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Last update of the program in the header:7.10.2012

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The Recorder program, designed to work on smartphones running MeeGo 1.2, is a voice recorder with a beautiful interface and diverse functionality.
With this application you can not only make sound recordings, but also manage recorded clips directly from the program: play, delete, go to the next, change the volume, etc.
A distinctive feature of the program from its counterparts is the display on the main screen of the volume level indicator, which measures readings in real time.

  • Voice recorder with a beautiful interface


Russian interface: Not

DEB: Attached fileir-recorder_1_356655.1.0_armel.deb (1.9 MB)

Past versions
Attached fileRecorder_v.1.0.7.deb(1.55 MB)
Attached fileir_recorder_1_356655.0.8_armel.deb(1.55 MB)
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Rep: (12223)
Recorder v.1.0.8.

Added to the cap.

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Recorder v.1.0.9

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Recorder v.1.1

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The debit is incorrectly attached, it is impossible to download.


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Tell the inexperienced. And how to install the "Dictaphone" downloaded to the computer in the subject?

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I will write for those, then they will go here or they have already installed and found adventures on their buttocks ...
This is the old version of the program, it is better to climb over to DictaRec from the author’s identity (or something else), you will find on the forum.
Detected jambs - if you specify that the bitrate is automatic (by default, this is the case), then the bitrate = 0 is written, but it records normally. you just can not listen to your recording, and if it starts playing, the rewind will not work, you can only listen to everything consistently. Bitrate has the property reset to the default value.
Then the developer for acc zafigachil container matryoshka, so that you again listen to hell, but if you change the extension to mkv, then - lo and behold! : rolleyes:
How to rip out the sound? Straight in mp3 did not feel good. You need to rename the file to mkv, convert it to VLC to OGG with the video turned off, and then you can do something with this normal Vorbis_, for example, in Aimp, without constantly departing converters. I do not deny that there are converters that work with data spitting on the inscribed attributes and parameters of media data, but many have VLC on PCs, so it is taken as an example.

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