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Samsung Galaxy S III - Accessories | Covers, cables, batteries, films, etc.

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Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S III
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III
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Where can one buyoriginal battery ? Shops, trading floors, etc. Answer

Accessories - reviews, articles, tests, purchase, etc.
Original battery on 3000mah and suitable covers
Covers Bumpers Covers
Original covers! from Samsung
Catalogs of not original covers!

| Flip (book) | Overlay (cover) | Bumper | Holster (on the belt) | Case (insert) | Battery cover |

SGP Case Neo Hybrid + Feedback
Otterbox Commuter +Feedback + a photo + how to distinguish fake + excellent review from Ersten
Otterbox Comutter and Triobump Extensible Aluminum Bumper - Review by KOL48
Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Urban Armor UAG + Video + Feedback + Review2 + Thickness
Genuine Rock Quicksand Premium Hard Case -Feedback
Yoobao Protective Case -Overview
Incipio SILICRYLIC DualPro -Recall 1,  Recall 2
Protective Detachable Silicone Back Case w - video review
Anymode clip case
Jekod - Negative feedback
Case-mate - BARELY THERE
Melkco Premium Leather Snap Cover Samsung Galaxy SIII
NILLKIN Hard Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S III
Power Bank Battery Case Samsung Galaxy S3 with built-in battery.
Rechargeable 3500mAh External Power Battery Back Case (With Built-in Battery) -Video review

DF sBattery -01and02- Battery case and Battery case with cover
Glossy hama from Targit
Transparent overlay
copies of Spigen NEO Hybrid and SPIGEN Slim Armor

Kom-Si PDair Belt Holster + PDair Horizontal Pouch Type (Black) - Feedback
Arm Sleevesfrom artur45

Spigen SGP Crumena Leather Pouch Series - Feedback + A photo

Metal battery cover + Feedback
Carbon fiber black + Battery Cover Case Skin Carbon
Alminium Metal Housing Battery Door Rear Cover For Samsung Galaxy S3 from Vitcool
Overview of the three covers

Protective films
Charging device
Car holders
Dock station

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lakoros @ 06.12.2012, 21:35*
naglaz have the good film and can be invisible in terms of transparency, but the edges will love it there.

their invisible. therefore I ask. I could get off the film or not.

Rep: (47)
dgry @ 06.12.2012, 23:49*
their invisible. therefore I ask. I could get off the film or not.

Yes swipe your finger and all
with such knowledge, I think you have a Chinese phone

Post has been editedsisagp - 06.12.12, 22:51

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sisagp @ 06.12.2012, 21:50*
Yes swipe your finger and All-Union such knowledge, I think you have a Chinese phone

as if nebyloby funny but got off the film. and the body is not Chinese.

Rep: (47)
Well that's all turned out go for new film
maybe pasted upside down? so she climbed down

Post has been editedsisagp - 06.12.12, 23:24

Rep: (1)
I registered, paid for and all. It may have been a temporary problem?
Now check (tsiferki and bukovki removed and then who knows what)

sisagp delivery how much it costs?

Rep: (469)
C ebeya came yusb lace, a copy of the original. Connected to a computer apparatus, Kiyoshi spun but did not see the phone and noticed that the red LED charging, such as dimly on the phone. I stuck the other wire, all the rules. As a result, even now from the original charging LED will glow dimly. But the charge is like normal. If you do a diode test on the menu, it burns brightly. What could it be?
Later still I tried the lace, is operating normally, and Kies sees and charges ..

The question is removed .. now find themselves on the level of illumination brightness of the diode depends .. =) .. I worried in vain

Post has been editedzedt - 07.12.12, 10:32

Rep: (55)
zedt, On the new firmware diode brightness made less.

Rep: (2)
Yesterday came from Korea SPIGEN SGP Curved Crystal film. Today pasted. It's perfect !!!))) to paste the first time, without a jamb. Prior to this pasted SPIGEN SGP flex HD and Phantom skinz. Phantom skinz also a good film, but she is present "orange peel". And Flex HD in addition to "orange peel" still present unclear what the dents, divorces. All those who think what film to buy, advise SPIGEN SGP Curved Crystal. IMHO it is the only value for money.

Rep: (156)
Brought, VESCH! Everything is made SUPER!


Rep: (23)
Good afternoon, everybody, on ebee sell screens from Samsung Galaxy S3 L710 how to think our Samsung GT-I9300, they fit?
I would like to buy, but I am afraid that will not work.

Rep: (1245)
ELUKYANOV, on the phone in his hand pofotkat, please.

Rep: (5)
Good afternoon. I would like to leave a review of the carrying case Otterbox Defender. Of course, it thickens the phone .. But once lost sense of fragility. Cover slip, pleasant to the touch, does not collect dust. I am happy now I am not afraid to drop or scratch, and then I have a paranoia on the subject - is very upset by any tsarapinok ... She took cover in Carapace.ru Moscow online store. A review of the store very positive: call back, and made it clear that the second case, which wanted to take on the Tab 7.0 Plus is not suitable, and returned the money because paid on the map.

Rep: (1245)
gineapig, sipatichnyh. That's what I in such case (and indeed in the "tight") does not like: it is necessary to dust or sand to get there - the body kapets. A short time is quite possible to wear. I sit now, choose Case for challenging trips - such as on Akhtuba, or somewhere else. Where sand, stones, water and unsanitary solid)))

Rep: (47)
Titanium-998 @ 07.12.2012, 9:27*
I registered, paid for and all. It may have been a temporary problem?
Now check (tsiferki and bukovki removed and then who knows what)

sisagp delivery how much it costs?

Right now I can not say there on every thing different delivery price
Esoi 2 things that cheaper shipping
I overpaid due to the fact that he knew that Los Angeles is quick as well so if you take the cheaper ebee
Add to cart and it will write the price of shipping
With mobile phones do not want to dig

Rep: (5)
Gnomeblack There are waterproof transparent cover. He's slim-fitting. If it is a resistant to wear, it is quite possible and extreme ... On YouTube somewhere saw and some shop. Naidu, I lay out the link.
http://m-case.ru/index.php?productID=1378This protective cover of another firm, not Otterboks, but also interesting.

Post has been editedgineapig - 07.12.12, 14:20
Reason for editing: Added link.

Rep: (156)
Nothing :)) House sfotkayu tablet.

Rep: (1245)
gineapig @ 07.12.2012, 15:06*
This protective cover of another firm, not Otterboks, but also an interesting

I saw this in the summer at ebee. But did not order something and did not dare) Painfully it anyhow made ...

ELUKYANOV, Well, at least the tablet)

Rep: (5)
Nashla.Ultratonky waterproof cover.

Rep: (1245)
Yozhkin cat ... and vidos it :) Thank you, it will be necessary to look)))

Rep: (35)
On ebay.ru found NFC tags for the Galaxy S3 / Nexus. 12 pieces worth 807rub. 31kop. Ships from Germany for free. Here's the linknfc tag

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