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02.04.12, 14:37
Will live!

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Questions and suggestions on the work of the Android sections

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Filling the "Program Directory - Android" need help!

4 Missing the forum
17.08.16, 19:35

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Друзья! Старожилы и новички, постоянные писатели и редкие читатели, релизеры и разработчики! download

Let's not turn our section, do not be afraid of this word, in the trash. Resourcesavagemessiahzine.comIt has always been famous for the fact that our users receive reliable and verified information and we, in particular the program section, have never tried to be like Google Play, where rubbish is stored. For, to our general disappointment, one-day programs are becoming more and more.

Take, for example, calculators and flashlights. There are already so many varieties of them that dragging them here simply makes no sense. If only someone does not come up with a flashlight or a calculator that can make soup ... This also includes applications that are made “on the knee” through various constructors. What do you think, support, elimination of bugs, etc. will they have? Here I am about the same. This is exactly what we need here. And some people want to try seafood and enjoy the pleasure without thinking about the consequences of his program being on the forum.

So, when publishing a new application, think, is it necessary here? And you? It’s just that you don’t have to be offended that your “such a wonderful application” was deleted on the basis of reviews or because it’s an obvious trash that is overwhelmed with Google Play ..

Let me remind you: we are not Google Play, we are not trying to imitate it, we want you, our dear users, to always receive only the best. Therefore, the section is constantly being cleaned of unnecessary and long-obsolete trash for even more convenience in finding useful information. Respect yourself and others, value your and other people's time.

Remember! The line between "Now a little tweak and it will be good" and "Oh, what have I done!" - very thin!

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