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BetterBatteryStats | battery monitoring

Rep: (1193)
version: 2.5

Last update of the program in the header:23.01.2020

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Short description:
Utility to monitor battery discharge when the phone is idle.
Fast battery discharge is often a problem for those who use their device to the maximum.
With this application, you can analyze which applications consume battery power when the phone is idle, as well as view detailed information about energy consumers.
Developer: Sven Knispel ( chamonix )
Homepage: http://blog.asksven.org/
Google Play Web: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...terbatterystats
XDA Forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1179809
Russian interface: there is, starting with
Current version: stable - 2.5 , 2.4 , 2.3 / beta 2.5-341

More screenshots (caution, traffic!)
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About the program
ESSENCE OF THE PROGRAM: find out what prevents the phone from sleeping when it should sleep, and not the battery consumption during operation.

Main functions:
- General overview of "other statistics": wakefulness percentage, deep sleep, screen on, phone on, Wifi on, Wifi used
- Core kernels
- Partial wavelets
- Signals / Awakenings
- CPU statistics
- Network statistics
- Process statistics with system and user time

BetterBatteryStats accesses the "batteryinfo" service (battery information) of Android, retrieving already existing data without including additional resources.
BetterBatteryStats is focused and tested on Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, ICS on various firmware and kernels.

What are wavelets and why should you take them into account?
When it comes to Android, the most discussed and commented topic is battery consumption / life expectancy. If it is allowed that the battery is consumed when using the phone, then its slow consumption during “doing nothing” is disturbing.

Wavelets, or more precisely, partial wavelets, are a configuration (or class) that helps developers be sure that important parts of their code will not be interrupted.
Basically, the phone has three states (simply, do not be offended, the developers of the cores):
1. Waking when the screen is on
2. Wakefulness
3. Sleep (the most preferred state of your phone)

Transitions are carried out from wakefulness with the screen on to just wakefulness and, finally, from wakefulness to sleep. While you are using your phone, it is in the (1) state and does not allow you to log out of it while you are interacting with the device in an interactive mode. If you stop using it, the phone tends to go to (3) as quickly as possible.
And here the wavelets act: since our phones are smartphones, the processing of the processes takes place in the background. Some of these processes are important, such as a phone call, listening to music, or synchronizing contacts.
Since the phone tries to go from (2) to (3) and, on the other hand, you don’t want to hang up while talking, the application holds the wakelock to prevent the transition. When you hang up, a partial wavelet is released and everything ends (the phone goes into sleep).

Thus, partial wavelets are a tool, and not something that we should discourage for some reason. But there are cases when the design of the application is not tested in real life conditions (for example, a bad signal or lack of coverage) and wavelets produce a negative effect, as they are retained unnecessarily or for too long.
BetterBatteryStats determines these wavelets and, using your knowledge or knowledge of our users, you can understand what is happening and find a strategy for change for the better.

If you need help
Always post full information when asking for help. In most cases, you need a dump file, and sometimes screenshots that demonstrate your observations can also help.
Dump preparation
To analyze the battery consumption, you need a BBS dump duringinactionphone !!!!!
(I repeat, THE ESSENCE OF THE PROGRAM: find out what prevents the phone from sleeping when it should sleep, and not the battery consumption during operation.)

Note for ownersXiaomiand other devices onMIUI: to create a correct dump, please readthis post.

1.Make sure that the battery_stats and dump permissions are granted (with root they are automatically provided during installation, without root - see the second paragraph F.A.Q.)
2. Charge the battery if the charge is not enough (better if the charge is not 100%, but, say, 60-70, in this case the dump will be more real).
3. Close all programs, including BBS, turn off WiFi.
4. Clear the recent window (in Xiaomi and on Android 7, do thisnot necessary).
5. Connect / disconnect the charger.
6. Leave the phone idle for 4 hours or more, preferably overnight.
7. Open the BBS, make sure that the labels are: from - disabled (unplugged), to - current (current).
8. Save the dump:
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Attached Image
Attached Image
Since version 2.3, files are saved to the folder at android / data / com.asksven.betterbatterystats_xdaedition / files / download
9. Open the dump, check that all items are displayed correctly. If not, try again. It makes no sense to lay out an incorrect dump, in which, for example, there is no information about the waking time, the item "Alarms" or "Kernel wakelocks". Nobody can decipher such a dump to you, so please, do not forget to view your dump before publishing.
10. Publish the dump as an attachment to the post.

According to the rulessavagemessiahzine.com, pictures hiding under the spoiler!
How to do this, read the topic in the header "FAQ on the forumsavagemessiahzine.com" under spoiler number 22:
Attached Image

If you place an image from your phone, read how to hide the image under the spoiler,here.
In the end, you can do it all manually.
- attach file (select file-upload);
- put the cursor in the message on the right place, in the menu "management of current files" click on the green plus sign next to your attached image - it will be inserted into the message in the form
[attachment = 5931454633.PNG]
- before this hands type
- in the message after this, the line should look like this:
[SPOILER] [attachment = 5931454633.PNG] [/ SPOILER]
- everything, your picture under a spoiler.

It is preferable to attach the dump as a supplement to its contents are not indexed in the search topic. If you decided to insert into the message dump (not recommended), please,remove it under spoiler! And yet, cut off everything that comes after the line. "human readable part end here" , it lists the technical information JSON, which in its normal form is already in the first part of the dump.

Note: To insert a dump into the message, do not open it with a notepad, it will turn out like this, and no one can disassemble it:
Attached Image
Open through AkelPad, WordPad, Word or via a browser, for example, Chrome. To prevent Russian characters from being displayed as krakozabrami, choose Unicode (in chrome, you must install the extensionSet Character Encoding).
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Attached Image

Messages with pictures or texts of dumps without a spoiler will be silently deleted without considering the essence. It is assumed that you have read these instructions before placing the dump. So no offense.
Stillherebriefly chew various options for preparing the dump.

It is best to ask for help directly in the developer topic onXDA. But for this it is necessary to make a dump in the original, untranslated version of the program, otherwise no one will understand anything there. Before publishing the dump, please make sure that the labels for the core wavelets and signals are processed correctly. Reading the dump takes a few minutes and it will be great if you do not waste the time of the one who will study it to help you. The developer will not respond to posts with incomplete dumps.
Well, if it’s not very good with English, then this topic was actually created for this ...

Video instructions for creating a dump using a custom label.

If you want, you can deal with the dump yourself. Examplehere.

Other questions about the program and work in it, wakelock guide, frequently asked questions, knowledge base (including an alphabetical index to the problems discussed in the topic) and tips on energy saving can be found by clicking on the links below (BBS and waveform reference , FAQ)
Reference materials on the BBS and wavelets
Frequently asked Questions

Q: Why must a dump be made while the phone is idle?
A: There is no separation in the dump, what happened during the operation of the phone, and what happened during inactivity. Each section lists the processes that occurred over the entire period of the dump. Accordingly, if you used the phone before removing the dump (and you do not need to convince anyone that you did not use it, because the graphScreen on it reflects perfectly), the dump will be present everything services related to your work with the telephone, wavelets, receivers, etc., that is, that should not wake the device and what must be present while using the device. And it is impossible to separate the processes that were launched during the active mode from what was happening during inactivity! Therefore, an analysis suggesting that it is necessary to limit or deactivate is not possible.

Q: How to install the BBS system application in Kitkat / Lollipop?
О: From the version2.2.0.0B4 installation of the system is not required, everything works fine without root (without root - see the next question).
But it happens on some phones that no permissions are granted, therefore, just in case, the installation archive of the system recovery:Attached fileBetterBatteryStats_SystemApp_xdaedition_CWM_1.3.0.0.zip(212.59 KB)
and archive of removal of this system from the same recovery:Attached fileREMOVE_BetterBatteryStats_SystemApp_CWM_1.3.0.0.zip(140.69 KB)

Q: If there is no root, does it make sense to put this program?
A: Without root, there is no statistics of partial wavelets, signals and network, that is, it will be simply impossible to understand anything from the non-ruled phone dump, so if you do not have root on your phone, the program will only show statistics when you grant permissions to the program via adb:
adb -d shell pm grant com.asksven.betterbatterystats_xdaedition android.permission.DUMP
adb -d shell pm grant com.asksven.betterbatterystats_xdaedition android.permission.BATTERY_STATS

ForAmazon FireHD8users recommend more
adb -d shell pm grant com.asksven.betterbatterystats_xdaedition android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS

If you have a version from the market, instead of com.asksven.betterbatterystats_xdaedition, write simply com.asksven.betterbatterystats. Detail process is paintedhere.
P.S. on some devices, after attempting to grant permission to the DUMP, the ADB system writes that the application did not request this permission. Then calmly skip this command and provide BATTERY_STATS.
And do not forget that in the path to the folder with ADB on your computere should be Russian letters.
To solve problems with providing access to Meızu, seehere.
If all this does not help, then, alas, it makes no sense to install the program. UsersreportThat without root on some phones with Kitkat there are no statistics at all, in particular, on S4.

Q: I have a significant wlan_rx wavelock. What is it and how to deal with it?
A: The reason for this wake kernel is waking your Wifi device. To avoid this, you should turn off Wifi if you are not using it, use your Wifi control program or try to find and remove the cause. Another reason may be incorrect configuration of the router. Borodovich conducted a big analysis of this issue, search his posts for the word wlan or router, for example,here.

Q: Google Maps causes a lot of battery consumption. Do I need to freeze them?
About: No, Karpfenhai made upstep by step instructionson setting up autorun and location service to fix this problem.

Q: Do you know about a bug in a BBS when SuperUser asks for permission again and again?
A: As you noticed, this SuperUser asks again and again, this is not a BBS bug, the BBS only makes a request for superuser rights. Read morehere.

Q: BBS shows "no ref since unplugged" (no tags from disabled)
A: Starting from version 1.9, it is necessary to connect / disconnect the device to the charger after booting in order to create the label "since unplugged" (disconnected). Starting from 1.10, there is a new label "since boot" (from boot) and in the settings there is a reset point to this label, if no other one is found.

Q: Why can't I just skip deleting tags when loading?
A: If the author could do this, he would do it. In short: BBS is a passive monitoring tool; This means that it does not process continuously, but simply compares the data. The disadvantage of this, therefore, is that there is no point in comparing the counters between two labels (for example, "since unplugged" and "current"), if the counters were reset during this period. In fact, this will potentially lead to negative values, in any case incorrect.

Q: What do the colors of widgets / graphics mean?
A: For a large widget: the colors correspond to the values ​​"From" - from (blue), "Deep sleep" - deep sleep (green), "Awake" - waking (yellow), "Screen on" - screen on (white), " Kernel wakelocks "- core wavelets (purple)," Partial wakelocks "- partial wavelets (blue). 100% is the maximum of these values.
For a small widget:
Attached Image

Q: What do the colors and abbreviations on the tab processes and core kernels mean?
A: In the details of the processes:
Red- system time,blue- user time.
UID- user ID of the Linux application. Each application runs under a specific user (and can be part of numerous groups), which allows you to control which applications have access to folders and files. This, however, is not particularly important.
Sys- the amount of time during which the application consumed CPU, using the kernel code (in the interests of the application). These are things like I / O, maybe graphics visualization, and other rubbish occurring in the kernel.
Us- the amount of time during which the application consumed the CPU using the "normal" code, i.e., the code of the application itself. Calculations, for example. The sum of user and system time gives the total amount of time a CPU application consumes.
Starts- the number of times that the application was launched (restarted) during this period. It can show 0 if the application has already been launched, when the countdown from the initial label started, 1 - if it was launched once. or, for example, 29-only times the application was opened and closed during the specified period.
In kernel kernels:
C- count, the number of times the given core wavek was activated
WC- wake count, the number of wake-ups - the number of times that the waveclock was first activated after the device went out of deep sleep (it may mean that it is somehow related to the cause of the awakening, but it may not have a relation to it. such as the wave monitor battery monitor on SGS2)
EC- expired count, the number of elapsed. Veykloki nucleus can be activated countless times (to be released completely) or for a specified time period. If they are activated for a time period and are not released during this period, they are released automatically and the counter is incremented by 1. For example, veykloki SMD_ * can release themselves after some time after activation (~ 440ms per SMD_DATA5, for example). So programmed driver. As for PowerManagerService, it never ends, because Service, which controls the veykloki openly requests the use / release of veykloka.

Q: Where is the dump file and logkat / how are the files called?
A: From version 2.3, files are saved to the folder at android / data / com.asksven.betterbatterystats_xdaedition / files / download, they are called BetterBatteryStats-<time>.txt and logcat-<time>.txt, where the time is specified in the format "yyyy-MM-dd_HHmmssSSS".
Prior to this version, the default files were saved to the root / sdcard, the folder specified above could be selected in the advanced settings.
On Android 7 with any version of the program, the file cando not persistto SD-card root, check the options in the settings save to the above folder and look for a dumpthere.

Q: Did you know that BBS does not work properly for additional users (Android 4.2)?
A: BBS works fine for additional users until you turn on the root feature. The reason is not in the BBS, but in the absence of support for the multiuser mode in the superuser / supersu version you are using.

Q: What is * overflow *?
* overflow * (brute force) is the notation that the statistics counter has exceeded the limits. This can happen if you did not restart the phone for a long time, or some kind of wake-up / wake-call process happened too often. The only way to find out what lies behind * overflow * is to reload and collect fresh data.

Q: Why isn't the 'screen off' label being created?
A: To create this label, it is necessary to turn on the standby mode.

Q: Even after connecting / disconnecting from the charger, no tags are displayed on the device, except for 'boot (from boot)'
A: Something is preventing the registration of a shutdown event from the memory in the BBS. Check for tools such as greenify or stamina mode to mask such events and make sure the BBS is on the white list.

Q: What is standby and how does it work?
A: Standby mode - a feature that helps you to analyze what happens when the screen is off. When the standby mode is turned on, the screen turns off to create a tag 'off screen'. In the configuration mode, you can also create a label 'On screen' when the screen is activated (unlocked). Optionally, the standby mode will notify you when the screen is turned on and the ratio of awakenings more than the threshold of awakening. To avoid unnecessary treatment, the duration of the threshold can be set to turn off standby mode in a short period of the screen is turned off.

Q: My log file is empty, it says "Unable to open log device '/ dev / log / main': No such file or directory".
A: Check if you have a custom kernel that disables logging. If not, some file permissions may be missing: use the permissions fix function in recovery.

Q: The core wavelets display does not work.
A: Your firmware / kernel does not allow you to read system files (or the necessary files are not created by the system). Check the presence of the file / sys / kernel / debug / wakeup_sources and if there is any information in it. If not, then logging is disabled, as an option, you can try itturn on. There are andanother variantorhere. The latter solution, such as correcting the absence of core wavelets and sensor statistics, including on Android Nougat,here. You can still lookhere.

Q: Why is my dump showing sparks?
A: To open a dump containing Russian letters, you need toUnicode Encoding (UTF-8).

Q: How to get rid of GSF / GMS wake calls of Google search?
A: GSF (google service framework) can not be avoided and in no case can not be frozen(opinion of the author of the program). HereThere are some settings that will help reduce it (for exampleSystem tuner). Also in the topic on xda recommend settings fromKarpfenhai. Hereit also gives updated and updated settings.
Alternatively, you can downloadthis archiveand unzip to computer. Connect the phone to the computer and run DISABLE - to disable the components, ENABLE- to turn on. In this case, you do not need to install any System Tuners on the phone, etc., the only thing is that adb drivers must be installed on the computer.
Settings from Karpfenhai
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Attached Image

An example of a fundamental deliverance from Google is described.here. If complete deliverance is not included in your plans, you can partially remove these wavelets. So, Google search, constantly waking up at night, can be pacified by disabling Google Now.
An example of My Android Tools settings for disabling Google’s push can be viewed.here.
An example of a phone without Google -here.

B: Other statistics are incorrect. It shows "No data connection" and "No or unknown signal (no or unknown signal)" when Wifi was turned on all the time.
A: "No data connection" and "No or unknown signal" refer to a mobile data network (2G / 3G). Since Wifi was turned on for a while, the mobile transmission was turned off, respectively, indicated in the statistics: this is provided by the application

Q: I have a lot of NLP wavelets. Can I do something about this?
ABOUT:Heregives a good overview on NLP and what it affects (thanks @ Perseus71)
Translation Post Perseus71
Network Location Provisioning is essentially a software equivalent of a GPS receiver chip in a phone. And by itself, the process is harmless. He coordinates the location when the task is to do it. This is done by reading the chip sensors. This creates an internal partial wavelock that keeps the phone awake until the end of the chip reading.

However, if some applications continue to trigger this process to ensure accurate location every second, the waveclock will begin to swell. Now let's talk about the other side of the coin.

Google tried to integrate Google Now as closely as possible with the Android system to reduce the size / performance of the Google Search application. In order to do this, they integrated the NLP receivers into the Google Play Service. (Just like GCM receivers for Google Cloud Messenger). Thus, the Google Play Service becomes a common basis for all applications, unifying the place for them.

Now the Play Service has grown and healed with its own life. Even if you don’t have Google Search on your phone, the Play Service will hold the NLP polling process. He will also periodically continue to contact the database (I mean the Google server) on this issue. It is used to send targeted ads to your phone, depending on where you are. This whole thing drains the battery to the remainder.

In addition to this, there is the recently appeared catastrophic and super-faulty "Scan always" option in the advanced Wifi settings, adding even more stress on this issue.

There are only two ways to effectively tame this unbridled behavior.

1. Turn off the location service. This silences the NLP process, cutting it off from the source. Radically, in its own way.
2. Turn off Google location reports. This is in the Google Settings app. This turns off what I mentioned above.

B: In firmware based on CM12, the launcher crashes when trying to place a widget. When will this be fixed?
A: The author did not find an error in the BBS code - the failure occurs in the launcher, and not in the BBS. After spending some time researching the problem, the developer concludes that CM12 is to blame (other firmware on Lollipop does not have this problem)

В: On Android 7 constantlypops up a windowreporting an application problem.
A: Dependence on the presence of the widget. If the widget is not installed, there is no problem.

Q: On Xiaomi, statistics are collected incorrectly. What can be done?
A: Lookhere. In general, a competent alignment on energy savingexactly on Xiaomi. In order for statistics on MIUI to be collected correctly,Murrrzaffka published more than detailed instruction .

B: What does the Greenify program do when putting applications to sleep?
A: Author BBSwriteson this occasion:
In battery consumption, there are concepts of wavelets - these are symptoms and signals (of awakening) - causes.
Greenify helps to correct errors in the structure of the application at the level of the cause, while many applications are trying (unsuccessfully) to deal with the symptoms.
Greenify seems to use the innovative method of “aligning” signals in such a way that when you wake up the phone, as many applications as possible use this slot, instead of creating multiple wavelets one by one.

Q: How to track in detail the Internet traffic of the phone?
ABOUT:tester99makes specific recommendations on this issuehere. Programsthat you will need, see the review fromborodovich .

Q: How do I know which services consume energy in the background?
A: If you have Android 4.4 and higher, go to the options for developers-process statistics. Read morehere.

Q: What can I do to make tags work on Xiaomi and on 7 Android?
O: BBS application needset to autoload. And in these conditionsnot necessaryclear in ram bbs.

Q: Is it possible to disable wavelets and background activity altogether?
ABOUT:Can, but it is worth seriously considering whether it is necessary and what consequences it will bring.

Q: The program does not start even when granting permissions via ADB, what can I do?
A: You can tryput other versions of the application.

Q: Why is full Russification stopped?
ABOUT:I recommend everyone to use the original version of the program.The application is officially translated by me from version 2.0.0.B5. Terms that are not translated are tags and statistics items, which are explained in the reference post. The results of the survey and the conclusion of the termination of the complete Russification -here.

Q: Why is my question no one answers / my post is deleted?
A: Make sure that you have posted a dump made according to the rules indicated in the header. You should not convince people that the dump is made in inactivity when there is significant activity in the "screen on" line. See if there is an answer to your question in the alphabetical directory or frequently asked questions. Do not be lazy and use the search on the topic.
Alphabetical guide to wavelets, signals and processes covered in the topic
Here are the terms discussed in the topic. Before asking a question, look here, maybe a similar problem had previously been raised by someone and the answer is already there.
The terms relating to Linux kernel drivers, respectively, are also found in the names of kernel wake cores, you can seehere.
ab8500-gpadc and below
ActivityManager (wakelock guide)
Alarmmanager (knowledge base)
alarm_rtc (wakelock guide)
Analytics , still and here
android.appwidget.action.appwidget_update , here still and here
Android.intent.action.Time_tick , here still
ApmAudio, ApmOutput, AudioOutLock
AudioOut_1 (knowledge base, wakelock manual)
AudioOut_3 and AudioOut_2 and wakelock guide ( reference post )
audio_pcm and audpp
backup (Android system) , still and still
bam_dmux , here still
battery wakelock
batt_work wake lock
ccmni wake lock
charger wake lock and here (same as battery wakelock)
Chekin service (wakelock guide), here decision
chimera , still
com.kavsdk here Pictures
com.xiaomi.hm.health.Mi Fit
ConnectivityService (knowledge base, wakelock manual), still
decon_fb (xxxx.decon_fb)
deleted_wake_locks (knowledge base, wakelock manual)
dmagent_wakelock and here
DocumentService WakeLock
Doze Interactive Time
DPRAM , still
ehci_pm, ehci_rwu and below
Eint , here version , still and still and interesting observation . AND here information.
event0, event1, event2, etc.
eventx-xxxx , here is the instruction read more here
Event log service , here still , here decision
fast dormancy
Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)
Google Play Market , still
GsmCellBroadcastHandler , still from here and further
GsmInboundSmsHandler , decision , still
GTALK_ASYNC_CONN_com.google.android.gsf.gtalkservice.AndroidEndpoint (knowledge base, wakelock manual)
hold wake buttom
hsi wakelock
kworker , here
mali_wakelock , here still
MediaScannerService (wakelock guide)
migration / 0
mipi_link (knowledge base)
mmc0_detect, mmc1_detect, mmc2_detect (wakelock guide), here
msm_otg and here
musb_autosuspend_wake_lock (wakelock guide), here
net_scheduler and here
NETLINK and here and option
network-location (knowledge base)
NetworkLocationLocator, NetworkLocationCallbackRunner (wakelock guide)
NlpWakeLock, NlpCollector
PhoneWindowManager.mBroadcastWakeLock and here
Play market , still
Powermanagerservice (knowledge base, wakelock manual)
PowerManagerService.Display , further down and still
Pseudonymous , still
Google's push
qcom_rx_wakelock , here and below
qpnp-vm-bms , still
radio-interface , still here and below
Rilj , still , here , here muddy but probably too option , SIM card replacement
SCREEN_FROZEN and wakelock guide ( reference post ), still opinion
sdio_al, sdio_dmux, etc (wakelock guide)
secril_fd-interface , here still
sensor_ind , here and further
[b] Sensors / b]
show keygard , still here and wakelock guide ( reference post )
sia , here
Significant motion detector
spa_batt, adc
ssp_sensorhub_wake_lock and ssp_wake_lock , still , still , still , autoturn off
suspend_backoff (knowledge base, wakelock manual), here and below (on the next page)
svnet, svnet dormancy (knowledge base)
Sync, SyncLoopWakeLock (knowledge base, wakelock manual)
SystemUpdateService , here
ttyC0 here still
usb suspend lock
UserPresenceService (com.google.android.gms / .auth.be.proximity.authorization.userpresence.UserPresenceService)
vbms_cv_wake and further still
vbus_wake_lock, vbus_present and knowledge base, wakelock manual ( reference post )
vbus_tuna_otg (wakelock guide)
WiFi running , turn off WiFi scan
wlan_rx, wlan_rx_wake, wlan_wake (knowledge base, wakelock manual), here and here

router setup , here and other posts borodovich
General energy saving tips
All the actions described below require certain skills, please do not proceed to it in any case without a full backup in order to avoid the loss of the performance of the phone and its data.

1. Root access.
If you do not have a root, there is nothing to even begin to struggle with the charge consumption. Without root, the phone is not controlled by you, but by Google, Samsung, LG, Sony and others.

2. Google
Google is the main reason for the deterioration of power consumption, so aggressive Google apps should be changed to analogues whenever possible, and it is better to completely disable the google.service framework receivers and Google Play services.HereI describe my actions in this direction. In short - installXposed FrameworkpaidGreenifyand put to sleep the Google Service Framework and Google Play services, and inAutorun managerorMy Android Toolsdisable all receivers of these applications. You can disable it in the same My Android Toolsa number of servicesthe above applications.
Google Now also recommend not to include, just use the usual search. From Google, you must leave the PLay Store - it works great when disabling the above services or receivers.

3. Autorun
A bunch of applications trying to start immediately with the inclusion of the phone, although you do not need it. There are simple programs likeStartup managerin which you can exclude and add applications that run at boot. There are more advanced applications likeAutorun manager, there you can disable various functions related to the launch and operation of applications, or even remove or freeze various applications, including system ones. You can also put to sleep applications with programs such asGreenify. There are programs likeAppOpsthere you can disable autoloading, you can do it inSD Maid.

4. Media
Media scanner can cause very serious damage to the battery.
First, it is worth putting the applicationRescan Media Rootand launch it after loading the phone (for convenience, you can use the above Startup Manager by placing the program in autoload and forgetting about manual launch). The application, however, has not been updated for a long time and its effectiveness is debatable, but it becomes a little calmer at heart.
Secondly, empty .nomedia files placed in the folder with media files do not allow the media scanner to rummage in this place. But it works only if you use players that have a built-in scanner (Poweramp, Dice player). If things likeGoogle music, they will not be able to see the media in the folder in which there is a .nomedia file, and, accordingly, play something.
When using Poweramp, it is also necessary to observe some conventions to reduce power consumption - disable automatic scanning, put music into one folder that you specify in the settings and scan manually (of course, with the above-mentioned .nomedia file). In addition, in the settings of the headset, turn off playback and pause when connecting / disconnecting headphones. By the way, such parameters in some firmware are also available in the system settings.
Yes, some help the procedure "settings" - "applications" - "media storage" - "clear the cache / delete data."

5. Synchronization and updates
There is no need to keep these parameters on all the time, where possible, you need to set longer intervals, or update and synchronize manually. Some applications send data to Google Analytics, it also needs to be disabled. Programs that do not have the settings to disable or adjust the time of updates can completely block access to the Internet. There are a bunch of firewalls, for example, I use the moduleXprivacyfor xposed. Tests have shown that only he can COMPLETELY block the program access to the network.

6. Location
Turn off both GPS and network detection, turn it on if necessary. Disable sending of location data in Google settings (you can see screenshots of settingshere). You can generally remove / freeze networklocation.apk.

7. Wifi, Bluetooth
Include as needed. For WiFi, for example, I useBetter Wifi on / off, including it together with the unlock screen and disconnecting after 30 seconds of inactivity. In addition, if you notice an increased charge consumption when using WiFi, you should check the settings of the router, at least to see if something changes with other settings / another router. Another source of increased consumption when WiFi is turned on can be defective.memory card.

8. Mobile network.
It is often better to use the option “only 2G network” or “only 3G”, so the device will stop the constant search and jump in conditions of an unstable signal. In addition, it is necessary to limit the background activity of applications using the network.

9. Sounds
Disable key sounds, vibration when touching the screen, loading, and so on.

10. Screen brightness
Brightness is better to set to a minimum, but for me, let's say it does not fit, I always use the phone both on the street and in the room, so I have to use auto brightness.
Wallpapers and themes are better to use dark, white text on black, sort of like, less disastrous to charge than black on white.

11. Programs
As I have already described above, you should not use Google’s programs, but there are others that consume a charge - Facebook, various kinds of widgets with HD graphics, watches with seconds, live wallpapers, apps that use push notifications, sensors, and more. For example, in Chrome, in the settings for developers, it is not necessary to tick "tilt through" - the sensor is activated and goodbye, charge.
And what would you not say that Android itself completes unused programs, it is better to exit them through the "exit" button (where available), or "back", or close them yourself by clearing the window of recent applications.

12. Battery
Often, the reason for the Jora is a trite battery failure. You can check it bywayrecommended by tester99 in topic"Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S IV".
In addition to software solutions to problems with savings, it is important to consider the properties of the battery itself. Detailed instructions for extending battery life givescode.masterunder the spoiler below (however,many people believeThat such recommendations were relevant for Ni-Cd batteries and for Li-Ion, full discharge (up to 0) is the main evil and a factor that greatly affects the reduction in battery life. But, for example, on the contrary, this instruction has always helped to increase the battery life on different phones with Li-İon batteries, so decide for yourself:
"I use the phone until it is completely discharged, so that it turns itself off when it reaches a critical level. But then I don’t turn on the charging, and even more I discharge the battery. How do I do it?

In two ways - without removing the battery from the phone (not the most efficient way, but more convenient and safer) and the second way - pull the battery out of the phone, put it in the charger "frog" so that the contacts of the frog are connected to the battery's plus-minus, and To the contacts of the frog, connect a small bulb, at 12 volts. Or 6 volts, but 12 is better, because the slower the battery discharge process is, the better, for example, a 3.5 volt light bulb will quickly land the battery.

IMPORTANT POINT! Different manufacturers have different approaches to the management of the battery charge-discharge. Most modern designs battery manufacturers so that it simply ceases to apply a voltage to the contacts as if nothing inside the battery during the critical discharge. With this approach, if you connect a light bulb to a battery, you discharge it just to the point that you have to - to complete a valid discharge. After that, you disconnect the wires and the light bulb and put "Zhabko" with the battery in the socket - all charge went.
Just remember, some frogs are able to determine the polarity automatically, others are not able, so before you start discharging the battery with a light bulb - set the polarity. A green or red light should be lit on the frog when properly connected - see the instructions for the frog. If the frog does not know how to automatically determine the polarity and you mix it up, then when connected to the outlet, either a further discharge of the battery or something bad that will kill the battery will go, be careful.
In general, if the polarity is set correctly and the light went out - just put on the charge and let the battery is fully charged, all night and can Zhabko it takes. Then I recommend removing the battery from the Zhabko not immediately put it in the phone, and give her to lie down, at least for an hour - unless of course there is such a possibility. If not - you can immediately put into the phone. If the battery will lie down - electrochemical processes it ustakanilos, and it will keep longer. And if you took off the charging, put it directly into the phone, then the effect will be such that the battery is a little warm on the charge, and immediately start using it for her worse, she needs a little rest.
The second case is that the battery controller cannot automatically disconnect the battery from the source of load during a critical charge, in this case it is possible to kill the battery with a light bulb, if you allow it to discharge below the threshold level.
How to determine that the battery itself does not turn off? By connecting a light bulb, you will see that it eventually dims and dims lights up, but does not go out dramatically - this is the case when the controller can not automatically turn off, which is typical for many Chinese batteries. What can I recommend in this case? If there is a tester, you can discharge the battery to the level of 2.7 Volts - it will be safe, I will discharge even to the level of 2.4 volts, but you do not take risks.

Or a second method, which I wrote at the beginning (without pulling the battery out of the phone). This method is simple. When there is very little longer battery life, but the phone still works (eg in less than 5%), switch off your phone, then go to rekaveri mode. Or even go to somewhere, even in FlashMode, though in BootLoader or FastBoot mode, the phone has testified that he included - for example, will be ready to sign a flashing or will be launched rekaveri mode. And yet - then leave the phone turned on, it will lie and to work as long as the battery will reach to a critical value, and extinguished itself, or goes off the phone. After this, pull out the battery and charge Zhabko (do not forget about the polarity), or connect the phone to a charger, but do not include it, even charged off - so it will be charged longer, but safer. And in this way make a few charge-discharge cycles - for example, do this 5-7 times. After these procedures, you will feel how much longer the battery will hold a charge that will surpass any battle with veyklokami.

IMPORTANT! When charging the battery, even with a toad, even telephone charging, you do not need to try to disconnect from charging and connect it immediately again, such as for a stronger charge, because lithium batteries do not like the recharge mode, they will really hold the charge after this, but far less.
Besides all this, I took another conclusion that the Android system is somehow measures the discharge levels and battery charge, and if, for example, frequently recharge a phone that is not fully discharged, and for example, only up to 20%, then eventually the phone start confused and inconsistent readings show charge and discharge, and the battery controller itself may encounter a "memory effect". In electrical memory effect is called the effect, when you discharge the battery to approximately 20%, and then connect to the charging, charging to 100%, and then like she should be discharged to 0, but the battery as it thinks it has initially been charged with 0 instead to 20%, therefore, reached the level of 20%, it will be considered that have fully discharged (so the way can be considered, and the Android system), which is why it is so important to do this entire calibration process, about which I wrote above.
This helps me to extend the battery charge, and very well. In fact, the memory effect was valid for nickel-cadmium batteries, or nickel-magnesium batteries, while the lithium-ion batteries do not have this effect, but in reality this is not the case. The memory effect is also present on these batteries, although not as pronounced. "

13. I recommend
-In the intricacies of dealing with the battery consumption will help another programGSAM Battery Monitor.
Attached ImageAttached Image
In a slightly different way, she analyzes the reasons for Jora, but there are a bunch of options that are not available in the BBS.
Attached ImageAttached Image
Somewhere it may repeat the BBS data (the number of awakenings, for example, is equivalent to the signals in the BBS, the core wavelets can also be output separately), but somewhere it will give a more understandable explanation. For example, you can display all wakefulness on a separate screen, rather than scouring the BBS dump and highlighting the reasons.
Attached ImageAttached Image
Each application can be viewed separately and see which processes it has activated.
Attached ImageAttached Image
In general, if there is a desire to understand, then this program in no way interferes with BBS, but only complements and helps. Especially since I officially translate it and I don’t need knowledge of English to use this application.

- Absolutely necessary program -My Android Tools- it is possible to turn off both receivers, freeze services and applications.
- Of the great variety of programs that clean the system of garbage, I recommendSD Maid, silently fulfills its purpose, without awakening and not consuming the charge of the phone in other cases. Naturally, be careful not to remove anything you need (everything is configured), my translation of the program’s helphere.
- Trickster MOD- A program for fine-tuning the kernel will help reduce power consumption by changing parameters even on the drain (even if you slightly lower the upper frequency range, there will already be savings). I translate at the current stage again.
- AppOps- if the firmware does not have operations in the applications, you can use this program (ormodule for xposed) to disable permissions.
- A lot of useful information on energy saving can be learned fromtester99, in particular,here.
- Actually, the basic basics can lookhere.
- Who is interested in the new tool in Android 4.4 - process statistics,hereYou can meet him.
- Descriptionan integrated approach to the problem of energy savingon the example of one phone.
- The cardinal solution to all problems -example.
version 2.5-344 (98) with a convenience store (10/27/19)
version 2.4 (beta) and 2.5 (beta): BetterBatteryStats (Post gaich # 71896585) , version 2.5-325 (beta) from the market : BetterBatteryStats (Post Alex0047 # 85338449)
version 2.3: BetterBatteryStats (Post gaich # 70722088) , 2.4 - last stable
Version: 2.3 Mod BetterBatteryStats (Post Fint01 # 71982049)
full Russification, which continues on the basis of my translationBlue cat : BetterBatteryStats (Post Blue cat # 40200896) (current and previous versions)
A patched version working correctly for Samsung with Lollipop
version 2.3 (beta): BetterBatteryStats
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 56898087)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 56632232)
version (release): BetterBatteryStats (Post Alex0047 # 56127929)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 52891703)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 52827318)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 52018561)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 47840218)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 46040364)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 45838216)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 45827485)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 45794243)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 45794243)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 43571019)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 43520918)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 43520918)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 43471179)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post Alex0047 # 43443871)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 43269089)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 43098487)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 40977407)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 40383902)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 39883210)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post Alex-814 # 39577832)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post by gaich # 39387083)
version (release): BetterBatteryStats (Post # 37201286)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 37100603)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 36880385)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 36659302)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 36228395)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 36145116)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 35983381)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 35955987)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 35899512)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 35824736)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 35632122)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 35461306)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 35041107)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 33322552)
Version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 33297470)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 32638399)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 32615524)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 32576520)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 32511377)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 32494818)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 32473538)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 32311931)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 32166672)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 32166672)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 32057413)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 32034515)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 30250385)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 29981603)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 29937063)
version BetterBatteryStats (Post # 26951605)

We kindly request!
Please read the header before posting. Put the dump in inactivity, otherwise the post will be deleted so that the topic is not filled with unnecessary information that cannot be analyzed in any way. Details under the spoiler "Preparing dump".

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Rep: (1154)
Version released

What's new in this version:

Added 2x2, 2x1 and 1x1 widgets
Added Locale / Tasker plugin for saving dumps and / or custom refs automatically
Added toast when dumpfile was written
Added caching of Knowledge Base
Re-ordered statistics to a logical order
Added Deep Sleep to "other" stats
Only required 'su' rights are for 'dumpsys alarm' (fixing SuperUser issues). Make sure to call "Alarms" or unplug once to grant rights
Experimental: Added time for data stats

Rep: (8)
Tell me what program you can see the ID of the installed programs. My BetterBatteryStats shows that the main driver is AudioOut_1 with ID = 1013. I can not understand what this process is.

Rep: (3993)
I can not understand what this process is.

- but just google by the word "AudioOut_1 "religion does not allow? You will find a lot of interesting things, especially for example xda-developers . ;-)

Rep: (9)
Attached Image

Tell me, what is this process responsible for, that so many times I woke up the system?

And the most important thing is how to remove it. Gapps I have containing only the market.

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Rep: (0)
Hello. Prompt good people what's the problem and how to fight.
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Rep: (9)
Problem in phonewindowmanager.mbroadcastwakelock
As an option, the volume +/- button may be clamped (for example, if the phone is in a case)

Rep: (661)
BetterBatteryStats v1.12 Final

What's new
Added from / to references (spinners) instead of only having ”since” ref to ”current”
Added active monitoring
Initially unplugged ’is created automatically
Fixed empty stats on screen rotate
Automatically when the screen goes on
If you’re on the phone, you’ll be able to keep track of your watchdog.
Added credits
Fixed alarm details not being shown
Better logging verbosity controlled by advanced debug preference
Optimized real estate on screen and package info
Fixed tiny font widgets
Added pref to save dumpfile to private folder
Fixed alarms for android 4.2.2
Fix for 1x1 widget stopping being updated
Fix for fallback ref not being in 1x1 and 2x1 widgets
Less intrusive logging
New readme and rate dialogs
Fixed spinner height
Filter 0-values ​​applies to CPU state as well
Added (experimental) support for wakeup_sources (replacement of ”old” kernel wakelock representation)
Main view automatically refreshes "current"
Fixed 0 kwl and pwl in 2x2 widget
Fixed FC when calling BBS from watchdog notification
Fixed FC condition causing unknown error
Fixed CPU states showing negative percents
References are subject to changes. (Coming from 1.11)
Partial wakelocks and kernel wakelocks always show the same time for all stats
Fixed online KB failing to update
Changed the way su operations are processed
Make sure all root operations are running.
Added pref to show / hide the “reference to” spinner
Added screen on reference (saved when watchdog is active)
References are now stored in a database
Fixed FC condition in RAW alarms
Optimized loading for speed
Fixed watchdog not issuing any alerts
Fixed typos
Freeze time when BBS is opened / resumed (use “refresh” to update)
Copy to the clipboard
Option to write dmesg to file
Screen brightness stats / li>
Retrieval of KB is now an async task
Added mV / h to battery info (dumpfile)

Attached fileBetterBatteryStats v1.12 Final .apk(2.1 MB)

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Rep: (16)
I collected a Russified version with a translation of uv.gaich . Please check if possible. Attached fileBetterBatteryStats + v1.12_Final_Rus.apk (2.01 MB)

Rep: (29)
Tell me, gurus, what does the smallest widget (1x1) show? Only this red bar inside the battery is interested, what does it show? The green-yellow strip next to the left is clear.

Rep: (1193)
I collected a Russified version with a translation of uv. gaich Please check if possible. BetterBatteryStats + v1.12_Final_Rus.apk (2.01 MB) Downloads: 5


And another request - maybe someone knows the files where untranslated lines hide, for example, the second and third in this screenshot?
Attached Image

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Rep: (661)
BetterBatteryStats v1.12.0.2

What's in this version:
  • bug when migrating from 1.11
  • to battery% always shows current value and much more

Attached fileBetterBatteryStats.V. MB)

Post has been editedzgenia44 - 12.03.13, 13:47

Rep: (10)
Has anyone encountered a situation when the 1X1 widget is not displayed on the screen? That is, it is there, you can see even the background from it but there is nothing on it. What to do?

Rep: (29)
In the settings for this widget (not the background for it) you need to set the opacity to be non-zero. Settings widgets in Settings, 4th point below.
And what will this widget show? I mean red stob inside the battery, huh?

Rep: (495)
I put a program, I try to catch the guilty in devouring the battery
jumped out such a process* overflow * , according to the recommendation from the FAQ from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...amp;postcount=3
where it is written that there are too many counters and such a process appears
this data immediately after the reboot (even 30 seconds have not passed)
what can show so much activity, and how to understand what kind of cunning process is behind the 1013 tsyferkami ?!
Attached Image

Rep: (1193)
Modified Russification on version
Well, I will tell you - the application really does not provide for translation into other languages ​​... Well, you can kill yourself — search over thousands of files to find the line you need to translate ... Therefore, I don’t promise that everything is 100 percent translated. See for yourself ...
Attached fileBetterBatteryStats_xdaedition_1.12.0.2_GB.apk(2.12 MB)

Attached Image

Rep: (133)
What's in this version:
Fix migration issues from 1.11 leading to inconsistent stats
make sure BatteryInfoUnavailableException
for battery
fixed different error conditions from crash reports
Attached fileBetterBatteryStats MB)

Rep: (46)
To start the monitoring program you need to minimize or click - back?
Does it make sense to update from to I would just understand that the charge kills in sleep mode.

Post has been editedDelCaos - 16.03.13, 03:06

Rep: (1193)
BetterBatteryStats_xdaedition_1.12.2.0 in the Russian version.
Attached fileBetterBatteryStats_xdaedition_1.12.2.0_GB.apk(2.12 MB)

v1.12.2.0 2013-03-15
Cache issues fixed
Added more logging options
Fixed synchronization problems that sometimes led to an empty “before” column
Fixed task plugin errors

: DP.S still the translator decided to pester himself - the whole weekend to hell ...

Rep: (46)
Update meaning is-translated almost completely
In sleep mode, killed 11% of the charge. Before that, the SystemPanel stood and the value was 18% ... apparently 7% she ate.
Dear, help me figure out the graphs and various meanings that exactly the battery hawks.

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Reason for editing: remove screenshots under spoiler

Rep: (1193)
Update meaning is-translated almost completely
In sleep mode, killed 11% of the charge. Before that, the SystemPanel stood and the value was 18% ... apparently 7% she ate.
Dear, help me figure out the graphs and various meanings that exactly the battery hawks.

I still think this is a program for "tweaking". I, for example, still useGSAM battery monitor., there you can more clearly calculate the "eating applications", and here you can finish off the smallest details. And according to these graphs everything seems to be normal - the time of wakefulness is almost equal to the time of the screen on, active services, Google and Android, you can’t get away from it, I also have the same situation - for some reason, Google decided to synchronize my contacts tonight and devoured 15% , and the next night, Google slept, did nothing on the phone, went to all sorts of other small things about 5 percent ...

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