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Samsung Galaxy S III - Accessories | Covers, cables, batteries, films, etc.

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Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S III
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III
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Where can one buyoriginal battery ? Shops, trading floors, etc. Answer

Accessories - reviews, articles, tests, purchase, etc.
Original battery on 3000mah and suitable covers
Covers Bumpers Covers
Original covers! from Samsung
Catalogs of not original covers!

| Flip (book) | Overlay (cover) | Bumper | Holster (on the belt) | Case (insert) | Battery cover |

SGP Case Neo Hybrid + Feedback
Otterbox Commuter +Feedback + a photo + how to distinguish fake + excellent review from Ersten
Otterbox Comutter and Triobump Extensible Aluminum Bumper - Review by KOL48
Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Urban Armor UAG + Video + Feedback + Review2 + Thickness
Genuine Rock Quicksand Premium Hard Case -Feedback
Yoobao Protective Case -Overview
Incipio SILICRYLIC DualPro -Recall 1,  Recall 2
Protective Detachable Silicone Back Case w - video review
Anymode clip case
Jekod - Negative feedback
Case-mate - BARELY THERE
Melkco Premium Leather Snap Cover Samsung Galaxy SIII
NILLKIN Hard Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S III
Power Bank Battery Case Samsung Galaxy S3 with built-in battery.
Rechargeable 3500mAh External Power Battery Back Case (With Built-in Battery) -Video review

DF sBattery -01and02- Battery case and Battery case with cover
Glossy hama from Targit
Transparent overlay
copies of Spigen NEO Hybrid and SPIGEN Slim Armor

Kom-Si PDair Belt Holster + PDair Horizontal Pouch Type (Black) - Feedback
Arm Sleevesfrom artur45

Spigen SGP Crumena Leather Pouch Series - Feedback + A photo

Metal battery cover + Feedback
Carbon fiber black + Battery Cover Case Skin Carbon
Alminium Metal Housing Battery Door Rear Cover For Samsung Galaxy S3 from Vitcool
Overview of the three covers

Protective films
Charging device
Car holders
Dock station

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Lefon @ 03.06.2012, 14:59*
A link to this miracle possible?

The theme is not very big and it's not hard to see. Here the reference is already laid out.

Rep: (14)
Lefon @ 3.6.2012, 15:59*
A link to this miracle possible?


Rep: (449)
Heu3BecTHbIu @ 03.06.2012, 22:28*
Beautiful covers from easecase. Thanks. Like the ability to customize the application and its stigma

Only two drawbacks - very expensive (~ 1,600 rubles) and a long manufacturing / delivery time (a week for the manufacture and delivery month, for a total of about 40 days).

Rep: (103)
Order yoursuch a case. And let the toad will strangle itself. =)
Previously seen from a friend. I liked it terribly!
The only - very much hope that it will be possible to clip Norevovskuyu prisandalit. Their system is a belt fastening IMHO the best.

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Yeah ... and price! And most importantly I did not understand what - by the pictures nor any special quality or not he saw the holster device, and on the flip does not even have a safety strap!

Post has been editedLefon - 03.06.12, 21:46
Reason for editing: inserted link

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All sorts of different cover

Rep: (26)
The owners probably already been asked here, but offhand not found - as the practical sense of the native
Gift cover-cover Samsung? Well this is something that pre-order presented.

Rep: (5)
mixan @ 03.06.2012, 22:18*
Order yourself a bag.

and who then saw the covers ala noreve What would recline chast.a down than up like this:? thank_you:

Rep: (103)
ants @ 04.06.2012, 1:08*
and who then saw the covers ala noreve? -that would recline chast.a down than up like this

they haveon my favorite rynochke. =)))

Rep: (5)
Sasha_Razor @ 04.06.2012, 08:07*
I want to buy this machine, please tell me, it is this memory card will ?!

Suitable, he is the same on Note use

Rep: (7)
Bought here such:http://www.ebay.com/itm/270990030851
Because SII to buy a similarhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/270990914827and very pleased with it.

Rep: (5)

PS. On the covers of the pictures, the phone display area is completely black. Photoshop? or have any film which obscure the top and bottom zone (housing zone is meant).

Rep: (22)
Lefon @ 03.06.2012, 22:43*
http://stores.ebay.co.uk/EASECASE/Galaxy-S...34.c0.m322РќРґР° ... Well the price! And most importantly I did not understand what - by the pictures nor any special quality or not he saw the holster device, and on the flip does not even have a safety strap!

Just izikeyz is handmade. The choice of materials, etc., ie, you can choose the skin shape, color, vygrovirovat word on the cover. For example sosnovka like me to cover for Nout)

Rep: (104)
sosnovka @ 04.06.2012, 12:56*
The choice of materials, etc., ie, you can choose the skin shape, color, vygrovirovat word on the cover

And how to do it, I did not understand - in the link where there are instructions with photos, or where it is impossible to press the ...

Rep: (5)
There's a very clear statement.
In the notes to the request (during the selection there is a point) adds the text block
1.Outer material: exterior trim
2.Lining material: internal
3.Closure: Buckle
4.Back: mount
5.Personal engraving: personal stamp

in front of each item write what you want to get
for example
1.Outer material: NJ cowhide peach (for a bright pink Barbie cheholchika)

For each type of cover its own settings, but the essence is everywhere. I hope to help

Rep: (21)
indicated in the information about the item.

Rep: (16)
Guys, have a reliable cover for this devaysa? Otterboksa type, armor some

Rep: (43)
I tried to brand hdmi-mhl adapter. Sgs3 did not want to work with him. One thread tested it yet? And who saw Hdmi wifi console on sale? The hotline was told that all Access offs are 5 numbers in the services Plaza sold. Called the Plaza, they were not aware of ...

Rep: (22)
pANd4 @ 03.06.2012, 21:52*
All sorts of different cover

Oh, and you have seen with different textures and unmarked?

Rep: (43)
Carefully handle and a flip cover and, without the collective farm named film. it is not as smooth time oleophobicity questionable erased over time, as any filter affects the image quality. and finally the phone for a month or a year. 2. a maximum of those to whom it is better at 2 in his bronechehol. As early as in the 90s pultik uk for some telly and kept wrapped in a bag)))

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