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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

WPH Tweaks

Rep: (3962)
WPH Tweaks
Version: 1.6

Last update of the program in the header:06.03.2013

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The WPH Tweaks application allows you to quite simply and elegantly apply tweaks to activate various options of your WP7 operating system.

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  • Deactivation switch in the task host of the dehydration function (instant return to the application)
  • Watch visibility switch on the phone screen
  • 32bit color switch
  • Switching to never in the screen lock timeout settings
  • Access to the media content of the phone at the time of synchronization
  • Use fictitious Gold status on Xbox Live and the ability to send messages without a signature
  • Phone voice change
  • Charging via wireless connection (hmm, it’s not clear how ...)
  • Access to third-party Market OEM applications

Homepage: windowsphonehacker.com

Russian interface: Not

Requirements: Interop unlock and higher (file system permissions)

XAP: Attached filewphTweaks_v1.6.xap (453.66 KB)

Previous versions:
Version 1.5 -Attached filewphTweaks_v1.5.xap(453.22 KB)

Version 1.0 -Attached filewphTweaks_v.1.0.xap(453.44 KB)

Version 0.9 -Attached filewphTweaks_v.0.9.xap(452.19 KB)

Version 0.6 -Attached filewphTweaks_0.6.xap(272.42 KB)

Version 0.5 -Attached filewphTweaks_0.5.xap(256.99 KB)

Version 0.4 -Attached filewphTweaks_0.4.xap(256.76 KB)

Version 0.3 -Attached filewphTweaks_0.3.xap(259.43 KB)

Version 0.2 -Attached filewphTweaks_0.2.xap(258.38 KB)

Version 0.1 -Attached filewphTweaks.xap(257.41 KB)

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Reason for editing: v.1.6

Rep: (854)
SalimSoft @ 04/18/2012, 05:33*
that's how it is implemented to the detriment of what

Rendering speed and resp. the load on the iron, that is, on the battery, will slightly affect.

Rep: (3962)
version 0.3 added the ability to set your ringtones as warning signals
To do this, you need a * .wma file format (* .mp3 is not good), which will need to be added to your Zune collection with the indication “RINGTONE” as the genre. after synchronizing the phone with Zune, your ringtone will be added to the list of ringtones on the phone, and the WPH Tweaks application will be able to use this ringtone as an option to replace the standard set sounds.

Rep: (18)
After a reboot, the settings fly off. This is normal?

Rep: (1)
What does 5g give?

Rep: (4)
Also for kicks, you can now get the same 5G service that I've been enjoying for the last few months. It's pretty fast, especially once you connect to WiFi!

The new communication standard, especially helps when WiFi is connected: rofl:

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Rep: (23)
Vectro73 @ 04/10/2012, 19:49*
It works, only the English language is in the search, so ak hl = en in the search line, but you need hl = ru for this .. you need to look at the registry editor.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ SearchProviders \ Google \ URL (manually change hl = en to hl = ru)

Rep: (77)
Something on my DFT Freedom ROM eats up a lot of charging.
And what is “Switching to never” in the screen lock timeout settings "? And what does it affect?

Rep: (6)
Can I add a detailed description of the functions?

Rep: (13)
This program can fix the battery icon, how can I fix it through the registry ??

Rep: (0)
Is there any wireless charging? and how does she charge the phone? where can I buy, discard the photo

Rep: (1)
Tell me, please, if dehydration hack is enabled, then you can run applications instantly, or vice versa, if it is turned off, you can.

Rep: (1)
3k0HoMucT @ 08/05/2012, 05:19*
Can I add a detailed description of the functions?

+1: blush:

Rep: (33)
Does anyone work this?

Host deactivation switch
dehydration function tasks
(instant return to

Rep: (0)
and write pzhlst what and why in the settings (tools))

Rep: (6)
And can a detailed description of each item ???

Rep: (0)
Even the campaign stumbled and the playmarket stopped working. Why

Rep: (33)
Version for unlocked phones on WP8. You can add to the header.

Attached files

Attached filewphTweaksWP8.xap(430.22 KB)

Rep: (65)
In the video about full unlock Lumia 920 there was this program and in it it was possible to include 3 rows of tiles. When will this appear?

Rep: (112)
My mod 1.6(WP7):
- Metro style tile and icon

Attached filewphTweaks 1.6 mod.xap(444.66 KB)

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