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HTC One V - Discussion

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DiscussionHTC One V
PictureHTC One V
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Complete User GuideAttached file20120406_HTC_One_V_Russian_UM.pdf(3.31 MB)

device reviews
problems GOOGLE PLAY
Official game compatibility

Moder combat 2 and 3 -incompatible *
Nova 2 -incompatible *
Asphalt 6 -incompatible *
BackStab -incompatible *
Dungeon Hunter 3 -incompatible *
9mm -incompatible *
blood and glory -compatible *
GTA 3 -compatible * And even started, but retarding even at an average level graphs.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit -compatible HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 13841573)
Mass effect - a great game.Cachetake from dizayr s
Dead Trigger - goes well on the mullion settings.HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 14560387)
Asphalt 7 -HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 14781348)
Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] - Now you are ready to race? Get behind the wheel, crank the engine and go!
*according toPlay market
embedded test

Bluetooth test
Dial (Dial) * # * # DIAG # * # *
Tap (Touch) ACCEPT.
Bluetooth Test - Test Bluetooth scan
Several built-in test
poll results
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
power usage

HTC One V PhonesVirgin MobileWork on CDMA networks
To view this contact with the operator (your mobile phone)

Advantageous Unlike conventional communicators have cdma communicators. Mainly, these communicators are more high-quality voice. Communication ensures a wide coverage area, even in tunnels and buildings provided by steady work. Furthermore, communicators cdma holders can enjoy a high speed connection to the Internet and the confidentiality of transmitted data. This is a worthy combination of quality and reliability. The most popular manufacturers of CDMA phones is special, first of all, the corporation Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Motorola, Palm. Communicators from these manufacturers are able to help save time and make it a truly productive. After the get-send messages or mail files, or else engage in the search for relevant information on the Internet is now possible and not being in the workplace. Therefore, by purchasing a smartphone in the future hardly anyone abandons it and goes to the use of a simple phone. The modern world and its business rhythm require operational. Obtaining information on the essentials and the possibility of its conservation is highly valued today. Typically, this device has a touch screen, sometimes with the addition of the keyboard. It is worth noting that the cdma communicators allow to install software from other manufacturers. Vozmozhnostkonfigurirovaniya additional applications provides the owner the most comfortable conditions for using your mobile PC.
CDMA operators in Ukraine
Russian CDMA operators

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No, that's it :-)

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Spots check when buying.
Audibility normal.
But - most importantly that suited his father.

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As for the repair ... ringing in the SC, I said that I was to blame
- headphones broke off a piece of card, the replacement of 5 rubles, not the fact that succeed, think for yourself..
Polar foxes come. Simply buy a new phone.

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__F__ @ 22.11.2012, 16:54*
speakers (5.1-7.1)

It's to do with it? :)

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For further ado, I would use the headset, and this construction and metal housing ... with long-term holding phone metal frame slightly into the ear of cuts (in the literal sense).

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Research @ 22.11.2012, 22:42*
It's to do with it?

Here it is specified as an object to which the essence of my words, and it is listening to music in high-quality formats!
flac , alac and others lossless Formats its beauty on the headphones will not be shown.
just on
Renton76 @ 22.11.2012, 22:32*
Quote (__ F__ @ 22.11.2012, 16:54)
speakers (5.1-7.1)

you will hear that it is more 320kbps ...

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Actually we bought for 6990 in sotmarkete how will check the yellow spots

Rep: (27)
cherfil97 @ 23.11.2012, 07:14*
flac, alac and other lossless formats its beauty on the headphones will not show ...
only ... Acoustics (5.1-7.1) ... you will hear that it is more 320kbps ...

Strange reasoning.
Firstly: is not the whole lossless has more than 2 channels.
Second, only it implies lossless lossless (or rather with the possibility of restoring a bit-accurate) with respect to the original from which the digital done, and not sound. For example, you can find a record Utesova, Caruso, Vladimir Vysotsky, or, say,Lenin's speechesin lossless formats. What is there sound quality - I hope you understand. And your 7.1 there - that dead a poultice ...
Third: You have often seen a professional sound engineer, surrounded by columns 5-7 :)? Or you think they sound quality - in the drum?

ZY Smart (. At least sabzhevoy cr) - not audiophile equipment and receive from it a quality sound unrealistic primarily because of "weakness" tract DAC ...

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Correctly friend said. Do not wait for CellPhones audiophile sound, but "just to listen to music" is quite amiss.

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Guys, tell me a way to remove scratches from the screen this devaysa ..

Rep: (14)
of melodies on SMS, but do not throw tomatoes. did everything as written in the description, threw back a melody
melody is displayed, a check mark and stands at receipt of the notification or sms sounds standard melody
what to do?

Rep: (27)
Nitroglicerin @ 23.11.2012, 11:48*
Guys, tell me a way to remove scratches from the screen this devaysa ..

There are at least two: Change the device or replace the screen.

Rep: (301)
Nitroglicerin @ 23.11.2012, 10:48*
Guys, tell me a way to remove scratches from the screen this devaysa ..

By the way, do not laugh smeytes.A I've seen the video - in general a conventional motor at 5 volts on the rod of which is dressed in half cut with a cotton swab moistened with natural wool or tooth powder or something else and go grind.

Rep: (16)
Polishing - Paste GOI (search assistance ...)
And then - finally "splurge" on the protective film ...

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Nitroglicerin @ 23.11.2012, 10:48 *
Guys, tell me a way to remove scratches from the screen this devaysa ..

There was a similar case, but with the clock.
Try to talk to the watchmakers and jewelers if you have friends.
A paste of Goi steklu- navryadli.

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To change the SMS tone is necessary to:
1. Enter the SMS message;
2. Long tap on the menu button (farleftright bottom);
3. Sign in to SMS settings
4. Change the desired melody
5. Enjoy

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Reason for editing: beguiled "right" and "left"

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reinvisible @ 23.11.2012, 15:48 *
To change the SMS tone is necessary to:
1. Enter the SMS message;
2. Long tap on the menu button (farleftright bottom);
3. Sign in to SMS settings
4. Change the desired melody
5. Enjoy

Paragraph 3.a- alert - melody.

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Thank you, I now have Cyanogenmod 10, there is a little bit differently, wrote from memory :)

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Prompt how rozshifrovat

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Just do not tell. Look cid HTC.
The numbers 03 and 033 indicate the region. Whose body is made-he.
Look here, there seems to have a decryption

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