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Moscow Ticket Info | Reads the ticket information of the Moscow Metro

Rep: (42)
Moscow Ticket Info
version: 1.3.4

Last update of the program in the header:15.04.2012

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The program requires NFC-technology your device support

Short description:
The app allows you to read information about tickets Moscow metro
After a long lull team JQ Soft has released its new free application Moscow Ticket Info. It's very simple, using NFC technology, the program has access to the information stored in each metro ticket.

What program is it can read the following information:

  • how much is left of trips
  • ticket category (1, 2, 5, and 10 trips, etc.)
  • purchase date and expiration date of the ticket
  • ticket number

The program only reads information from the Moscow metro ticket and only with Ultralight type of ticket. The program was tested on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I certainly understand that there are already a bunch of similar programs, but maybe you will like our program in appearance, and yes, we know about the built-in capabilities in Yandex.

Developer: JQ Soft
Homepage: http://jqsoft.ru/
Google Play: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...pps.ticket.info
Google Play Web: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...pps.ticket.info

Russian interface: Yes
Download: version: 1.3.2 Attached fileMoscow Ticket Info.apk (112.96 KB)

Past versions

Post has been editedtum0rc0re - 24.04.13, 08:19
Reason for editing: added the latest version

Rep: (928)
Moscow Metro Ticket Info
Version: 1.0Attached fileMoscow_Metro_Ticket_Info_1.0.apk(98.55 Kb)

Rep: (43)
tum0rc0re @ 15.04.2012, 07:23*
Ultralight and only with the type of ticket.

Those. student travel is not read. It's a pity.

Rep: (42)
yet, if you try to find a ticket and it, but there's another format

Rep: (209)
To make the program more attractive, add functionality: after reading the ticket program proposes a calendar event on the day before the expiry of the ticket: "Buy a new ticket!" Quite often people remember that at the ticket expired just before the turnstile, which beeps and does not start up. And in the morning you have to spend precious time standing in line. It would be better the day before, after dinner, the device is reminded that the ticket ends tomorrow, and now, on the way home, you need to buy a new one.

Rep: (42)
BombilCalabasov this is one of the following features was going to be;)

Rep: (1)
NFC-technology support ... where to get this module to the phone in my samsung laptop Gelaksi

Rep: (664)
anywhere, this chip must be installed in the machine. However, there is a version of the Galaxy Note for the Korean market just with the NFC chip.

Rep: (6)
Are there any programs rabotyuschie with St. Petersburg travel? ..
not found..

Rep: (0)
Hello, I have samsung galaxy nexus, on firmware IcecreamSendwich phone read out the remainder of trips without problems after installing a new proshivki- stopped. Can anyone suggest what is necessary to establish that the phone would again began to read Metro tickets?

Rep: (42)
The people here yesterday upgraded metro tickets, someone will help to test a new type of tickets? While the program can read just the ticket for one trip with a new type of ticket. If you have a trip for 2, 5, etc. new sample pliz write, well, phone with NFC course is also needed)

Rep: (2)
What models podderzhivaet.Oglasite full list please

Rep: (42)
generally any Android phone with NFC should read

Rep: (8)
I tried on a ticket for 5 trips (new) - writes that he can not handle this type of ticket

Post has been editedlord77 - 02.02.13, 11:04

Rep: (42)
lord77, put the new version - put in the enclosure - there are a number of tickets to be put down type - tell me this number and then will be the support for 5 trips

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Attached fileMoscow Metro Ticket Info.apk(100.45 KB)

Rep: (8)
such as the new version now displays properly

Rep: (42)
lord77, but you can say the code for 5 trips - under the ticket number

Rep: (42)
Guys you only define codes 2 and 20 trips, others have already read. The code is written under the ticket number.

Attached files

Attached fileMoscow Metro Ticket Info.apk(100.91 KB)

Rep: (8)
For example on 2 trips:
Ticket unknown categories 412

Post has been editedlord77 - 03.02.13, 09:28

Rep: (42)
Many thanks :) update soon lay out. Now there are all types of tickets.

Rep: (42)
Update version - now has full support for new tickets. Thank you all for your help. Version on the market -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...pps.ticket.info. I also changed the name and icon, as is now common tickets.

There are also post the new version 1.3.0.

Attached files

Attached fileMoscow Ticket Info.apk(112.86 KB)

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