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HTC One V - Discussion

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DiscussionHTC One V
PictureHTC One V
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Complete User GuideAttached file20120406_HTC_One_V_Russian_UM.pdf(3.31 MB)

device reviews
problems GOOGLE PLAY
Official game compatibility

Moder combat 2 and 3 -incompatible *
Nova 2 -incompatible *
Asphalt 6 -incompatible *
BackStab -incompatible *
Dungeon Hunter 3 -incompatible *
9mm -incompatible *
blood and glory -compatible *
GTA 3 -compatible * And even started, but retarding even at an average level graphs.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit -compatible HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 13841573)
Mass effect - a great game.Cachetake from dizayr s
Dead Trigger - goes well on the mullion settings.HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 14560387)
Asphalt 7 -HTC One V - Discussion (Post # 14781348)
Real Racing 2 [3D, G-sensor] - Now you are ready to race? Get behind the wheel, crank the engine and go!
*according toPlay market
embedded test

Bluetooth test
Dial (Dial) * # * # DIAG # * # *
Tap (Touch) ACCEPT.
Bluetooth Test - Test Bluetooth scan
Several built-in test
poll results
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Attached Image

Attached Image
power usage

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from HTC hub I have everything downloaded

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yes there it Glonass, there is already enough. Place the GPS Test
satellite number 65 to 88 - and there's Glonass

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Therepach @ 16.04.2012, 14:28*
But I wonder - what is the probability that this number can be increased later And then I sit and I can not in the desired five tables fit?

Treated using folders, which did not exist before. I fit all the shortcuts that were on the 7 legend tables, even a couple of new widgets place enough.

Way SMS widgets, task, calendar is now scalable. But initially they should bear in size 4x4 and then decrease

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In general once again I made a reboot, create a new account in Google and htc hub. Now download and from here, and htc hub. Dunno what it was, is now broke for a third time to adjust all (((

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alkalll, and you definitely exhibited the maximum volume of the speaker? Nothing personal ;)

Rep: (58)
Ivan Peredkov @ 16.04.2012 13:15*
On dizair with too should arrive refreshed but it's time. In the case of one v all out of the box

On Desire S Update final fly, but reading the topic about the Sensation, I'm starting to doubt that this will soon something good ..

P.S. currently already ordered One V. Every day should come ..

Rep: (26)
Two week apparatik buy this hope will not fail!
Before that was the HD2.

Rep: (0)
Choose between one v, incredible s and sensation. I think we need at least 4 diagonal still. Wondering whether to update htc one v until the fifth android. What do you think? On Sensation and Incredible obviously did not do, and one v still new, although the budget.
And yet - an upgrade to Android 4 in hand often leads to some problems? If yes, then, of course, one v is given priority in this regard, for the fourth android ready.
Who knows - please comment.

Rep: (0)
People now I have Acer Liquid whether it makes sense to change to "ONET in" ??

Rep: (2)
Ivan Peredkov, Yes, completely - and this is priskrrrbno.

Rep: (5)
Ramster @ 26.4.2012, 19:33*
Wondering whether to update htc one v until the fifth android. What do you think? On Sensation and Incredible obviously did not do, and one v still new, although the budget.

At incredible s sensation and more chances
get an update. They have a better performance.
PS: Maybe five android will be available only for tablets.

Rep: (106)
I think almost certainly will not get updated, little RAM, and it looks like it was done on purpose, so you had a beautiful excuse, as in his time with the desire occurred, a top device for those times in which the free Ram memory of about 150 MB, and after renovation all 130. But in general the fifth android in any case not earlier than one year will get to this series, do not worry.

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Reason for editing: th

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agree, ics still is not as common, if I am not mistaken that one line of one of the first in which the ISC in stock, so that the year will definitely take place until 5, and a year and so you can change the phone

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A little more observations after the first days of use:
- reception wi-fi is really very much weakened, even if the phone is just lying on the palm of mainly the lower part, to take over the top, there is no problem. the greater the distance, the more pronounced this effect. But in general, wi-fi in the unit is good
- with the screen brightness is really a bit overdone, the day went to get used to, and could not, set the manual mode, it is worth about 30 percent
- The speaker volume is quite satisfied, good audibility interlocutor, unless of course the train at 5 meters is not going
- and so, Android 4.0 and Sense 4.0 while only delight and did not seem to be "green"

The only thing that now I do not have enough, the battery with interest. I understand that there is full of widgets, but I would like it instead of the standard. And look, visually about 80 percent, and in fact is already 60. android here eyes and the eyes need

Post has been editedilya45 - 16.04.12, 22:06

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ilya45 @ 16.04.2012, 22:52*
There are full of widgets, but I would like it instead of the standard

I understand you

I wrote a review. I tried. Only here I do not know where to place.
any suggestions?) until he found a sitetakefrom here

Post has been edited~ Cartman ~ - 17.04.12, 00:17

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~ Cartman ~, here and put in the hat theme, if everything is written correctly, IMHO.

Rep: (243)
~ Cartman ~ @ 17.04.2012, 00:09*
Any suggestions?)

Yes, there is a place and a spoiler. Then the curator may attach to the cap.

I do not poymu- you do not want to install a third-party widget showing% in the battery? That is the problem?

Rep: (198)
Ivan Peredkov @ 17-04-2012, 00:19*
placed in the cap threads

This size will not fit in a cap. Could shrink to 20 MB, but it does not pass. I insert a link to this post. If the author is able to change the photo file into lighter, converted into pdf and I will fill in the cap.

Rep: (165)
evgeniab @ 17.04.2012, 01:20*
If the author is able to change the photo file into lighter, converted into pdf and I will fill in the cap.

I do not know a lot easier. screenshots originally pressed in png. Examples can picture where a thread separately pour (16MB)

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an excellent device with a nice size, bright screen, metal housing and high-end camera.
in short, if you have a tablet, you can use a parallel, it is better to come up with smart difficult.

as a single use device is not very comfortable, the screen size may seem small.

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