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Samsung Galaxy S III - Accessories | Covers, cables, batteries, films, etc.

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Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S III
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III
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Where can one buyoriginal battery ? Shops, trading floors, etc. Answer

Accessories - reviews, articles, tests, purchase, etc.
Original battery on 3000mah and suitable covers
Covers Bumpers Covers
Original covers! from Samsung
Catalogs of not original covers!

| Flip (book) | Overlay (cover) | Bumper | Holster (on the belt) | Case (insert) | Battery cover |

SGP Case Neo Hybrid + Feedback
Otterbox Commuter +Feedback + a photo + how to distinguish fake + excellent review from Ersten
Otterbox Comutter and Triobump Extensible Aluminum Bumper - Review by KOL48
Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Urban Armor UAG + Video + Feedback + Review2 + Thickness
Genuine Rock Quicksand Premium Hard Case -Feedback
Yoobao Protective Case -Overview
Incipio SILICRYLIC DualPro -Recall 1,  Recall 2
Protective Detachable Silicone Back Case w - video review
Anymode clip case
Jekod - Negative feedback
Case-mate - BARELY THERE
Melkco Premium Leather Snap Cover Samsung Galaxy SIII
NILLKIN Hard Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S III
Power Bank Battery Case Samsung Galaxy S3 with built-in battery.
Rechargeable 3500mAh External Power Battery Back Case (With Built-in Battery) -Video review

DF sBattery -01and02- Battery case and Battery case with cover
Glossy hama from Targit
Transparent overlay
copies of Spigen NEO Hybrid and SPIGEN Slim Armor

Kom-Si PDair Belt Holster + PDair Horizontal Pouch Type (Black) - Feedback
Arm Sleevesfrom artur45

Spigen SGP Crumena Leather Pouch Series - Feedback + A photo

Metal battery cover + Feedback
Carbon fiber black + Battery Cover Case Skin Carbon
Alminium Metal Housing Battery Door Rear Cover For Samsung Galaxy S3 from Vitcool
Overview of the three covers

Protective films
Charging device
Car holders
Dock station

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People, tell me and that is not where it is not found, is there for increased samsungovskoy 3000mA battery, type takogo- Case
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fear75 @ 05.12.2013, 20:59*
mikroyusb-hdmi that it provides and whether you can play the game by controlling your phone and look at the telly

It provides video output to the TV screen ( "mirroring"). Play as possible, I tried, but there is some lag. And it is not very convenient that the phone is "hanging" on the wire. In this sense, much more convenient-Miracast dongle, the same AllShare Cast Dongle from Samsung (there is a cap), but it is quite expensive.

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People, tell me what colors cover SGP Neo Hybrid will be perfect for black SGS III (photo / video please)? And if he slips in his hand as compared to the phone without a cover?
with me +++

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Hello everyone. Again.
Nearing the hour of buying a new cover, I bumped into these two:
Korean SGP- it did not seem to look bad. What can I say .. like.
And fake UAG- in their original packaging? Reviews of the seller's country .. Review is - goods which left no tip.
Thank you in advance.

gengrenka, thank you for your review. Very helpful!
geka1973, and my photo: D

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A few weeks went with razdolbany cover repairers offered back cover for 1200 rubles (although there and $ 100 there, just plastmasska) and Chinese for 350 rubles, they said that the Chinese to the original will not work, so I did not take over the mower in end Chinese ideally suited to my SIII, so it will be careful: happy: Even though they said that will not work, and it was better than the original, like the money for me to play!

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Rejoice, My children! : D

A few days ago came to mybattery7000 mah (actually on tests of about 6500). I waited for him exactly one month. All about everything has given 2600 horror))) But it was worth it. Usually, my phone almost in the hands of the discharges, and the BOAR so powerful that for 3 days slipped by only 63%. For newer phones, especially on Android - it's just a gold mine.

And yes, someone suddenly needed. I test a bunch of firmware versions and cores. And in the end I settled on firmware 4.1.2 (to Ruth), and most importantly, the kernel "Boeffla-Kernel". And if you're not actively using it (games / max brightness / wi-fi), then it will last 8-9 days quietly !!! Checked. Per night is not discharged at all. And I do not know why, but when using the "Power Saving" zhrotsya charge faster.

Developed and tried to make a stylish and very comfortable bag. Particularly well kept in hand (albeit in sweaty: D). And what about the size. I do not know about you, but I like big phones that have at least some weight, but not the new Smart, who is now out.
In short, the phone will be like a hamburger of two S3. I'll have to get used to)

Verdict: take it, do not regret it)

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In mount a cap.

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Can someone tell me, and if ZeroLemon batteries there, but standard sizes? And the bricks do not want to)))

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qwerty985, And there is no sense in it neither. Standard sizes keep going no longer than the original standard.

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somebody ordered acasesays that in Russia there is no delivery, the seller does not respond, no longer find where to buy yet

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I broke my own charge. I purchased to replace with the output current rating 1A. Not suitable for consumer qualities: eternity device is charging. Advise normal charging.

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many recommend by Nokia with a monolithic wire, Har-ki know - 1A and 5v.
About the eternal charge - are familiar with theLong charge the phone

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DU DU ... Well, what cluck! :)
Issues with charging closed and understood as a clear day! A rare case with a phone problem - the controller power, then repair.
The rest: 5V 1A, high-quality cable, especially if it is removable. And if you do not buy a home, and certainly not for the Samsung. Then there is need or vidzhitom see whether the phone will perceive it as a powerful memory, or stupidly tseshka to check whether, for the date of Samsung closed it necessarily , Otherwise it will not take 1A, but only 500mA.
ps it's all there in the hat!

Posted on 11.12.2013, 23:10:

mmv986 @ 11.12.2013, 21:00*
Advise normal charging.
I do not know where you buy it and did not look at the original price. But in any case, at least for ebee, even in the shops of the city, just buy it to Samsung. And the better the original. You could even where those versions 0.7 amps and a removable cord. Proven with them everything is OK.

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mmv986 @ 11.12.2013, 19:00*
Advise normal charging

recently I bought his wifehttp://www.ulmart.ru/goods/346591oddly enough my identity beautifully charges: good: I was pleasantly surprised: rolleyes:

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Has anyone bought a joystick on a smart, JOYST the HOME? How to install it? W does not see it?
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Review about: Transparent Case for $ 0.99
Hello everyone! It was my first purchase on ebay, cover. Roughly speaking, it is screening to see how the whole process. But I liked the cover.
He is almost completely covers the corners, and even part of the screen, in that you can lay down your phone screen down. On a gray smartphone clear case looks pretty good. General impressions going on 9/10 (he almost pokotsali .. but it's not a problem).
And now about the seller - I certainly do not know ... but it's very good! Immediately I left on my wall, and a review was due. The average response took 1 day, but not a problem for me was. Very sociable and friendly.
In short, the first purchase was excellent. Now I am waiting for resale stylus 10x: D
P.S. And for iPhone bought, selling: D

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Added to the header

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Vopschem broken headphones original wish to rewire the plug but do not know which wire where there is 5 wires 3 and 2 in isolation without gold, black., Red, green and even black but have isolated some help plz where solder. if not in the topic write sorry)

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Page 178 post # 3548

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.sasha., Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Marriage / Repair (Post # 25208057)

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Help with a large battery for SC-06D docomo. The battery of the i9300 is not well and came back cover, too.
If necessary I can sell!
And if not difficult with links where to buy!

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They kicked me out of the main theme, so I will inquire here:

BoughtSoup... it clings to the Samsung Galaxy SIII: stick, mouse, Claudia, card readers see, but something for which bought the phone, charging will not occur (((

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