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> Sound quality in modern communicators / phones | In this topic, we will discuss the sound quality.
22.03.12, 11:35
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Sound quality

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About the topic
It has been a long time since the phones began to crowd out the players, a couple of years ago, smartphones were able to with primary-class players (Cowon, Sony, Iriver) the sound quality and output power left much to be desired for a long time, now the manufacturers finally felt the same vein in the world of audio, by which they are now making their way. The sound and emphasis on sound have become an integral part of every flagship device, full-fledged adult DACs, a powerful amplifier circuit, capacitors, precision modern clock smartphones, full isolation from interference and interference, and much more, modern music smartphones of the flagship class confidently left behind such players as Cowon, Sony, iRiver and can compete on equal terms with the initial hi fi players Fiio X3 / ibasso DX50 then surpass these devices.
In order for newcomers to know the decoding of abbreviations, I will explain the following:SOSH - Signal to Noise Ratio(the higher this parameter is, the better and better the DAC converts the sound, for example, the Wolfson WM8994 to SGS1 has 100DB of secondary and the WCD9310 to HTC One and 110DB of secondary)
Output power - Amplifier's ability to pull more demanding and full-sized headphones, the more powerful the amplifier, the more power reserve and better sound you will end up with + compatibility with a large number of headphones.

Archive of outdated models
So let's find out which headphones play better with which headphones.
I believe that the good sound quality of the following models:

Samsung download

- Galaxy S / Wave / Galaxy SIII / Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy R / Galaxy S4 / Galaxy Note 3
Of the Galaxy lineup, the Galaxy S1 i9000 is the most outstanding, and on board, by today's standards, is not the most advanced and very old Wolfson WM8994 DAC (4 Channel DAC, 100dB SOS), but still capable of producing good sound, tuned using Voodoo Sound.
HTC- One S / Sensation / Rezound / Radar / Mozart / Butterfly / One / Butterfly S
From HTC, the most outstanding, I would call the HTC One S / Butterfly S / HTC One - all three have on board a WCD9310 (8 Channel DAC, 110Db SOSH) excellent by today's standards + a couple of amplifiers from Texas Instruments (TPA6130A / OPA2064) and Maxx ( 9877), tuned with Project Era, or custom kernels, I want to mention separately HTC Butterfly S - for a smartphone it has just phenomenal output power (and excellent sound) which, coupled with the project era tuning, is able to ensure normal operation of full-sized headphones of almost any resistance.
LG- LG Optimus 2X / LG Optimus 3D, LG Optimus G / LG Nexus 4
The LG Optimus 2X also has a wolfson WM8994 onboard and is supported by the voodoo sound project.
Motorola- Droid Razr / Atrix 4G / Atrix 2 / Droid 3 / Moto X / Moto G
Sony- Xperia X / Xperia Play / Neo / Arc S / Live With Walkman / Xperia Neo / Xperia V / Xperia Z
Apple- Iphone 4 / 4S, Iphone 5 / 5S
By itself, the iphone is a pioneer in the mobile audio segment, along with nokia n91 at one time there were 2 best phones that are not inferior in sound to good players, use Cirrus Logic DACs that are not tuned.
BBK- Vivo X1, I want to give it special attention because this is the first smartphone in the world using a stationary DAC Cirrus Logic CS4398 + SRC The Klok CS8422 which, for example, stands in the top hifi player of Colorful Cololrfly C4 Pro at the price of $ 1000, the older brother BBK Vivo Xplay also came out with additional amplifier BurrBrown OPA2604.
BBK Vivo Xshot is also equipped with a CS4398 DAC and Maxim Maxx97220 amplifier (125mW output power) + a dedicated TI TLW320 ADC (it is needed for better sound recording during video recording, for better sound recording of a voice recorder)
Meizu- MX2, MX4 Core / Meizu MX3 - separately about it, this is probably the best budget option if you need a powerful combine with excellent technical characteristics and stunning sound, besides headphone output power is definitely one of the flagships in the world of smartphone sound, capable without problems Bleed full-size headphones, equipped with a Wolfson WM5102 DAC (108dB SSH).
Oppo- Clover R815 - Also a great option, with more modest characteristics than the MX3, but equipped with a good BurrBrown PCM5101A DAC (106dB Secondary School) and a dedicated SMT Electronics amplifier. - A full replacement for Cowon players and even more so for ipod for such a price.
TCL Idol X +- Smartphone with saber ES9018 DAC (130db SOSH) and Maxim 9720 amplifier (50mW direction Amp)

P.S - I use headphones Fisher audio consonance and Audio technica ATH M50, and what are you? : rolleyes: It is advisable to write about the model of the headphones used, and personal impressions of the sound quality, I think among ordinary models there are worthy of sound, I beg you to unsubscribe about the impressions :) Just write what kind of software to use for listening - various players like PowerAMP / Winamp and which format you prefer, individual accessories are also welcome, for example, I sometimes use a portable Fiio E7 amplifier (Previously E6), some people use LOD cables and other peripherals connected to Line Out.
Among the models of digital-analog converters in smartphones, there are such models as - Wolfson WM8994 (100dB SS), WM8994E (100dB SS), WM1811 (100dB SS), WM8903 (96dB SS), WM8958 (100dB SS), WM8960 (98dB SS), Wolfson WM5102 (108 dB for 44.1khz / 113dB for 48khz SOSH).
Texas Instruments AIC3254 (100dB Secondary School), AIC3008, TLW6040 (100dB Secondary School).
CS4322 (Mostly for Iphone, ipod.100-105dB SOSH)
CS4398 (120dB) + CS8442 SRC upsampler (Exotic in BBK Vivo X1)
Qualcomm WCD9310 (110dB for 44.1khz / 115dB for 48khz SOSH) + WCD9304 SRC Upsampler / Qualcomm WCD9320 (SOSH is higher than in WCD9310 but the numbers are not known.)

From tanks and amplifiers to smartphones, amplifiers from texas instruments of the TPA, TDA, analog devices, MAXX 9877 series (and others from this series) are most often placed because of their low power consumption and high power and signal-to-noise ratio.

Rules of communication
Rules section "Technotrepalka":
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1.4 Since the message counter in our section is enabled, philosophizing can be interpreted as cheating posts. And punished accordingly.
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Output power table
The output power parameter table (in volts, more is better, more powerful and more headroom, as well as the ability to pull more tight high-impedance headphones.
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Additional Information
Table of smartphones with dedicated audio (Head Fi)
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Reviews forums about headphones
Post with reviews of members of the forum about smartphones and players

About DAC player

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* al "capone, Sewed on soap."vatu" on "soap".

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Himself bought Cain, despite the presence of Zishan and King, hypocritical :)
I bought a harmoniously folded, portable device, even if I finished the file with a file later, but I am satisfied with this - no oddifiliya.

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chim85 @ 06/17/19 16:34*
There is nothing perfect

Looking at these graphics, you begin to understand how far the original sound is from what we hear after the DAC.
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Throw pliz options decent plugs in the range of $ 150.

Whizzer he03, sendiy m1221 (they are a bit more expensive, and it seems like they disappeared from Ali)

yamaha eph 50, dunu titan 1, sony xba-a2, sendiy m1221.
al "capone
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Xokadi @ 06/17/19 16:54*
no oddilia
This is if you listen to the Kulkovskaya installation with a set of ears, and you have all the signs on the face. The difference is only in the price of headphones.

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