi to hdmi,

Yes, but the sound is muted.
Sony-ynoS @ 07.04.2014, 23:24*
micro hdmi to yusb

Not adapter and hdtv MHL adapter (see. Cap)
Sony-ynoS @ 07.04.2014, 23:24*
On both sides do not need to?


Rep: (12)
And if you connect through a 3.5 speaker?

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Attention! Sharing NFC-tag and a wireless charger (BLT stick label in the coverage area) is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Yesterday all day "play-riding" by using these two features of our device in the car, had to ride a lot of input-output of cars and, accordingly, putting, remove the handset from the cradle. As I mentioned above - bought for a car cradle with wireless chargers (BLT) and NFC-tag (pre-programmed it to include bluetooth, mob.dannyh, maks.yarkosti display, the average sound level and start the navigation program)
Attached Image

Initially, the label stuck to the left side of the BLT (1 photo). When setting the phone holder fire first mark, then BLT - which pleased me, but in the course of driving (especially on "bad" sections of roads), it periodically fire (defined by sound, that does not influence the process in principle). Perekleit sticker in the center of BLT. The first time worked (BLT off), but in the subsequent installation of the phone - the label has stopped working! (Although I did not notice right away because it did not disable nav.programmu and bluetooth and pasted it knowing that it only works if it is turned off BLT). Glue in different places on the panel of car, but it does not work (just think of the fact that on an uneven surface pasted (tried to stick in places where it is not noticeable, and easy to use)). Brought his to the phone - does not work! Once I did not fight - and phone restarts and the program - does not work. I got accustomed to the cradle, and then from the tag (3 photos) - molten plastic (2 photos). An old man remembering the lessons of physics (with difficulty) thought - during the BSC not simply blocks the labels, but also heats up this "spiral" in the NFC tag !!! The biggest concern is not able to read the label - check car was not on anything. I thought that everything - broke his toy :( (telefoncheG) Coming home immediately checked on other labels -. Everything is working fine, but that label is "burned"!.
Total:Share the NFC-tag and BSC is not recommended! (Stick a label on BLT). Possible of course that "an accident" - but it is better not to risk it. It's good that the phone is a double layer of "leather" cover (by the way there is no trace to be seen) - otherwise it may not be pulled from the charger ...;)
In the hat.

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Acquired just such protectivefilm
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

not expensive, it costs me $ 1.99 for two pieces. Affix wonderful.
Feels almost like a screen without film prints practically does not remain.
Other films have not tried so subjective review.

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The guys in our aparata have little battery for more? Only so as not to change the cover

Rep: (721)
Ext [a] z @ 12.4.2014, 11:47*
The guys in our aparata have little battery for more? Only so as not to change the cover

No. I find if, hardly marked on the container will be true.

Rep: (33)
Ext [a] z, there is. http: //www.mugen-power...samsung-galaxy-s3.html

Rep: (721)
Jake. @ 04/12/2014, 12:03*

Complain to him that the gains nezameten.A delivery can take up to 3 mesyatsa.Prosche new original purchase: smile:

Rep: (0)
I'll tell you about my bad experience

In December, 2012. purchased two "gray" i9300 phone, white and black, myself and my wife to NY.
They took the memory card Silicon Power micro SDHC Card 32GB Class 6 + SD adapter
Actually on the cards and it will go. So, up to March 2014. flight with all devaysa was normal.
When suddenly my phone card was gone, pulled out, put in a computer - readable, zabekapil data inserted into the phone - hooray earned.
A week later, suddenly again is not defined in the phone and inserted into a computer, another computer, a tablet - and here, too, does not work, well, everything is clear - the body, I do not mind - sometimes :)
And then in a week's wife says she does not run games and photos are gone, and accurately, has died and its memory card, only once - without seizures and convulsions.
Well, what I'm doing sometimes backups on all gadgets, and it would be very disappointing.
In general conclusion I have one, to the company's Silicon Power products no longer go up, and you do not advise.

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There have repeatedly written about SP card problems on our phone. I was the second such 32giga 10 classes. First she became disconnected and connected, but on the computer and the phone of his wife, eys2, it worked like clockwork. I changed to the same new. While normal flight. Wife on the phone, too, silicone, but the 16 gig, so Robit year and a half without any problems.
By the way this despite the fact that I do not listen to music on a smart, do not play games, do not watch movies. Only photos on it. But smart kills her without me)) but we will talk about it nebudu already we said.
Conclusion. Silicone under our body better nebrat)

Rep: (13)
Guys, buy battery at 3250mah, fully loaded, rented a charge of 97% shows how it should be?

Rep: (466)
If the smart will be turned off without waiting for the 0% position, before switching off the screen will ripple to run, then you bought a stale product with poor storage conditions. Another check for swellings - Akuma should be smooth as glass, the slightest sign of swelling demise.

Rep: (469)
bmw194, Which one? About kraftmann several reviews there were, but it works like no problem. By the way even if pulled immediately became 100, try to wait for another 15 minutes until the lamp lights up green on a smart.

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