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27.02.12, 07:50

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DiscussionYota LU150
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Dimensions: 78x28.1x12.3mm
Weight: 20 grams
Communication Standard: 3GPP E-ULTRA Rel 8 (LTE)
Antenna: built-in
Connection type: USB and Micro USB ports (version 2.0 and higher)
System requirements: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / Mac OS 10.5 / 10.6 / 10/7 Linux and others with CDC / RNDIS support

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03.02.19, 20:40

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Tell me, I modem the modem to the very top of the window, ping in games drops, in the evening it is not stable, but the signal level is 0 or in minuses. I omit below, the signal level around 4-9 becomes, but the ping in games increases. It turns out when at the top he barely barely catches LTE, and below surely 3g?
13.02.19, 14:42
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Thanks downloaded, only there exe is not there to install, where to manually throw?

1. Insert the modem
2. Go to equipment and printers
3. The right button "Properties" on the modem
4. There, change the device parameters
5. Driver tab
6. Refresh - specify the folder with the archive
7. Restart computer
08.03.19, 21:14
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only when you insert the modem blue screen crashes and it is impossible to do so
08.03.19, 23:48
I'm somewhere near ...

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parnisha71 @ 03/08/19, 21:14*
only when you insert the modem blue screen crashes

On Win10, you must first install alternative drivers from the theme, and then insert a modem, otherwise it will be BSOD ...

The optimist believes that we live in the best of worlds. A pessimist is afraid that it is so ... (c)
07.04.19, 13:44

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* Starkweather26,

The 4G signal is weak, but it is set as a priority for any device, as the standard of the highest generation. In 3G, the signal is probably stronger and therefore works better. As a solution - connect the modem toexternal cellular antennaif the modem has connectors. It is better to pick up something from broadband antennas such as Agatha or Petra, with Mimo technology. The higher the gain, the better the effect. If you take Mimo, you will need 2 more cable assemblies and 2 pigtails. The antenna needs to be raised higher, placed either on the facade or on the mast above the roof, but correctly adjusting the direction is perhaps the most important and important. Only then it will turn out to get high speed mobile internet 3G and 4G LTE.
21.05.19, 10:18
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ZTE V790

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Yesterday, 02:32

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ironfelix88 @ 01.21.19, 15:22*
For several years, the modem lay in the nightstand without work, but it was needed - I went to the office, I unblocked it, but wrote “connection” in the webmord, CellID and SNR, ip-address does not receive

The same garbage.
Hangs in scan mode, but does not connect.
Found a solution?

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