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Samsung Galaxy S III - Accessories | Covers, cables, batteries, films, etc.

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Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S III
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III
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Where can one buyoriginal battery ? Shops, trading floors, etc. Answer

Accessories - reviews, articles, tests, purchase, etc.
Original battery on 3000mah and suitable covers
Covers Bumpers Covers
Original covers! from Samsung
Catalogs of not original covers!

| Flip (book) | Overlay (cover) | Bumper | Holster (on the belt) | Case (insert) | Battery cover |

SGP Case Neo Hybrid + Feedback
Otterbox Commuter +Feedback + a photo + how to distinguish fake + excellent review from Ersten
Otterbox Comutter and Triobump Extensible Aluminum Bumper - Review by KOL48
Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Urban Armor UAG + Video + Feedback + Review2 + Thickness
Genuine Rock Quicksand Premium Hard Case -Feedback
Yoobao Protective Case -Overview
Incipio SILICRYLIC DualPro -Recall 1,  Recall 2
Protective Detachable Silicone Back Case w - video review
Anymode clip case
Jekod - Negative feedback
Case-mate - BARELY THERE
Melkco Premium Leather Snap Cover Samsung Galaxy SIII
NILLKIN Hard Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S III
Power Bank Battery Case Samsung Galaxy S3 with built-in battery.
Rechargeable 3500mAh External Power Battery Back Case (With Built-in Battery) -Video review

DF sBattery -01and02- Battery case and Battery case with cover
Glossy hama from Targit
Transparent overlay
copies of Spigen NEO Hybrid and SPIGEN Slim Armor

Kom-Si PDair Belt Holster + PDair Horizontal Pouch Type (Black) - Feedback
Arm Sleevesfrom artur45

Spigen SGP Crumena Leather Pouch Series - Feedback + A photo

Metal battery cover + Feedback
Carbon fiber black + Battery Cover Case Skin Carbon
Alminium Metal Housing Battery Door Rear Cover For Samsung Galaxy S3 from Vitcool
Overview of the three covers

Protective films
Charging device
Car holders
Dock station

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Koliaskin @ 27.01.2013, 01:14*
In Russian it is unfortunately not yet seen

fortunately) you know lope it will cost in Russia

Rep: (0)
Vitcool @ 26.01.2013, 10:58*
I think taped into the ventilation is not the best solution, especially in winter. Warm air will overheat your sgs3. The very thought that taking found 2 original charge. One with a cord for charging, but not with a cover or with a bumper will not fit. Others simply taped, but is expanded. But recently found in the section sgn2 charge, yet there is no commercially available but soon will be. I think to myself and I will take this.

Middle Left vent lyuchok and so did not use Mail (previously there vtyuhivat ambipur stink, therefore, almost always been podzakryto), respectively, instead of putting him Holder - nothing functionally does not deteriorate and is permanently closed.
Why do I want it to ventilyatsionku - just a kind of cheap car nochyu keep the yard mnogoetazhnogo home. All more or less standing removed from the mind. I read a lot of horror on the Internet [tm] that thieves like to break the car, navigation, finding simply - the rings on the glass by suction cups. And daily at least a couple of one-time installation with a sucker-lifting is unlikely to greatly increase its service life. And in Lucko IMHO just vtyuhnut / lift / throw in bardachok. Brother in assuring the courtyard windows knocked car or hacked key once etok five. At the end of the door was a key does not open, only a screwdriver, after one of the times in the cabin, even a flashlight forget :). I wish to leave his carriage gray / invisible mouse.
By the way, I could throw the links or on the name mentioned sgs2 fairly universal accessories suitable for the background with a thick Akuma, to speed up the search.
About covers .. stupid myslitsa - note because larger sizes? Do not approach them?

Post has been editedchurchne - 27.01.13, 01:51

Rep: (36)
churchne @ 27.01.2013, 02:47*
About covers .. stupid myslitsa - note because larger sizes? Do not approach them?

apparatus because becomes wider and bulkier and therefore, even in broad it covers the volume not included, I probyval

Rep: (50)
Anyone triedThis screen protection? Is it does not leave fingerprints?

Rep: (47)
surarus @ 27.01.2013, 14:48*
Is it does not leave fingerprints?

matt and gloss can so can not leave otpechtkov
and this film is glossy

Post has been editedsisagp - 27.01.13, 15:14

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Bought at ebey Allshare Cast Dongle model EAD-T10KDKG, once there is not very pleasant nuances:
1. Not earned on rutovannom S3 - had to put the drain firmware
2. The characteristics of the above FullHD (1920x1080), and in a reality TV is in 720p mode (HD Ready) - which include a higher quality mode - never found.
3. When you turn on AllShare, WiFi Adapter phone almost completely loaded, ie, watch online movies through the wafer and immediately output to the TV, it does not get loose.
4. The picture on the phone looks much better than on TV as if transmitted jpeg image compression with quality 10-20%
5. There is a slight delay with the output of TV, about 0.25 sec, it is not fatal, but it is unpleasant.

Rep: (0)
Prompt how to rewire a full-time headset that would Iphone naishniki from fully fit (worked all buttons). I read like it is possible to OEM somewhere soldered connector minijack ... but do not understand how and where.

Rep: (198)
Alternatively, the tear of the wires and solder native headphones in their place new ones. On HTC HD2 example:HTC Leo - Accessories (Post # 6659891)

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Rep: (40)
churchne @ 27.01.2013, 02:47*

And I'll just have a message in reference to taped that to nout2, but our also quite fit on posomtrel video. On sale true at the end of the month will only appear, but I liked that even long wires, or rather lead to a bifurcated aux)

There is such an original, here fit with covers -tyts

Original to the dock, but here in the course of only the bare phone or a small plate -tyts

And about derzhalok in ventilation, alas, I do not know (

Rep: (88)
smutator, exactly the same outrage with this dongle. Especially surprised by the quality of photos - how can something so contrived nakosyachit? Smoked gourmet forums - just complain. It seems that money thrown away ...

Rep: (1)
Interestingly, a native samsungovsky HDMI-adapter also provides 720p, or still FullHD?

Rep: (198)
FullHD wire pulls.

Rep: (2)
I'm sort of a holder bought generally satisfied, but it is necessary to close it to put your phone, and then the bottom will fall out

Rep: (1388)
FunkYA @ 28.01.2013, 01:33*
Interestingly, a native samsungovsky HDMI-adapter also provides 720p, or still FullHD?

And you do it as you think?
He copies the screen, which is not full hd.
Did he himself come up missing pixels?

Rep: (198)
dima8389 @ 28.01.2013, 13:16*
Did he himself come up missing pixels?

Naprime if in Photoshop to scale the image to him some uluchshayzery and it is not so zamylivaetsya apply. I think there used something similar.
Otherwise, why would he eating?

Rep: (1)
Somebody yuzal a battery?
Attached Image

Post has been editedzedt - 10.06.13, 22:35
Reason for editing: spoiler

Rep: (40)
It came docking station, which is true only for charging the battery. A bit rushed with the purchase, could not find it with the delivery dock with charging, but then also ordered it through friends with America. Dock weighs 100 grams with packaging rather small in size. It is high quality, the phone keeps the rear lid release, in principle, well-kept, as the phone can be placed here in the horizontal and vertical position. tookhere

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Added to the cap!

Post has been editedzedt - 10.06.13, 22:51

Rep: (31)
Koliaskin @ 26.01.2013, 23:45*
Already released, set akkamulyator + cover (white or blue) in the sale is here and here

They are only in the pre-order, apparently. written on one site usually expelled "from 3 to 6 weeks," on the other - the first batch will be in mid-February. So I have a strong suspicion that they may not sell. Although the German Amazon, like, nothing about the pre-order no. On the other hand, why so long expelled ?!

Post has been editedreykjavi - 28.01.13, 14:34

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Bought at ebey Allshare Cast Dongle model EAD-T10KDKG, once there is not very pleasant nuances:
1. Not earned on rutovannom S3 - had to put the drain firmware

I model Dongla- T10 EDEGSTD and standing custom firmware VK4.1 counter reset state NORMAL, butloder XXBLFB-everything works without problem.S new butloderom ELLA and tiknutym counter-dongle does not work now even on off.proshivke is a proven fact.
The only negative is that the dongle body processor running at 1000MHz when connected-battery needs a powerful long to see anything through the rest nego.A-thing very udobnaya.Pri viewed Blue Ray quality snubs have unobtrusive, you can complain about, but not so much to say about waste of money.

Post has been editedindigo88 - 28.01.13, 14:53

Rep: (1)
I thought he was in the original form of memory plays back, if the content - FullHD. Well, maybe some is a soft-switch ...

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