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Samsung GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 - Discussion
The survey started 06.09.2013
Do you plan in the near future to change their SGA2 on another device?
Yes! [ 1758 ] ** [52,48%]
Not! [ 1591 ] ** [47,49%]
If so, which brand you prefer the next purchase?
Apple [ 506 ] ** [15,1%]
Samsung [ 1034 ] ** [30,87%]
Sony [ 244 ] ** [7,28%]
HTC [ 185 ] ** [5,52%]
LG [ 174 ] ** [5,19%]
Fly [ 28 ] ** [0,84%]
Nokia [ 89 ] ** [2,66%]
Other [ 533 ] ** [15,91%]
SGA2 one and only! [ 556 ] ** [16,6%]
Total Votes: 3350

Rep: (2581)
Discussion of the Samsung GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2

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A source of information

Attached Image

Device characteristics
Main characteristics
GSM communication standards (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), UMTS (850/1900/2100 MHz)
Display 3.8 "TFT PLS (480 x 800 pixels) / 16.7 million. Flowers / touch, capacitive
Processor dual ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8500 (800 MHz)
768 MB RAM, 555 MB available
4 GB internal memory
A slot for microSD memory card (supports up to 32GB)
Communication USB 2.0 / Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR / Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n + DLNA) / GPS (with support for a-GPS)
5 megapixel camera., Autofocus, LED-vspvshka, HD-video recording (720p), frontal VGA-camera
Resolution images 2592 x 1944 dots
Video resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels
The camera features geo-tagging of images and video, face detection and smile
Additionally, the user interface TouchWiz v3.0;
integration with social networks; Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot
Battery 1500 mAh
Dimensions of 118.3 x 62.2 x 10.5 mm
Weight 122 g

hardware features
GPRS data transfer (up to 60 kbit / c) / EDGE (up to 177 Kbit / c)
Sensors gyroscope, accelerometer, digital compass, tactile feedback
Connector for synchronization microUSB
Headset jack mini jack (3.5 mm)
FM-radio is (stereo, RDS support)

software features
Operating System Android в„ў Mobile Technology Platform 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Pre-installed applications Video playback: MP4 / H.264 / H.263;
Audio playback: MP3 / WAV / eAAC +;
SWYPE input method;
Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa
MP3 player is
Beep MP3, WAV
Organizer dresnaya book, calendar, tasks, notes. Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)
Voice features voice dialing, speakerphone, voice memo, conference
Working with messages SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, IM
Internet Access WAP 2.0 / xHTML, HTML, RSS
Java MIDP 2.0 emulator through

Housing material plastic
Color Black
Set of delivery

micro USB cable for charging, synchronization and file transfer
warranty card

Additional Information
Messenger Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is equipped with a dual core processor with a frequency of 800 MHz and supports in HSDPA networks with a data rate of 14.4 Mbit / s. 3.8-inch display (800 x 480 pixels) has a dual-core processor with a frequency of 800 MHz, 768 MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 5 megapixel camera with a rear 720p video recording, VGA front camera, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi- Fi 802.11 B / G / N Wi-Fi Direct, GPS / GLONASS and 1500 mAh battery.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 offers many opportunities for fans of "new media". This model supports cross-platform communication service Samsung ChatON, combining mobile users in a huge community. Smartphone owners can also benefit from access to the service Social Hub, which is a "Inbox" folder combines all means of communication, including e-mail, social networks and instant messengers.

When the beginning of sales and access to market- unknown.

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little reviewhttp://blog.gsmarena.com/samsung-galaxy-ac...-of-our-camera/

Rep: (0)
And does anyone know what his processor (I mean manufacturer)? And it is written everywhere "dual-core processor with a frequency of 800 MHz."

Rep: (9)
IgROK-AK47 @ 22.04.2012, 22:55*
And does anyone know what his processor (I mean manufacturer)? And it is written everywhere "dual-core processor with a frequency of 800 MHz."

Manufacturer ST-Ericsson, U8500 platform

Rep: (49)
I think he will have to nalichii- they make performance information more complete. And, IMHO, it should be clear, if the European version ....

Rep: (1377)
YouTube- video captured by the camera (from the bourgeoisie)
And a good overviewLink to video.

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Rep: (223)
It turns out there is a version with NFC.
ink88888 @ 22.05.2012, 16:58*
Wonder is worth in the region of 12 000
The fact of the matter that it costs 13990 rubles Euroset.
Second Ace from Es Advance differs only screen (the highest contrast), CPU frequency (800 MHz instead of 1000 MHz) and the memory (4GB instead 8GB). Is it worth it for 8 sput cheaper. And 768MB of RAM, in this price range do not have someone like this. In short, I ordered it, said when there will be in the region will call, and then see how much it will cost. Maybe by that time already in a connected the same amount will cost.

P.S. The most important question: will be on ICS it or not?

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And once again about the GLONASS
Are there any thoughts on this subject?
There are some considerations.

NovaThor U8500 platform originally used chipCG2900 for navigation.
U8500 Block diagram
Attached Image
GLONASS supported including CG2900 features not listed (specs).

However, MWC2012 was releasedPress releasefrom ST-Ericsson:
Barcelona, ​​Spain (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

The NovaThor U8500 is the first integrated smartphone platform to offer the latest Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) dual core technology in a high-performance, low-power and cost-optimized solution for multiple operating systems.Starting next month, the U8500 will feature theCG2905multi-function connectivity chip - announced today at Mobile World Congress - which addsGLONASSsupport to the 2900 series of GNSS, FM, and BluetoothВ® combos.

Thus, NovaThor U8500 received support GLONASS recently, along with the announcement of the chip CG2905 (specs).
The latter, apparently, is just used SGA2.
CG2905 Block Diagram
Attached Image

It is possible that the vendor chooses which one chip (CG2900 / CG2905) will be used as part of the chipset in a particular device.
Or, alternatively, orders for chipsets for some models (Xperia P, U, Sola, SGS Advance) were placed manufacturers to launch the updated chip. No wonder they have appeared on the shelves of a subject much earlier, and all without the support GLONASS.

Rep: (29)
Today bought a sowing device in Euroset) (11 990r)
In general, at first wanted to buy the Xperia U, but decided to look first thought in Euroset and saw ace 2) that this ice plus, but then I went home and read that a new ice 2 and ran to buy immediately) Well, just sensible thought and realized that xperia u, though with its dual-core 1 GHz, but not comparable with 758mb ram and a slot for mikrosd have Aisa 2.
Yes, plus the cabin, I held it in my hands and hperiyu ice and 2, and it seemed to me, hperia Pts brakes on every page, etc. and ice just flies.

Although the stop, they have the same identical processors?) Then the ice definitely wins.
And a personal question to the experts: whether there is in our devayse NFC?

Rep: (2)
Alexisando @ 29.05.2012, 20:47*
And a personal question to the experts: whether there is in our devayse NFC?

If you believe computeruniverse, the i8160 - a model without NFC, and i8160P - a model with NFC. You got any bukovki?
In general, we look forward to impressions. Glass there for, like Volodymyr Horilyi or not, the key to scratch? :)

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Rep: (29)
Now I will see how it pulls heavy toys

Rep: (1377)
Please see whether autofocus works while recording video and a focal distance when shooting close-up, if any.
It would certainly be nice to see (view) an example of the video at the maximum resolution.

Rep: (2)
Alexisando, and any updates over the air, he is not dragged after turning?

Rep: (29)
I see video max. 1280x720, I recorded the video in Euroset and I can say that very good color rendering and in general) only after formatting it erased pradva, but tomorrow can be written if necessary.
How to determine whether there is autofocus during video? What he is, when photographing just know it.

Something was such, that pushed recently updated to think, but he only registered the device, and said that the update is not available. But the way it stands tachviz last (as in sgs3), he did good!

Rep: (1377)
Alexisando @ 29.05.2012, 23:45*
How to determine whether there is autofocus during video?

continuous AF, I had in mind when recording video. That is, focus on the subject, which is currently focused video camera. The idea is such a feature should be. When the video clip will be removed, try to bring the camera to which any object, such as a child's toy meterial of approximately 10 cm and approximately three seconds hold the camera on the object stationary. This will be enough to understand whether there is a continuous AF or not.

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Rep: (29)
I try, there is no continuous autofocus during video recording.

Rep: (1377)
Alexisando @ 30.05.2012, 00:17*
I try, there is no continuous autofocus during video recording.

sorry of course, but an example of the video please lay out possible.
And one more question. Touch focus work? That is, specify the focus point tapom on the screen when shooting.

Rep: (223)
The video preview like work.

So all guglofonov not seen all the memory portion of the memory is given to the needs of, for example, the GPU

Rep: (29)
Break K.,

Alexisando @ 30.05.2012, 00:50*
Visualization GPU -Mali-400MP

With wai FEMA normul today poyuzat with both 3G / EDGE behaves.

Today, I will lay out the video.
Tachfokus there.

Posted 30-05-2012, 6:37:

there ram ratio available / total, and "only" written - 555.4 mb

Post has been editedAlexisando - 30.05.12, 06:36

Rep: (223)
Alexisando @ 30.5.2012, 9:37*
there ram ratio available / total, and "only" written - 555.4 mb

For example at the HTC One В«allВ», too, not 1GB, and a little more than 800MB. Takzhife like Galaxy S 2.

The most important thing as there is a battery on the day it enough, and that his brother Wonder, so just enough until the evening (in active use).

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