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Sony Xperia Tipo / Tipo Dual - Discussion | Smartphone, 3.2 "

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DiscussionSony Xperia Tipo / Tipo Dual
PictureST21i, Tapioca
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Characteristics and photos of the device
Attached Image

800 MHz Qualcomm MSM7225AARMv7 processor.
Xperia в„ў ST21i and ST21i2 supports UMTS HSPA 900 (Band VIII), 2100 (Band I), and GSM GPRS / EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900.
Xperia в„ў ST21a and ST21a2 supports UMTS HSPA 850 (Band V), 1900 (Band II), 2100 (Band I), and GSM GPRS / EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900.
3.2 ”display, shatter proof sheet on acrylic glass.
320x480 pixels.
2.9 GB * (up to 2.5 GB user accessible memory) internal phone storage.
512 MB RAM.
Memory card slot: microSD в„ў, up to 32GB
Dual SIM (Xperia в„ў tipo dual).
1500 maH battery.
103x 57 Г— 13 mm.
99.4 grams.
3.2 MP camera resolution.
4x digital zoom.
VGA video recording.

Proximity sensor.
Bluetooth в„ў.

xLOUD sound experience.
Launching on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

PlayNow в„ў service.
TrackID в„ў music recognition.
Facebook integration with contacts, gallery and the music player.
Sony Entertainment Network.

Tipo Dual differs from Tipo only in the presence of 2 SIM cards.
Device reviews

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Post has been editedSergey164 - 12.08.15, 07:35

Rep: (1418)
The combination of SE Live with Walkman and Samsung Champ reminded me purely outwardly.

Rep: (0)
And how much will it cost?

Rep: (15)
In antitude, by the way, he scored 2323 points, the processor MSM7225A or MSM7227A seems to be installed there. It's good. The design is also nice, the main thing is that there is a slot for a memory card, otherwise it will be there 4GB without an extension, and that will be completely unbearable.

Rep: (1418)
no more than 9000r. that's for sure

Upd: Removed the watermark from the picture:
Attached Image

Post has been editedRage - 28.04.12, 11:44

Rep: (1418)
Black_Velvet, and this is just not more than 9000. I set the most extreme maximum.

Rep: (249)
They cut as much as they could, it doesn’t cost 9, a maximum of 7. If there was still a design, it was possible to put up the price, and with this money it’s better to buy that thread from 2011, while there will also be 4ka, and it will be much more powerful and more functional apparatuses

Rep: (1418)
Walksik, its advantage compared to the 2011 line is the battery capacity. And with a weaker filling and consumption will be less. So there will be no big problems with the battery.

Rep: (2)
According to the specifications - it is a spilled HTC Explorer, even there is no front camera. We overclocked the percent, stuck more internal memory in the name of ICS and here you go. By the way, it will be fun if Sony, suddenly deciding to act like HTC, discontinues Live With Walkman, stops supporting and releasing updates, and promises ICS: lol:

By the way, who will popularly explain to me what the real benefits of ICS are?

Post has been editedfokkewolf - 29.04.12, 17:15

Rep: (19)
I am glad that Sony is trying to occupy all the niches in the production / sale of telephones, which means they have seriously taken up this issue. Moreover, Sony rests on three pillars, one of which is Mobile devices.

Rep: (4)
Vouch, duck is my Optimus! What 9 thousand, why are you? :) Optimus last year was 5! I did not expect this from the esteemed Sony, especially after the release of the wonderful Xperia S ... The 2010 device

Rep: (1418)
The model's code name, Tapioca, means "starchy groats derived from cassava roots."

Rep: (19)
Rage @ 05/02/2012, 14:56*
The model's code name, Tapioca, means "starchy groats derived from cassava roots."

What language?

Rep: (1418)
DAskeza, it is an international word, but generally from Japanese.

Rep: (19)
Yes, it is clear that the name is international, because the name should not be translated, but still it is not clear why from Japanese, maybe it is from another language.

Rep: (1418)
Sony is a Japanese company, and gives its latest models code names in Japanese

Rep: (19)
Rage @ 05/03/2012, 14:16*
Sony is a Japanese company, and gives its latest models code names in Japanese

Yeah, and on the cases of some Sony devices it’s written that from Korea, Taiwan

Rep: (1418)
The location of the company and the place of manufacture of the devices are two different things. Where do you think American iPhones are made? What about Korean Samsung? Everything is there.

Rep: (19)
Topioka is not the Japanese word; most of the topioku are produced in Thailand and Brazil. Extracted from cassava, and this word is just of Brazilian origin.

Rep: (1418)
mean targeted to countries like Brazil, where progress is a bit slow.

Rep: (19)
Does the model index tell you anything?

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