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TouchWiz 4.0 | [OEM] Samsung Proprietary Port

Rep: (2208)
TouchWiz 4.0
Version: PaWill's Mod

Last update of the program in the header:02.04.2012

Tags: llll launcher

Attached Image
Attached Image

Short description:
Samsung Desktop

Ported version. Supported android 2.2.x, 2.3.x, ICS
To complete the work requires installation in/ system / app and / system / lib (for libglcanvas.so), i.e. As a system application through the recovery in the form of an update or by copying apk and libglcanvas.so (extract from apk yourself).
In a typical installation, there will be no selection of widgets in the form of scrolling at the bottom of the screen (as in the screenshot) and the ability to remove programs directly from the launcher.
Landscape and portrait modes are supported (except for version 2.2.x).
Installing on stock firmware from Samung and their fashion is strongly not recommended.There will be buggy Samsung widgets, since They require the original signature of Samsung, which the company refused to give me. : D For stock Samsung firmware, I have special versions in my signature.
Only for the screen resolution of 800 * 480, 1280 * 800, 1280 * 720.

Developer: Samsung

Additional Information
Russian interface: Yes

Additional screenshots
Attached Image
Attached Image

Download: ICS
Attached fileupdate.TouchWiz4.ICS.zip(1.15 MB)
Attached fileTouchWiz30LauncherICS.apk(1.03 MB)

Download: 2.2.x (without landscape)
Attached fileTouchWiz30Launcher22x.apk(899.07 KB)

Download: 2.3.x
Attached fileTouchWiz30Launcher23x.apk(896,41 РљР‘)

Please unsubscribe on which devices did not start with the version of the firmware.
Does not work on the following devices / firmware

Past versions

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Rep: (2)
Is this how it will be on the ics firmware on sgs 2?

Rep: (172)
Finally, landscape mode added! less than three years)

Rep: (2208)
on the original landscape mode is locked

Rep: (14)
Hello, dear, PaWill, for some reason, I have the bottom row of econools sliding down in landscape mode.
Build 15
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Rep: (102)
The HTC Sensation works, but it looks like a lot.

Rep: (58)
I am not very sure. I already have 2.3.6 on TouchWiz 4.0, and this one looks like ICS. Can I set it too?

Rep: (2208)
I have screenshots made from build 16 and nothing comes down
No, this version will not start.

Post has been editedPawill - 02.03.12, 06:23

Rep: (14)
Today I set 16 Bild, it does not move anything. Everything is clear.
The only thing is that once all the econes disappeared from the main screen. In the application you could go.
Rebooted, everything appeared.

Rep: (27)
Give a link to 16 Build and how it works

Rep: (14)
Samsung Galaxy S CyanogenMod 9 Firmware (Android 4 ICS)
Everything is in the cap, under the spolers.

Rep: (524)
1280x720 everything moves out. Desktops are as high as 800px in height, below them are table indicators, then the kilometer is empty and there are 4 buttons from the very bottom :)

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Rep: (0)
Tell me please, is there a video call choice there?

Rep: (2208)
Fuf_Nuf @ 03/05/2012, 10:09*
1280x720 everything moves out.

will you test?

Post has been editedPawill - 05.03.12, 20:31

Rep: (3)
I9000 Can be installed Thank you

Rep: (16)
This launcher can not be done under HVGA and 2.3?

Rep: (10)
Tell me what the problem is: installed through the recovery as update.zip, it seems the installation was successful, but when you turned on, nothing changed !!!!

Rep: (1625)
I have an error. When installing through a backup, writes Error in .... Installing aborted.
And with a normal installation, it is installed, but it does not start. What can you do?

Rep: (2208)
do you have ICS firmware?
appeared in the list of installed applications?
After a reboot, does the choice of launcher appear?

Post has been editedPawill - 07.03.12, 20:48

Rep: (1625)
Yes, I have ICS. It wasn’t even established through the rikavi.A with the usual installation, the choice of the launcher appears. I click, gives an error.

Rep: (524)
PaWill @ 03/05/2012, 9:27 PM*
will you test?

ready, knocking in a personal, if that.
720p screenshots
Attached Image
Attached Image

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