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HTC One V - Discussion

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DiscussionHTC One V
PictureHTC One V
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device reviews
problems GOOGLE PLAY
Official game compatibility

Moder combat 2 and 3 -incompatible *
Nova 2 -incompatible *
Asphalt 6 -incompatible *
BackStab -incompatible *
Dungeon Hunter 3 -incompatible *
9mm -incompatible *
blood and glory -compatible *
GTA 3 -compatible * And even started, but retarding even at an average level graphs.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit -compatible HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 13841573)
Mass effect - a great game.Cachetake from dizayr s
Dead Trigger - goes well on the mullion settings.HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 14560387)
Asphalt 7 -HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 14781348)
Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] - Now you are ready to race? Get behind the wheel, crank the engine and go!
*according toPlay market
embedded test

Bluetooth test
Dial (Dial) * # * # DIAG # * # *
Tap (Touch) ACCEPT.
Bluetooth Test - Test Bluetooth scan
Several built-in test
poll results
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power usage

HTC One V PhonesVirgin MobileWork on CDMA networks
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Advantageous Unlike conventional communicators have cdma communicators. Mainly, these communicators are more high-quality voice. Communication ensures a wide coverage area, even in tunnels and buildings provided by steady work. Furthermore, communicators cdma holders can enjoy a high speed connection to the Internet and the confidentiality of transmitted data. This is a worthy combination of quality and reliability. The most popular manufacturers of CDMA phones is special, first of all, the corporation Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Motorola, Palm. Communicators from these manufacturers are able to help save time and make it a truly productive. After the get-send messages or mail files, or else engage in the search for relevant information on the Internet is now possible and not being in the workplace. Therefore, by purchasing a smartphone in the future hardly anyone abandons it and goes to the use of a simple phone. The modern world and its business rhythm require operational. Obtaining information on the essentials and the possibility of its conservation is highly valued today. Typically, this device has a touch screen, sometimes with the addition of the keyboard. It is worth noting that the cdma communicators allow to install software from other manufacturers. Vozmozhnostkonfigurirovaniya additional applications provides the owner the most comfortable conditions for using your mobile PC.
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Had the same problem, through computer advice is not updated.
I put the sim card with the Internet and seamlessly updated through 3g

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edvard_1, I am not a representative of HTC, so I can not answer. In this case, he did wrong, but honestly - no phone with 512 MB of RAM is not updated to 4.1.

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Perhaps the question is somewhat outside the scope of the topic, but since as an "iron" is planned to subject - I ask it here.

In general, given: One-v is always connected to the charging through minijack - an active acoustics, wifi raised. The poverty of this ligament, sound quality, etc. -. Not discussed.

Requires audio player that can play content from SMB-ball (necessarily "free dance" - mp3, desirable - flac, cue support - is not relevant, and the rest - no matter the quality - without high requests, critical - play the directory including sub desirable - playlists least some format, but the ability to create these playlists -. absolutely irrelevant greets the ability to play Internet radio stations). Most importantly - the possibility of a primitive, buteasy control both interactively from the device, as well as with other devices (PC / Tablet / drugoy_smart) for wifi (important: on - off - pause - next - prev - vybor_smb_kataloga_ili_kompozitsii_ili_pleylista - upravlenie_gromkostyu ). Another necessary point - correct working out calls: ie when an incoming call should be able to talk (interactively, i.e. SamSU "animal"). In general, in this case the output of the player must be switched off or temporarily pause - no difference.

Full control Embodiments Smart (aka rdesktop / vns / etc.) discuss only of despair.

The preferred implementation of the control of vebbrauzera.

What suggestions?

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Merzkaya Gnida,
And if you look in the DLNA side?
There like can run the content on the remote device.
Look Poweramp.
And the rest - puzzled. : o

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no yuzal? )
Is it worth it? )

floor price of the phone)

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--- ZETT ---,
Good quality, most expensive headphones.
Our devays outstanding performance worse than these ears can reproduce.
It is necessary or not is up to you

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yondrik @ 25.11.2012, 15:13*
And if you look in the DLNA side?

No, it is necessary from an external SMB-balls.
Yes, and dlna hardly decide, for example, the issue of volume ...
Opportunity and Access is satisfactory built-in media player es-conductor, but a clear management of the network, I have not found. And he, like, when calling is not turned off (although not understand - maybe it can be customized) ...

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Merzkaya Gnida, puzzled everyone.
Afraid to ask, but the hell is you want? A causal link can not find any way. Half day "smoking" ...

Post has been editedprsapphire - 25.11.12, 16:43

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Merzkaya Gnida,
Why is fundamentally smb?
I did not meet player who during the call is not switched off the music.
Although such may be.
I mean - if you pick up on the PC a home media server-there remains the question of remote access to the ONET.
Option control multi - media with android prosche.
I would be grateful for otpisku- options to solve your problem.

Post has been editedyondrik - 25.11.12, 18:32

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I have a few questions.
The first. Tell me how to disable synchronization application Tips? (Top of the screen displays the application loading)
Second. Why disappear application? When you go into the Task Manager it says that the application is not installed.
Third. How to set a live wallpaper or new topics.

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leonik619 @ 25.11.2012, 20:22*
Tell me how to disable synchronization application tips?

-Settings Menu Help- telefone- show all quick tips uncheck.

leonik619 @ 25.11.2012, 20:22*
When you go into the Task Manager it says that the application is not installed.

It's like, "writes" ?. Task Manager shows running tasks.
Other questions discussed in vetke- read. Do not be lazy.

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Here today, and I became the proud owner of HTC One V. bought a certified UCRF. Made in China. Go with Android 4.0.3 box number 2.22.401.1.Obnovlenie software is not required. Calling on the speaker volume is above average. The earpiece is loud without hiss and clicks. When listening to slow music through headphones native and third-party no hiss at all. While dovrlen

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prsapphire @ 25.11.2012, 15:41*
Afraid to ask, but the hell is you want? A causal link can not find any way. Half day "smoking" ...

Simply, it will greatly facilitate the work of one to the right person (and when you can not refuse and money sorry :)), the budget for this - no, its invest - no reason, and the device with virtually a dead battery and no guarantee - available (not mine :)) .
yondrik @ 25.11.2012, 15:54*
Why is fundamentally smb?

"It" should work, so to speak a little mobility: in different places, where there will always be wifi and smb-ball with the right content, but has no authority to force everyone to raise dlna or something else.

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I daw removed but still an icon in the panel disappears. A missing applications in the main menu. And with them nothing can be done except to remove.

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You installed the program on a memory card? Or phone?

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over the weekend it appeared glitch with the "Contacts" application when it is opened to produce an error and closes immediately, "dialer" worked fine, and the transition from it to any contact there was no error. The problem was solved by clearing all data contacts (upr.prilozheniyami / contacts / clear data), there were no hard rezet.
the reason is still not clear, new applications are not set, no update is not done. standard firmware without Root

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I once heard the news of Android 5.0. There, as I remember (though perhaps mistaken) Google said that the operating system must support all devices on Android. Is it so? Is our device will be able to upgrade to 5.0?

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Our devays can not officially upgrade to 4.1
And you pro 5.0

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yondrik, Well I that can be reduced 5.0 system requirements.

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t1mk33 @ 26.11.2012, 13:29*
Well I that can be reduced 5.0 system requirements.

Who cares? Is someone talking about the objective impossibility to put a new axis for our iron? It wasstated"In general, devices with 512MB RAM or less will not be upgraded to Android 4.1." (Translation of Uncle Google). And point. And could and did say, for example: "Devices of gray and brown will not be updated ..." the computer works, there is support and updates no guarantee. It is clear that such actions cause certain damage to the reputation of the manufacturer, but the business - a business. And count the money and the risks - it is the owners of the business.

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