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Rep: (35)
Well then. Good evening, the inhabitants of this topic, long followed the developments, discussions, and in general was an observer, but after listening, reading the topic, reviews, etc ... I still bought myself this phone today.
The device was brought to me this morning from the UAE (although sales have already begun in the city (also today))
Apparently, I am the first Russian-speaking person to write about purchasing a commercial version.
Kit was very pleased (even I will say I was surprised by the fact that I have not seen it in any review)
- usb cable
- hdmi cable
- spare film (one already on the screen)
- NFS tags - 2pcs
- headphones
- charging
- charging for the car (this is a pleasant surprise)

Now, as for the matte plastic of which the phone is made, everyone praises it, honestly I didn’t like it, well, plastic is like plastic, I also didn’t impress to touch (I probably like the cover of HTC Sensation more)
Everyone here wrote horror as buggy, etc. I will say right away nothing buggy. I turned on the phone for the first time, gave it 5 minutes to boot as expected, picked it up and everything just flies.
As for the backlash and the gaps between the roof (the lid just cannot be closed with one hand, it does not work) if the lid is not closed correctly and it does not fall into the slots, then there are gaps, but if you close everything as it should be ok.
Nothing will hold you together or backlash.
I haven’t tested the camera yet, as I bought it at once, I killed the entire battery charge (wifi + internet) and I’ll also say that the browser doesn’t slow down (although it’s written about this) everything works smoothly (so now the device is charging, I’ll start only tomorrow)
Now as for the 3 touch buttons, I already knew in principle that you need to press them a little (but as it turned out, this is not necessary either) everything works fine, I populate with my large fingers without any problems and everything works as it should.

Personally, my opinion (the phone is worth its money) I am not picky and I will not look for cons, but at first glance it’s really wow. And the display is super, too, there are no words, in my opinion much better than the GHS 2

I am a simple user, I do not torture the phones, I do not check all quadrants, so if there are questions, and suggestions, what and how to check, please check,)
Do not kick for a shallow review, because I repeat I am a simple user, and I am on all the numbers, etc. don't care, I liked the phone, I bought it, that's all

Rep: (1)
Well, the telephone part is interesting. How to talk to the other person? Do you hear well? And do you hear the voice well? How is the ring speaker? Loud? Well, how fast is the battery discharged? Does the charge melt before your eyes?

Rep: (35)
rom2sita I definitely forgot about it, too, I read here that the connection is quiet, etc ... but I’ll say this is okay, considering what I don’t hear very well, well, not a bit muffled ... the phone transmits the conversation well, loudly, wheezing I did not notice the speakers, everything works cleanly, the connection does not disappear, now they are observed with communication problems (often lost on a different device), again, I did not notice it. Well, as the charge still melts, the first factory charge lasted for about 2.30 - 2.45 continuous picking in the internet ...

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Rep: (128)
Could you say about the sound in the headphones? And put the live wallpaper and tell me how the interface will work smoothly? jerking? and how is the deal with battery life? everyone will be very grateful to you.

Rep: (1)
2-30 not a lot. Apparently, it was charged at 50-60?
Does it charge really fast? It would be very interesting how it charges from zero to 100%. How long?

Post has been editedrom2sita - 10.03.12, 17:32

Rep: (35)
Live wallpapers are standing, everything works smoothly, nothing slows down (again, I repeat) I gave him 5 minutes after the first launch so that it loads as it should.
2-30 - no doubt that the 50 was charged, the widget did not set, but according to the standard designation it was almost in the red range (that is, if on the standard designation of the battery) it was less than half.
from 0 to 100 percent, he picked up for 1.45 - (when turned off), he spotted it on purpose. but the phone is still not touching, let the first time for 6-8 hours hang on charging (since I used to the old way))) to give a long 1 charge.
The sound in the headphones has not yet been checked (but I think Sony will not overlap and the sound will be gorgeous even with complete headphones) I did not check the headphones because the goal was to quickly land the phone, give a full charge and already start messing around and experimenting ...

Post has been editedDJ_Uncle - 10.03.12, 18:27

Rep: (128)
Please unsubscribe about your feelings from the device. Very interesting. thank

Rep: (11)
But how does the phone feel in the hand, does not it seem like a shovel?

Rep: (5)
Interested in the sound quality in this unit (headphones and external speaker), how does it feel in your hand?

Rep: (35)
Well, I don’t even know how to tell, I’m delighted that I bought it. It works smoothly, the video (pre installed) reproduces with a wow effect (the display is really cool) that I don’t even know, ask. I haven't turned too much ... I turned it on in the afternoon ... I put it on ... I put it on charge ... until I touch ...
The phone feels good in the hand (but when I just took it in my hand I was afraid that it would slip out as it didn’t sit very well in my hand, but I’ll get used to this thing) with a shovel it does not feel, but again with my hands ... it feels like let's say 4.0 diagonal (in In principle, it does not seem huge) I put the Sony Ericsson Neo next to it - so the Neo seems to be a small child in size (and when there is no number with the CXC orientier in the form of another phone, I’ll say that it is too small)))

Rep: (35)
Shat-off The sound quality of the external speaker is very good, turned on specifically to the full volume. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t crack, it plays all smoothly. Headphones did not check. I'll check tomorrow.
lfoksw11 As for the camera, photo, video - I still can not. Tomorrow I'll try to do it. Today the device is charging (in the old-fashioned way for a long time of the first charge)

Post has been editedDJ_Uncle - 10.03.12, 17:54

Rep: (2081)
Dj_Uncle @ 03/10/2012, 21:33*
The goal was to quickly put the phone to give full charge

It was necessary to discharge the percent to 5-7, turn off the bodies and turn off the charging to the charging, then charge fully, after two hours unhook the charging and turn on! : good: Although in SXS a new charger is more powerful, I don’t know how much it would affect the charging time of a new body in the off state;) well, in general, I would do that: D

By the wayDJ_Uncle , you have this widget in widgets as it is called?
Attached Image

Can you scroll later this place in widgets? : thank_you:

Post has been editedmuzontnt - 10.03.12, 18:09

Rep: (35)
Shark XL - Bishkek
muzontnt - Well, the body is now charging and so in the off state (although it has been charged for a long time ... just as usual as it is usual, I wait a long time) I didn’t pick the widgets very much ... and didn’t look (it will all be tomorrow) - by the way they are as they called them ... that I didn’t immediately understand what it was ...

Rep: (4)
for a long time from 0 to 100% it was charged, when tomorrow you start using it, watch the time, and then try when it is discharged for 10 minutes to charge, how many percent will be

Rep: (2081)
Dj_Uncle @ 03/10/2012, 10:18 PM*
by the way they called them widgets ...

graphic fragments
Attached Image
Attached Image

I have on arc Home from SXS: D

Post has been editedmuzontnt - 10.03.12, 19:29

Rep: (35)
necrlol - I'll check tomorrow ...
muzontnt - ooo) exactly it was)

Rep: (8)
And lay out examples of photos, preferably in different conditions, if possible

Rep: (2)
DJ_Uncle If it's not difficult to install the toy "shadowgun", will it slow down? )

Rep: (4)
A big request to the first Russian-speaking owner of Xperia S: test the battery. Does he melt before our eyes: for example, tomorrow you'll watch all kinds of widgets, remember how much was at the beginning of charging, and then, after the end of the views, record the time of the tests and how much the battery has sat down. Well, again, after a few conversations on how much the battery sits, it is also interesting to know! Really looking forward to your comments on the life of the battery. Thank!

Rep: (14)
DJ_Uncle ,
Does the phone have a g-sensor or an accelerometer?

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