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Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Purchase
Samsung Galaxy S III
Where did you order the Samsung Galaxy S III?
Computeruniverse [ 554 ] ** [19,2%]
Clove [ 53 ] ** [1,84%]
Handtec [ 29 ] ** [1%]
Unlocked-mobiles [ 62 ] ** [2,15%]
Other [ 1101 ] ** [38,15%]
I bought a PCT [ 1087 ] ** [37,66%]
What color is ordered?
White [ 966 ] ** [33,47%]
Blue [ 1430 ] ** [49,55%]
Red [ 57 ] ** [1,98%]
The black [ 423 ] ** [14,66%]
Total votes: 2886

Rep: (762)
PurchaseSamsung GT-i9300 Galaxy S III
PictureSamsung Galaxy S III
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This topic discusses only the purchase of SGS III Namely - shops, prices, delivery methods / options / terms
- all messages that are not related to the subject of Shopping - will be deleted without warning!

Where to buy?
Attention! Initially, the price of the device is displayed including VAT (European tax). VAT is removed when choosing your country. Consider the currency of the country where you order. CU- €Euro. Clove, Unlockedmobiles, Handtec - ₤Pounds

- 16Gb blue / white / the black / red ; 32Gb blue / white (Payment by PayPal / credit card, prices are without delivery - done by DHL Post (similar to our Russian Post, not to be confused with DHL Express), track CL ... DE - received at the post office; courier delivery / receipt at the EMS issue points for tracks EE ... DE - necessary to read ), about insurance and paypal packaging - 1 / 2 , If there is no trackExport

Shipping Blue and White has begun, specific deadlines for sendingneworders look to the right of the buttonAdd to Cart , by already done orders look in your account on the site.
Blue 32Gb and White 32Gb sales started
Store opening hours:
Monday through Friday
10.00 - 19.00 hours
Saturday from 9.00 - 14.00 hours
Price history:
Attached Image
Add product to an order already made:
To add something to your order, please simply order online, a new order, and mark the comment field so that we combine these two orders. Please ensure that you choose the same shipping method and payment method as before. We will then review the new total shipping charges (if necessary) and send you updated order status information.

Clove(16Gbblue / white), delivery For Russia - ₤ 35 (delivered by Parcelforce (EMS) - home delivery by courier or receipt at issuing points (if there is no EMS in the city, delivery to a post office), For Kazakhstan 30 (provided by DHL express), For Ukraine ₤ 29 (made by DHL express)

- Unlockedmobiles(16Gbblue/white), delivery - ₤ 15.99 / ₤ 29.99 (Royal Mail is an analogue of the Russian Post, received at the post office / Parcelforce (EMS) - delivery by courier to your home or receiving at the points of issue),packaginginstruction onpurchase, [email protected] - technical support in Russian.

- Handtec(16Gbblue / white), delivery - ₤ 54.90 (ONLY Russia Tracked (Royal Mail - Money Back insured - NO PAYPAL or Googlecheckout)- getting to the post office, necessarily toreading, andGetting reimbursement with Handtec, packaging, check-in canceled

Korean version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 IIISHV-E210with ebay 32Gb 2Gb RAM

Before the start of sales inOf Russialeft: started cry
-Online Store PocketMarkt.Ru
-TechnosityIn the online store
-Pre-orderKhmer SGS III

Admission to the shopsKazakhstan
- Sulpak
- Now AvailableKcell
- Beeline KZ price only for Almaty99000tenge
- Alser
- ABC communication
Finland gigantti.fi
How to place an order?

The link is clickable Read first
FAQ on buying abroad

How to buy inРЎomputeruniverse
Discount Coupons for CU (5euro) (ValidONLYwhen you first purchase, when you try to reuse, the order will pass, but will be canceled by the store) The store gives 5 Euro per birthday, the coupon comes to the registered email in the DR and is valid for a month
The publication of these coupons in the subject is strictly prohibited. Read to everyone who wants to do it.About the publication of coupons that give bonuses to the owner
During the payment, pop-up windows in the browser must be enabled without fail, and do not close them at all (forget about the cross in the corner), when paying via PayPal after payment (at the end) you need to return to the CU Website again, otherwise payment will pass, but the order will not be made. We'll have to write them a letter.

Paypal accept at first purchaseexperience
If you are going to buy a phone at CU and pay for the purchase with a credit card issued by one country with delivery to another countryHere

Unlocked-Mobiles.com(UM) technical support ([email protected]) in Russian
! IMPORTANT In the form of delivery ADDRESS you need to write STRICTLY in TRANSLITERATION (Text transliterator) (ie, in Russian, but in Latin letters, for example: Gorod, dom, kvartira.) So that they would not write and think where my package was, in case of a translation error in the mail. The address must be clear to our postmen, who will deliver

Warning:Consider that the network is full of scammers offering devices at a cheap price and offering to pay for the purchaseWestern UnionAct in the spirit of buying two devices for $ 450 for the third as a gift. Be carefull!!
Independent purchase in Finland. Applies to all major electronics stores.
Good purchase FAQ in Finland.

In Finland, the value of all products includes 23% VAT.

If the store is ready to issue an invoice for the goods, then the buyer (non-resident of Finland) will be able to fully recover 23% of the value of the goodsonlynext time you visit the store where the product was purchased.
If the store does not issue an invoice for the goods, then you can reimburse part of the VAT under the TaxFree program. In this case, returns about 10-16% of the value of the goods.


1. You go to the store, buy a phone.
2. When buying, ask to issue you a paper on TaxFree. For this you need to show a passport.
3. Glad you go back to your native land.
4. When you pass Finnish customs on the way back, there are 2 or 3 windows directly on the post where tax-free checks are printed.
5. Further, between the Finnish and Russian customs there is a point for issuing TaxFree. On the right side of the road. They can give out there. If there is a little line in that stall, that isissue pointsTaxFree and in St. Petersburg.

How to cancel the order
In order to cancel an order, they should write a letter in free form, asking them to cancel a previously completed order.
The letter must contain all data on the order (for this, simply reply to the letter of order sent to you earlier).
If you have difficulties not knowing the language, useGoogle translator. OrPROMTtranslator
RefundIt is usually produced for from 2 days to a week. When you return the payment via the PAYPAL system, the money is returned to the paypal account and immediately to your bank card, usually 5 days>>>
Return received goods back to the store >>>
Exchange rates
Payment Methods
When ordering, the card should have a little more money than the order amount, about 5% more than the order amount
I. Any bank card not lower than Visa Classic and MasterCard
Ii. SystemPaypalIt is desirable to fill in the questionnaire completely with translit.
Iii. Corn Corn (Euroset), Svyaznoy Bank (Svyaznoy), Bank in your pocket (Russian Standard Bank), Finservice and QIWI Visa Card work with ALL INET SHOPS!
A quick way to issue a bank card (in any cabin of Svyaznoy, Euroset for 15 minutes)
2. CornNO COMMISSIONS.How is the calculation of the amount debited from the card if the purchase price in foreign currency?
3. QIWI cardVisa Card QIWI(Commission 1.5%)The maximum payment limit has been removed (for QIWI Visa Virtual, the purchase amount was limited to 15,000 rubles.).
4. Bank in your pocket(BVK) Without commissions
5. Bank "Finservice"No commission

AT:Here everyone pays paypal. Is there any problems with visa classic if you order on cu?
ABOUT:On Paypal dispute in case of non-receipt of the parcel, theft, delay opens online through the site, during a controversial card transaction you have to go to your bank to write an application for chargeback, it is considered that it is more convenient with a stick, in both cases you are protected.Read here
AT:If you buy in CU, how can they ask them to not write the specification of the goods and the cost on the parcel ..? (I want to bypass the tax)
ABOUT:CU UM HT Clove shops do not practice this
Package Tracking
delivery of a parcel from a foreign store (or change of status from export to import) takes from a week or more - on average 2-3 weeks. do not get the message shops, where is my package? Why so long? They completed their task - they sent you a phone. everything else depends on the carrier, to a greater extent, on the mail of Russia (EMS). just be patient.
- Tracking the parcel by tracking number is made on the sitePost of Russia. Statistics on delivery time monitoringhereandhere. Terms of passage of MPO through the territory of the Russian Federation

- Receiving a parcel - 1and2 - Be sure to read !!!
Videoreceiving the parcel
- information onDHL Post, EMSandPay pal
TrackcheckerorPostTrackerunder Android
Or on the website:
Post of Russia
In case you did not find your mailing in the tracking system, as well as if the delivery deadline expired, which is:
- within the Republic of Kazakhstan - 11 working days;
- from abroad to the Republic of Kazakhstan - 20 business days.
You need to register in your account and submit an application to search for mailing.

Shipping Statistics:Russiaorhere

Please do not write why it does not track. Be patient. Concerning digital tracks from CU we lookhere
! Attention: To ensure greater security of the parcel do not publish the tracking number, index, address to a successful receipt.
Useful phone numbers
1. SME-3 (sorting center, where all the promises go from customs) 495-303-81-01 you can ask them, but you can “higher” ext. 3202 - early uch-ka, 3194 - early. shifts
2. 499-782-24-43 / 57- here you can find the parcel number; 499-782-25-93
3. 495-918-55-00 - related to the MSP-3
4. 495-918-58-80; 495-642-22-48 beg. MSP-3 Nadezhda Prokopenko 495-918-57-00 - deputy. beginning Burakova Elza Rafikovna
5. Claims and Claims Service 495-623-72-58, 495-628-72-06
6. Head of claims Kolesnik Elena Viktorovna 495-962-20-67, ext 1525
7. Claims and Claims Service - 495-232-4444, 495-607-91-76 495-232-09-96 495-956-20-67 ext from 2266 to 2270
EMS Post of Russia
Unified Helpline: 8 800 200 50 55
Moscow number: 8 495 744 55 44
Useful phones in St. Petersburg to search parcels
If your parcel is accepted by customs and stuck there (no status issued by customs or PMMO):
customs post code 10221030
196210, St. Petersburg, Pulkovskoye Highway 39 lit. U
Chief of the post 331-32-92
Deputy Head of the Post, Colonel of the Customs Service Vinogradova Olga Petrovna
Officials (start calls from them !!!)
Code +7 (812) 331-32-93, 331-32-94 331-32-95, 331-32-99

If your parcel is stuck on sorting EMC

Sorting shop at Komsomol
Code +7 (812) 3342816 ext 248

Kazpost JSC Call-Center: +7 727 259 06 05
8 800 080 08 80 The call to the Republic of Kazakhstan is free. Other contactshere

useful information
At the moment in the personal account of the store CU there was a line with IMEI code ordered phone >>>
Shopping on eBay and online stores in the USA and Europe.
The inscription under the battery Made by Samsung
MicroSIM is required to use the phone. all indicated shops sell sim-free phones, prices are indicated without vat (paid only by EU residents)

How not to lose money, wanting to save. Online shopping rules from abroad
Customs declaration of international mail and customs duties, taxes
Frequently asked Questions. (in the process of editing)
Basic device verification tests
* # 0 * # device test
* # 7353 # menu with tests
* # 0228 # information on communication, battery.
* # 0842 # vibrating test
* # 2663 # touchscreen information
* # * 4636 # * # * detailed device information

Smartphones requiring "Network unlock PIN for SIM card"
or I bought a phone with a regional lock (regionlock), what should I do?

How to check Samsung smartphones before purchase using the test menu.
AT. What is the difference between Chinese and Korean assembly?
Response to a letter to the Samsung office
Letter from Samsung ([email protected])
Hello, ******!

Welcome to Samsung Electronics United Support Service.
Thank you for your interest in Samsung products.
Your request number *********** We ask you to indicate it when you
will contact us in the future.

All Samsung cell phones, including the GT-I9300 model, are manufactured at the company's factories.
Samsung Electronics located on siteKorea, China and Vietnam.Whereinthe quality of the devices do not differ.

All devices manufactured by Samsung Electronics for the Russian market have the following
Distinctive features: on the back of the device, in the text of the sticker containing the serial and IMEI numbers of the device, the CAS (CASE) logos of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation and the PCT should be present. All
products officially supplied to the Russian market are Russified, accompanied by
instructions in Russian, company warranty card in Russian from the company
Samsung Electronics.

If you have any further questions, you can ask them to us by
phone 8-800-555-55-55 (free call from any region of Russia)
or use the opportunity to send us an email
mail using the "Contact Us" section on our website www.samsung.com.


Unified support service
Samsung Electronics Russia

AT. Warranty.
ABOUT. Warranty in Russia IT DOES NOT WORK . In the case of marriage or repair will have to send back. Marriage usually change immediately or return the money, Repair on average 2-3 months.
ATTENTION! The unpleasant situation with handtec during the theft and loss of the parcel. More here

AT. If a box without a phone came to the mail or the phone was simply damaged, etc.?
ABOUT. Received a notice, come, fill out a notice on your passport. Then show it, after you have to take out the parcel. You examine it (visually externally). Verify the weight of the parcel with the specified in the track. If you are satisfied with everything then you take it away. If the box is mint or something else is wrong with it. Either refuse it, or ask what would be opening act (SAMPLE FILLING) . When you open it. If everything suits you, take it home. (You can still take with you someone and the camera and record unpacking on video then there will be incontestable evidence).
1. In no case do not sign in any papers on receipt, until you open the parcel.
2. Require yourself a legal copy of the attachment list. If he is alone - xeri and claim yourself the original.
3. Open the parcel ONLY at the post office, do not be lazy to check. And do not care if a break, flood, or you will be taken for a madman.
4. If they hiss on you, shout that they will not give up without a signature - make a stone face and call the chief.

and another, the explanation of the official:
Dear ****!

In accordance with the text indicated, as on the back of the notice f. 22, and on the reverse side of the form to the internal parcel (f. 116), the addressee puts his signature for receiving the postal item after the words: "the postal item with the correct weight, serviceable packaging, seals and tie was received."
That is, before signing for receipt of the postal item, the addressee must verify the condition of the postal item and its weight.
Thus, only on their own initiative can a client sign a signature without seeing the mailing.
It should be noted that the data on the document that the addressee makes when receiving the postal item must be properly entered in the notification f. 22 or form f. 116 in advance, because before the postal worker brings a postal item for issuance, he must identify the addressee’s identity, the presented document and the data indicated in the form.

Task Force Manager
Information Analysis Department
Claims Department
Quality Directorate
FSUE "Russian Post"
Radyukina Inna Aleksandrovna

Opening the parcel in the presence of postal workers.

AT. If problems with the goods, noticed at home?
ABOUT. If at home, then nothing can be proved by mail, the maximum is to write a deplorable letter to the store and see what it will answer.
If the parcel arrived broken, but it was found at home - you need to send them back within 2 days after it reaches them - he will send another one, just as far as I understand, send it with the package and be sure to complete it!

AT. Approximate parcel weight
ABOUT. received SGS 3 weight 555g packed in a soft bag
receivedGHS 3 weight 775g packed in a hard box
receivedGHS 3 weight 680g on the track, packed in a hard box
receivedGHS 3 weight 780g packed in a hard box
Unpacking photos

AT. Packing in significant online stores
1. CU: Box device in a dense cardboard box with transported paper, wrapped with duct tape. box in a plastic woven bag tightened seal. The seal is opened before your eyes under the painting. a photo
2. UM: Box device in a dense cardboard box with an air-pimply film, wrapped with duct tape. a photo
3. Clove: A sealed paper bag with an inner protective layer (it is very easy to open it in place of the valve (it is easy to peel off)), inside the box with the device, wrapped in 2-5 layers with an air-poured film. a photo
3. Handtek: A sealed plastic bag (almost imperceptibly opened is almost impossible), inside the box with the device, wrapped in a 2-5 layer air-puffy film. a photo

AT. The difference between the "gray" and the "white" device.
ABOUT. No inscription of the PCT quality mark, no guarantee for Russia, not localized primers (instruction), for the English delivery - English network adapters.

AT. Going to buy a device - tell me what to look for when buying?
ABOUT. *#0*#

AT. Insurance.
ABOUT. All packages are insured. automatically.

AT. Delivery.
ABOUT. CU: to Russia mail DHL in Russia regular mail
clove, UM: to Russia Royal Mail , ordinary mail in Russia, or EMS
HANDTEC EMS, pick item Russia Tracked (EMS - NO PAYPAL) and restored Royal Mail.

AT. Estimated delivery time.
ABOUT. Regular mail. 14-25 days.
EMS. 7-15 days.

AT. Customs
ABOUT. Customs clearance currently takes 2 days. Registration of papers for the release of the shipment is also two days. Basically, on the fifth day at night, everyone releases.

AT. The approximate history of the passage of the parcel
1. international shipping - export (8-14 days).
2. Import (1-3 days).
3. Transferred to customs (2-5 days). (PCI-1-import, PCI-2 export (sending back to the sender), PCI-3 import, export (sending a parcel by country))
4. Processing, left the place of international exchange (1 day)
5. Processing, sorting (sending to the recipient by the address) (2-8 days)
6. Processing, arrived at the place of delivery, delivery to the addressee.

AT. How to check order status in CU?
ABOUT. My Account - cuurent orders - Offene Bestellungen - Status

AT. Where can I get a tracking number in CU?
ABOUT. Personal Area>package tracking>Copy the 12 digit number>check on dhl.de >there we find the number CLXXXXXXXXXDE>check it on the site post office or the package tracking program>follow the package.
[attachment = "908362: tracking.JPG"]

AT. What does the international tracking number for tracking a parcel in the mail look like?
ABOUT. Germany - CLxxxxxxxxxDE.
England - RFxxxxxxxxxGB.
P.S. If you email A tracking number was sent to the mail, so the package was sent.

AT. Track Update
ABOUT. Sites and package tracking software do not always update the track in a timely manner, they are delayed, but they are updated retroactively.
The way out, WAIT, panic and snot here nobody needs.

AT. How to get an invoice for your order?
ABOUT. Handtek Write a letter to the support service with a request to send an invoice. Filling out the form Online or directly [email protected]
Unlocked-Mobiles.com Go to My Account Information and in the order in paragraph If you would like to view / print a pdf version of this invoice, click here , print. (device weight is not specified).

AT. After payment they are asked to send ID & the bank authorization code (bank authorization code) (transaction code), what is it and where to get it from?
ABOUT. Each payment has its own number (payment transaction number), it is usually sent in the form of SMS alerts, in Internet banking (PayPal, personal office of the contact, corn, etc.), or you need to call the bank asking for the transaction number.

AT. What does a letter from Hentec look like to send confirming docks?
Order number: xxxxxx

Thank you for putting your first order with Handtec. This is your first order.

a) We can ship to your place of work (nationally or internationally known)


B) Please contact your Bank Authorization Code (or Bank Transaction Code) relating to the Handtec Order. This is a card holder. You can confirm the code to us via email (reply to this email), phone or fax.


c) you can write a letter on your registered card holder and you can send it to [email protected] us or fax to 0044870 135 4026

Note: If you have paid, please only send the information requested option A or C

If you want to do so

Once information is required.

Thank you for shopping with this app.

Kind regards

[W]: www.handtec.co.uk
[E]: [email protected]
[T]: 0845 644 77 27

I sent them a passport photo and rights. The next day, they requested transaction and authorization codes:
Thank you for your email,

It is down to the number of legitimate reasons.

Contact us or your Transaction Code relating to the payment.
It is a unique code for the card holder. When you confirm your order.

Please advise

Kind regards.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
As always, it is our pleasure to assist in any way!

Thank you
Handtec Customer Services

AT. Amount not subject to customs tax, when sent by mail in Russia
ABOUT. up to 1000 euros and weighing less than 31 kg in the period of 1 calendar month

AT. The amount is not subject to customs tax, when sending by mail (Ukraine)
ABOUT. In Ukraine, parcels whose value does not exceed 300 euros (from June 1, 2012, Chapter 55, Art. 374, PP.6.7.) And a weight of 50 kg are not subject to duty. If this amount is exceeded, customs fees are required in the amount of 10% of the excess amount, as well as 20% VAT on this amount., P.S. may be lucky and there will be no tax, but only if you are lucky, if you decide to order, then only by regular mail (DHL, EMS - 100% check)

AT. Why was the card removed more than the real value of the goods?
O1. Due to jumps in the exchange rate (an average of 5% of the total cost is removed), after the money is written off, the amount is returned to the card.
O2. Due to double conversion (rubles>dollars (Euros)>pounds) refer to buying in England.

AT. Network adapters.
ABOUT. Clove, UM and Handtec use English plugs (you have to buy an adapter).
CU - European plugs (Suitable for Russia).

AT. Localization menu.
ABOUT. In the Android device, the Russian language is initially present, just select in the settings.

AT. Is it possible to flash the "gray" device on the official Russian firmware?

AT. How to change your full name in PayPal written in Cyrillic in Latin?
1. Reregister.
2. Go to "my account", on the right next to the question mark the link "Contact us" ->"Email us."
There you select the Subject = My account
Subsection = Name change
Check the box next to "Last Name and First Name of Individual" and fill in the fields "Used and New Name"
And write something like:
"Hello. Could you change my account name. I wrote it in Russian transcription."
And all waiting for an answer)

AT. What additional scans of documents does Handtek require, sometimes Clove?
ABOUT. A copy of the passport with a photo, passport, passport, driver's license. P.S. When paying via PayPal and matching the address of the account / card, additional scans of documents are not required.

AT. I found cheapstore royal groupwhere they sell confiscated for just 18 000 rubles! Why don't I advise buying there?
ABOUT. This is a fraudulent site that does not deliver the goods, and the address of their location does not exist.

AT. For all users who have problems with the Handtec store, with a refund for a stolen device, etc.
ABOUT. Theme Getting reimbursement with Handtec .

ABOUT. To remove the VAT change the country of delivery. VAT is not charged to Russia, directly only to Europe.
Rules of conduct in the subject

We all want our topic to be as informative as possible, and, at the same time, concise - there were no messages in it that have no practical value for the rest of the forum participants or novicesThis topic discusses only the purchase of a device and nothing more!Namely - shops, prices, ways / options / terms of delivery
- all messages not related to the topic of Shopping - WILL BE DELETED! This also applies to offtopic, flooding, messages a) "+1 to the expectations b) with a rating of" -3 "and more c) private ads for the sale / purchase of devices - for this there isFlea market
- before asking a question, carefully read the header or use the SEARCH!
- All posts containing questions that have answers in the topic or header will be deleted without warning
- discussion of the phone takes place in the relevant topic
- upload links to unverified online stores and their discussion is prohibited!
- In order to avoid excessive growth of the topic, it is FORBIDDEN to post messages about the current status of your order - messages of this kind will be regarded as flood; write to the topic, only if you have any problems; messages like: "the parcel does not change the status for two or three days ..." and other manifestations of panic will also be regarded as flooding
- if the phone came to you, so as not to clog the topic - just write the track and brief information on the order
- Absolutely all images should be hidden under the spoiler.FAQ
- also recommended readingRules section "Android - Devices"andrules
In order to express your gratitude, proceed according to the Forum Rules:
5. The reward system.
5.1. If a forum member gave you good advice that helped you solve your problem, do not post a message with the text “Thank you! You are super!!!". On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by raising the reputation of a particular participant.
5.2. The reputation of other participants can be influenced by any user who has collected 15 useful posts. If you do not have 15 helpful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you through the "Complaint" button.

Forum is a public place. Before addressing a specific person in a general topic, and not through a personal messaging system, or QMS, think - will your message be interesting for other forum participants, or will it just take up space?
Forum FAQsavagemessiahzine.comhow to use the forum correctly

All pleasant shopping!

check phone model only in modedownloads!!!

Suggestions for the design and adjustment of the caps write toQMS

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Reason for editing: Marriage and Repair

Rep: (591)
You can add a link to Amazon:http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B007VCRRNS/

Rep: (0)
PANd4 @ 04/21/2012, 5:54 PM*
You can add a link to Amazon:http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B007VCRRNS/

worth adding? they do not deduct VAT and the price for us will be 600 euros and it is not clear on delivery

Rep: (4013)
cuhelp @ 04/21/2012, 15:29*
computeruniverse.net € 503.36 + € 35.29 shipping = € 538.65

I do not see this price .. bastards caught up with Amazon :) - € 599

ps .. sorry, I forgot about Rush .. stupid for the second time in a day: (.. I went from here

Post has been editedPako777 - 21.04.12, 15:26

Rep: (591)
Pako777 @ 04.21.2012, 16:13*
Quote (cuhelp @ 04/21/2012, 3:29 PM)
computeruniverse.net € 503.36 + € 35.29 shipping = € 538.65
I do not see this price .. bastards caught up with Amazon - 599 €

This is the price with vat for EU countries, you just need to choose Russia

Rep: (0)
Pako777 @ 04.21.2012, 18:13*
I do not see this price .. bastards caught up with Amazon - 599 €

On the site all prices include VAT. However, when shipping outside the European Union, the site sends all goods cleared from VAT, that is, 19% cheaper. To do this at the bottom of the page click onselect different destination countryand choose your country. After that, prices on the site will be automatically displayed without VAT and delivery to your region will be displayed.

VAT-free price (at which we can buy) - € 503.36

Post has been editedcuhelp - 21.04.12, 15:24

Rep: (4013)
cuhelp @ 04/21/2012, 5:23 PM*
On the site all prices include VAT. However, when shipping outside the European Union, the site sends all goods cleared from VAT, that is, 19% cheaper.

in the course, just in a hurry forgot to change the region to Rush.

and another negative thought about CU - as if the situation with SGS2 did not repeat, when, when it appeared in large Internet shops, it appeared in CU as the last

Rep: (78)
CU is still those fans who want to pre-order before, but eventually send the goods later than everyone else.

Rep: (0)
Jester31101 @ 04.21.2012, 19:52*
CU is still those fans who want to pre-order before, but eventually send the goods later than everyone else.

Galaxy note seems to be the first to appear on CU.

IMHO for the Galaxy S3 you must first wait for the announcement, wait for the status from CU, then make decisions about the order

So far, only the preliminary price, the date of the announcement, and if you believe the Amazon. 4.7 "screen and 12MP camera

Rep: (273)
About pre-order. ATunlocked-mobiles.comSGS IiI ВЈ 458.32 + 16 delivery = 475 pounds ($ 22,600)

Rep: (591)
CU link changed:http://www.computeruniverse.net/products/e...-i9300-16gb.asp
can choose 16/32/64 GB and 2 colors
The pre-order was opened in the Euroset for 16GB version for 29990r .:whiteandblue

Post has been editedpANd4 - 04.05.12, 14:39

Rep: (14)
The prices for UM and Clove are not very encouraging. Relatively expensive.

Pre-ordered on April 28 at CU, came to ~ 20800rub.
At night, after the announcement, something was so disappointed in SGS3 - I sent a letter asking to cancel the order. In the morning, weighed all the pros and cons. Decided to give a chance. If anything can always be sold, perhaps the time (2 months, at best) will be a pity to lose ... I sent a letter again that let the order not be canceled, but only change color to white if not too late. In general, if they do not cancel it, I will wait for the 30th, while it is indicated in my account.If canceled - well, it means the fate of taking One X, and not a new Galaxy: mellow:

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In CU, now with pre-order, money is withdrawn, blocked or not touched at all?

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Immediately removed.

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If the payment passes through the stick as if it were a regular purchase.

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thanks, then nafik such a pre-order, give them the money immediately, and they will pull the longest, as was the case with SGS2.

Is it true that in Europe as in Russia - the start of sales on May 29? then it is very sad (where the promised 7 days ...

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polosaty69 @ 05/04/2012, 16:36*
Is it true that in Europe as in Russia - the start of sales on May 29? then it is very sad (where the promised 7 days ...

In Russia, like the start of sales is scheduled for mid-June. May 29 only in Europe

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place a new order
via contact form in lx write them what you want to do

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I washed myself in Europe in June, how are things going with Samsung? in the same Germany, just in the cabin it does not take, if without a carrier contract? Does it make sense to order delivery from CU? and then return the VAT at the airport?

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Compare the prices where it is cheaper to take:
With clove.co.uk with delivery to Russia goes 23 523.41 rubles.
From computeruniverse.net with delivery to Russia comes out 20 654.66 (taking into account the discount on the code *** at 5 euros, relevant only for new accounts)

Took myself on computeruniverse blue :)
Coupon referral, UE upgraded

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allmoney, with k.yu. I'm afraid, as it were, with the NTS 1x, the story did not repeat when they scored pre-orders and then a half-month of their dynamic ...

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