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> Android 4 does not work WI-FI | HTC Sensation XE
28.03.12, 05:47

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Android 4 не работает WI-FI download

HTC Sensation XE
OS and firmware:Android 4.0.3

Description of the problem:
Good afternoon friends. Yesterday, finally, I waited for the long-awaited update to Andryushka 4. This joy was overshadowed by the fact that after the update Wi-FI stopped working. There are several types of situations:

1. Turned on, finds the network but does not cling to the network. Writes "OUTSIDE RANGE"
2. Generally can not turn on and does not find the network. When turned on, it hangs blankly until you turn it off. When you try to re-enable the "full VISYAK" until you overload the body.

WI-FI distributes a modem clinging in the same room, that is, the distance to the modem is a maximum of 5 meters without obstacles. Before the upgrade, there was no such problem, everything worked for Hurray.

HELP ME FRIENDS. What do I do not mind. The variant with "HARD RESET" is unlikely to be here, maybe they have added something to Andryushka’s setting 4.
I really need WI-FI on my body, I really hope for your help. Thank you in advance.
Dear users!
Since this topic is devoted exclusively to issues related to problems with Wi-Fi after upgrading the firmware to ICS, please do not turn the topic into a discussion of everything and everything related to the new firmware, and also refrain from writing messages that do not carry the semantic load and are aimed only at to let us know how you are unhappy with the operation of the device on the new firmware.
In the future, offtopic and flooding will entail RO. Without additional warnings and persuasion.

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