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HTC One V - Discussion

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DiscussionHTC One V
PictureHTC One V
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Complete User GuideAttached file20120406_HTC_One_V_Russian_UM.pdf(3.31 MB)

device reviews
problems GOOGLE PLAY
Official game compatibility

Moder combat 2 and 3 -incompatible *
Nova 2 -incompatible *
Asphalt 6 -incompatible *
BackStab -incompatible *
Dungeon Hunter 3 -incompatible *
9mm -incompatible *
blood and glory -compatible *
GTA 3 -compatible * And even started, but retarding even at an average level graphs.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit -compatible HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 13841573)
Mass effect - a great game.Cachetake from dizayr s
Dead Trigger - goes well on the mullion settings.HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 14560387)
Asphalt 7 -HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 14781348)
Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] - Now you are ready to race? Get behind the wheel, crank the engine and go!
*according toPlay market
embedded test

Bluetooth test
Dial (Dial) * # * # DIAG # * # *
Tap (Touch) ACCEPT.
Bluetooth Test - Test Bluetooth scan
Several built-in test
poll results
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
power usage

HTC One V PhonesVirgin MobileWork on CDMA networks
To view this contact with the operator (your mobile phone)

Advantageous Unlike conventional communicators have cdma communicators. Mainly, these communicators are more high-quality voice. Communication ensures a wide coverage area, even in tunnels and buildings provided by steady work. Furthermore, communicators cdma holders can enjoy a high speed connection to the Internet and the confidentiality of transmitted data. This is a worthy combination of quality and reliability. The most popular manufacturers of CDMA phones is special, first of all, the corporation Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Motorola, Palm. Communicators from these manufacturers are able to help save time and make it a truly productive. After the get-send messages or mail files, or else engage in the search for relevant information on the Internet is now possible and not being in the workplace. Therefore, by purchasing a smartphone in the future hardly anyone abandons it and goes to the use of a simple phone. The modern world and its business rhythm require operational. Obtaining information on the essentials and the possibility of its conservation is highly valued today. Typically, this device has a touch screen, sometimes with the addition of the keyboard. It is worth noting that the cdma communicators allow to install software from other manufacturers. Vozmozhnostkonfigurirovaniya additional applications provides the owner the most comfortable conditions for using your mobile PC.
CDMA operators in Ukraine
Russian CDMA operators

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And that's not the age, and in sales. Marketing, his mother's leg ...

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I began to useHTC Sync Manager substitutions in HTC Sync.
Previous version menezhera worked adequately, v1.1.48.0 like normal work. Since it has no problems?

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Faustin @ 06.11.2012, 14:11*
Guys, after rebooting the phone constantly vylaziet message, there is no SIM card is whose jamb?

you have an old sim?

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__F__ @ 6.11.2012, 18:29*
you have an old sim?

Not always. Sim card oldest (since 1999) .OPSOS Kyivstar, Ukraine.
This is not seen even once.
When loading, second delay with no connection icon.
Stock firmware.

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yondrik @ 06.11.2012, 20:03*
Not always. Sim card oldest (since 1999) .OPSOS kyivstar, ukraina.Takogo never seen razu.Pri loading, second delay with no icon svyazi.Proshivka Stock.

I have a new Simcoe and was at the sink, that's fine. Then, it is recognized

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Beets are ordered to sensheyshn go to the store for 400 UAH, all $ 100 and is not suitable) control similar to ours, everything has to be iced)) of discount vrod or something .. I will unsubscribe if interestno when they came where he took

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Try accomplish your goal, neighbor :-)

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PEOPLE! anyone else notice how our phone sucks ??? catches network and today I made a discovery, if the hand zakryvat lower plastic cover, I have one stick, perfectly catches if the hand hold up ... damn you do not have this crap ??? PPC, che I do infuriates Us!

Rep: (153)
kasyk0007, This problem is known from the very beginning! ;)

Your question:
PPC, Th I do infuriates Us!

You and said:
great catches when the hand hold above

In general, the network it keeps well, I still never any problems from the bottom of the grip did not arise, not even conceived as a hand hold.

Rep: (426)
All right. Kol-in on the sticks do not look, everything is relative.
The zone is not reliable reception (compared to nokiey e-52) catches worse, but works.
A lot depends on the operator .....

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I, by the way, after the last update ceased to notice the problem of the dead grip.

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(Taken out of the cap threads in a separate post, created earlier Curators)

What is in the box with your new phone
usb cable, AC adapter, the device is simple headset ( "liners") mini-notes and hints, and all the bumazhechki -photo unpacking
what to look for at the time of purchase
the device in the box is discharged to zero !! so that immediately ask the store to connect to the network and test the device to:
yellow spots (visible on a white background, usually in the lower-left corner of the screen
speaker sound - some users report strong wheezing
as the battery holds
, in Moscow at the inclusion of wi-fi and internet, about half an hour of calls a day, about 30-50 SMS, 2-3 hours sharinga - half for two days.
how to reboot telelefon
You press the button "POWER" and keep 5-7 seconds. First wink start touch keys, after the machine restarts
how to make a screenshot of the screen
2 present embodiment.Power + vol down | Power + home(Touch house). Someone runs both, who is only one
how to put the live wallpaper
In the setting of the personalization item is a live wallpaper you will not find dockage Sense for ONE V, but there is a solution:
Inflate Live Wallpapers, etc. to download PlayMy Beach FREEInside this app has a built-in launcher, which allows you to get into the "veiled menu" developers
What is the unit safety glass
In the apparatus NOT GORILA GLASS !! over the sensor installed protective glass of an unknown publisher, but the conviction of HTC support the glass is not inferior in strength more famous counterparts. Trying to scratch the glass on the participants of this forum has proved that the glass firmly.
The quality of the protective glass screen
gegenava @ 30.04.2012, 14:20 *
In general today decided to put an end to the discussion of the glass. Took a knife and tried to scratch the glass on the desire s and One v, neither there nor there did not happen. Tried hard, believe me. Nazhdachki at hand is not present, but it would also checked)). I do not know how Cartman managed to scratch. I have a phone for almost a month, I appeal to the casual phones, no covers, films can not stand. Asbolyutno glass in perfect condition.
I found a small file. Still managed to make it a little scratch, which can be seen in good light at a certain angle. And the same scratch made on the Desire. In general glass for scratch resistance are the same, I bet his head.
I recorded two videos for the doubters. Files did not scratch, enough with one scratch me)). In the second video screen was turned on to make it clear that the press on the knife strongly (smudge from pressing). Dezayrom shot, so sorry for quality

But there are users, small scratches formed in whose empty pockets
how much memory the device, the amount of available MicroSD
in the device available to the user about 0,9gb, as well as a section 96 mb. Also, the unit has a slot for a microSD card, officially supports up to 32GB, the forum xda have users run 64 (at your own risk)
as the Russified "gray" machine
download it from GOOGLE PLAY appMorelocale2. orhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...e=search_result
what the machine sim card?
in the unit is set to a normal SIM
How much RAM? And how much is free?
512 Mb. Available usually 90-130
How much RAM is needed for normal operation, which put taskiler
Android OS efsl-killers are not neededdetails here
Is there support for GLONASS
Yes there is! unit sees satellites GLONASS and GPS
It is present in the machine compass
at random users have found thatno compass
on previous Android smartphones has been keymenuto display the shortcut menu. How to be without it?
in the 4th version of the android does not provide such a button. But the long press the right soft touch key displays this menu. + In many programs there is a separate button

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Tell me, is it possible to automatically disable vibration when the phone on charge? As in conventional phones :)

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Today flew software update 2.23.415.1, thought has android 4.1, but no, it was odd, etc., someone vkurse that there is renewed?

Rep: (302)
Lokote @ 07.11.2012, 12:49*
Today flew software update 2.23.415.1, thought has android 4.1, but no, it was odd, etc., someone vkurse that there is renewed?

What kind of body or official of vsmysle kakoynit Asian

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Rep: (38)
Lokote, I may, at least to 4.0.4 has been updated?

Rep: (2)
"No updates are available for your phone"<_<

Rep: (11)
Also did not update it
Fake Call: beee:
I write a little differently occasion
if everything remained the same people who think that the film is not needed, it is very wrong
5 month's phone, wearing a holster, but gently, during which time 2 drop (one was an 8-kg dumbbells, but fell back cover because there were)
and so overall not bad
but by domestic reasons, my screen flip \ scratch every night on the small nails + cabinet corners
a little bit knocked out the side cover (bending only film) and the film itself are small dots
I can not imagine what would have happened if there were no film
so that walketh without plyonochku - think

Rep: (0)
kir_deleg, Alas no, still 4.0.3

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