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HTC One V - Discussion

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DiscussionHTC One V
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device reviews
problems GOOGLE PLAY
Official game compatibility

Moder combat 2 and 3 -incompatible *
Nova 2 -incompatible *
Asphalt 6 -incompatible *
BackStab -incompatible *
Dungeon Hunter 3 -incompatible *
9mm -incompatible *
blood and glory -compatible *
GTA 3 -compatible * And even started, but retarding even at an average level graphs.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit -compatible HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 13841573)
Mass effect - a great game.Cachetake from dizayr s
Dead Trigger - goes well on the mullion settings.HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 14560387)
Asphalt 7 -HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 14781348)
Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] - Now you are ready to race? Get behind the wheel, crank the engine and go!
*according toPlay market
embedded test

Bluetooth test
Dial (Dial) * # * # DIAG # * # *
Tap (Touch) ACCEPT.
Bluetooth Test - Test Bluetooth scan
Several built-in test
poll results
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power usage

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Bad04 @ 23.09.2012, 21:10*
Someone tell me what is meant by writing Fast and TF

Fast - probably to be understood as a "fast class 10", ie, "Oil oil", TF - TransFlash (MicroSD early name form factor).
Bad04 @ 23.09.2012, 21:10*
and what is the difference between them ... well, except the price of course

Apparently - more than anything.

Post has been editedMerzkaya gnida - 23.09.12, 21:52

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Bad04 @ 23.09.2012, 21:46*
And just remove them from this folder using a file manager?

Nene, you do not understand, they do not exist in a folder a long time ago
Settings - bluetooth (click on the label itself) -menu - received files
Here is a list of how to clean ???

Rep: (27)
Killer @ 23.09.2012, 22:30*
Here is a list of how to clean ???

You can try is to delete data related to BT applications. Probably will fly all settings "pairing". The results are not sure - do not try.

Rep: (151)
Killer @ 23.09.2012, 23:30*
Nene, you do not understand, they do not exist in a folder a long time ago

You're right, did not understand immediately, did not even know that there is such a list: blush :, and I turned it into a bunch of records, googled, but nothing real on did not find cleaning question is, no concrete answers, here is one example:
HTC Wildfire S - Discussion (Post # 7985036)
reading further, I came to this post
HTC Wildfire S - Discussion (Post # 8001513)
Well thought, not whether to go the same way, and went into the Application Management ->All applications, they Transferring files via Bluetooth, and open data cleansing, list all empty.
Attached Image

P.S.Merzkaya gnida You're right, and the gathering about the settings I am also not sure, but, in principle, not so bad.
Oh, and thanks for the explanation to the cards.
P.S.S. Like setting is not flew, tried to nouta laptop and throw on blyutuzu, everything as it was before.

Post has been editedBad04 - 24.09.12, 10:05

Rep: (19)
Thanks, it turned out.

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Wi-Fi Direct somebody probyval use return? we are here with a colleague (his SG II) try - nothing happened. He has in the context menu item to the File - Send on Wi-Fi Direct on my HTC One V points do not. Even when he tries to send me - it is still in vain .. I read in foreign forums that the problem is, but not neschel no answer.

In general, of course probably fix release an update, but it is probably not often use everything, so hurry up and HTC is not particularly ...

And sometimes desirable filmets onto;)

Rep: (27)
julesvern @ 24.09.2012, 22:20*
must of course correct to release the update

I do not remember anything b Direct WiFi has been declared on our devayse (I could be wrong - for me is irrelevant) ... However, as I understand it, this feature is backward-compatible, ie, to implement it (for a pair of devices) only one supporting device standard - the second standard is not required to maintain: 802.11 sufficiently with a suitable letter. Hence the conclusion: either you are doing something wrong, or it is necessary, as would say Mike Zhvanetskiy, "something in the conservatory (SG2) to correct" ...

ZY I looked at the menu - there (setting - yet ...). And really not much opportunity to somehow use this feature ... While writing - connected ...

Post has been editedMerzkaya gnida - 25.09.12, 08:19

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on YouTube even have commercials where a SG2 SG2 to send on Wi-Fi Direct, and there are no problems. But we at NTS unfortunately even in the Share menu item is not present ((((really like a bud just forgot to add the item ...

like not only on the One V but also in S and X at the exact same garbage, if you read online ... all complain (all who poked protestit this new feature) .. and to sense zero ...

Post has been editedjulesvern - 25.09.12, 09:19

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1. How to transfer files over Wi-Fi between your phone and noutom? A program is needed, or Wi-Fi Direct? Or is the only option - to create the connection on the laptop 1-on-1 and connect the phone to him? Explain on fingers.

2. The same question, but via Bluetooth. Standard Bluetooth program, with all the latest patches, fairly buggy when connected to the phone.

Ideally, and on the 1st and the 2nd paragraph needs a functional equivalent connection via usb-cord - that is, viewing the contents of a flash card, free copy, move files.

Rep: (301)
Feesh @ 25.09.2012, 09:15*
How to transfer files over Wi-Fi between your phone and noutom?

Feesh @ 25.09.2012, 09:15*
The same question, but via Bluetooth.

I useMyPhoneExplorer
a little dance with a tambourine and all works:savagemessiahzine.com:

Rep: (27)
Feesh @ 25.09.2012, 10:15*
View the contents of a flash card, free copy, move files.

ES Explorerable. And not only this.
To choose a good agent at first decide what you need - a computer with access to the body or have a body to a computer.

Post has been editedMerzkaya gnida - 25.09.12, 11:35

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guys question was specific - Why does not the Wi-Fi Direct ?? Why cut its function in the new HTC ONE line. As peredavatfayly bluetooth we all know ... it's as if the last century ...

Let ka tell the movie 700 MB or 1.6 GB for bluetooth? ))) Battery will last ???)))

in general, WiFi direct as I understand it is just created for boshaya speed and volume of information. It is clear that it was possible to make Peer-to-Peer, but then, as it were more convenient implementation of the interface and does not require additional software ...

Rep: (5)
And if does not require Wi-Fi Direct The DVR first connect the two to each other, and then the transfer will work and files? Unfortunately there is nothing to check.
After all the settings menu there is this puekt is searching for devices. It is quite possible that the functionality will appear at a connection of two compatible devices.

Rep: (16)
And I could not erase the list adopted by BT files ...

Rep: (301)
julesvern @ 25.09.2012, 11:02*
Let ka tell the movie 700 MB or 1.6 GB for bluetooth?

I do not know about 1.6, and 500MB with the body on the body for about 20 minutes, and a counter-question-what for to throw off the weight of the film ONE V 1.6: suicide:
if it is possible to convert a screen resolution and the film will weigh up to 500MB

Rep: (151)
solomadiso , And you're still just did as it is written? I just went again on this path, and I everything is fine cleared.

Rep: (16)
yes, I did everything exactly as it is written, only for Wildfire S: D

Here is the head of the two ears. I saw that there is a link, and went there to read, and your post until the end and have not read: blush:
Now everything has turned out: yes2:

Post has been editedsolomadiso - 25.09.12, 13:40
Reason for editing: spelling

Rep: (27)
ChesterLtd @ 25.09.2012, 12:09*
And if does not require Wi-Fi Direct The DVR first connect the two to each other

In theory - there. Perhaps in the case of HTC One V requires, for example, thatof this. Check there is no standing (not around the second suitable devaysa), but it is possible to send to the WiFi Shoot, then opens a window with tehn. infoy and searching inscription. In my case, nothing is (not surprisingly - and there is nothing) ...
Apparently - the program (yet) able to do a little, but at least something - must ...

Rep: (15)
ihor2284 @ 25.09.2012, 13:09*
Do not know about 1.6, and 500MB with the body on the body 20 minutes, and a counter-question-what for to throw off the weight of the film ONE V 1.6
if it is possible to convert a screen resolution and the film will weigh up to 500MB

Hmm, but you what options presses? I was not clench, so size is not more than 200-300 MB becomes less.
ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate profile Android (800x480)

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I take a great week-aparata for your money, no bugs and marriage Description here in my copy is not found (only the rear cover a little close-fitting) .Pokupal in Ukraine upset custom-Asian-charging right at home were from the previous zverya.Da and the player Xplay and adjust the equalizer, very pleased with the sound in naushnikah.Ot Andrei's never thrilled fiction, but such an arrangement is possible and not to bother about this povodu.Zver lived up to my expectations: thank_you:

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