Samsung GT-I9001 Galaxy S Plus - Firmware Cyanogen (mod) 7 (OS 2.3.7)

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Samsung GT-I9001 Galaxy S Plus - Firmware Cyanogen (mod) 7 (OS 2.3.7)
PictureSamsung GT-I9001 Galaxy S Plus
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Cyanogenmod - This is an incredibly functional firmware that expands the capabilities of your device.
Is the most common firmware underAndroid Open Source Project(AOSP). To date, it is based on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Under AOSP understood that from Android source with minimal use of proprietary modules going firmware for a specific device. Because of this, and all the existing differences from Samsung firmware runoff.
ATTENTION: there are no Samsung programs in the firmware and it does not support KIES!

The current state of the firmware -Stable

Key features and capabilities
  • Full root access
  • FLAC support
  • Compress Cache (compressed cache)
  • Kolichestvovo great options to customize openVPN
  • Most optimization
  • Greater speed
  • Gesture support on the lock screen
  • Support for themes by Theme manager
  • Preset EQ DSPManager
  • Incognito mode in the browser
  • Built-in tuning capabilities

Instructions on firmware
  1. Download the firmware andGapps the external memory
  2. Go inCWM
  3. Go to the section -Mounts and storage , Do Formats - format / system , format / cashe , format / data , Then do Wipe data / factory reset , wipe cache partition , Go to the section - advanced and doing Wipe Dalvik Cashe . Without leaving CWM We proceed to the next step
  4. ATCWM select the firmware archive. Just install the file Gapps .
  5. ATCWM choose an item reboot system now and waiting for download CM7

[ROM] [CM] [2.3.7] CyanogenMod 7.2 RC 1
CyanogenMod 7 Fixed 2.1
Gapps (This package adds the application by Google)

What works / does not work
  • Calls and SMS
  • Bluetooth
  • Vibration
  • Headphones
  • 2G / 3G
  • USB tethering
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Audio
  • Wi-Fi
  • Built-in memory and vneshnayaya

Does not work:
  • Radio
  • Internet distribution over Wi-Fi
  • Setting CPU frequency
  • Video recording
  • Adjusting the sound during a conversation
  • Video output

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For advanced users only! Do not start flashing if you do not know whatRecovery, Odin, CWM. On these points, see the section"Firmware".

If younewbiestronglyis recommendedacquainted with THIS Hyde on the firmware version of the smartphone.

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Be sure to readALL : FAQon Android OS

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n3kzor @ 25.4.2012, 18:20*
grec96, ahahaahha only stupid question left today

sorry, tupanul fry. cm7 just seen somewhere, so thought it was the same version, here and ask this question

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pliz help kids did everything in the body cap ship but when you unlock the fly problem and needs closing (fix premission and davlick cach did)

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sas2751 @ 25.04.2012, 17:17*
Does not work:


ahhh ... and here too ...
And how exactly is not working? Generally? Partially? I HF-headset most interested in ...

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3G anyone ever work?

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Cons; the sound of a 10-point system by 6 since hisses a bit and tihiy.Standartnaya full keyboard ubozhestvo.Ustanovil swype when selecting input method reset nastroyki.Plyusy.Plavny interfeys.Nastroyki. until something like this

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Suitable for flashing CWM (The one through which CM9 sewn)

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set mod7 and jitteriness that is not installed on the video driver, shorter efekt ka on your computer, a little swim, it's all right?

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Dimdya @ 25.04.2012, 19:49*
Suitable for flashing CWM (The one through which CM9 sewn)

yes suit

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Installation aborted (status 7)

How to fix??

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In the original XDA thread it says that the headphones do not work.
Or is it necessary to bring in the "not working"?

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Yes unsubscribe headphones work?

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n3kzor @ 25.04.2012, 18:46*
Smooth interface

On the contrary, to scroll terrible, and first impressions are normal, from the bugs still noticed that the sound of the conversation, too, as in CM9 not adjustable ..

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People, in general, should be sewn? 2.3.6 got) tupit)

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vic4884, If you tupit 2.3.6, it is not necessary to sew beta cyanogen accurately. There's still a lot does not work properly or not at all.

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r0otz @ 25.04.2012, 20:56*
vic4884, If you tupit 2.3.6, it is not necessary to sew beta cyanogen accurately. There's still a lot does not work properly or not at all.

while watching the topic of bugs and patches) thank

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can somebody answer 3g works or not? I do not plow can not go anywhere.

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It works for me, and waffles too.

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but still it does not work 3g ГЄГ Г® we wait cyanogen steadily through the month 2

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did not like not smooth interface without sound kangakty. ischezli well for Vetta version is not bad in my opinion CN.9 s top.

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3g is not working, wifi ok

Posted 25-04-2012, 22:55:

Hanging locker after unlocking

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