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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

ivi.ru | Internet cinema application ivi.ru

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Last update of the program in the header:25.09.2012

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The cinema application ivi.ru provides access to the largest free collection of licensed videos of the Russian Internet.
With the application ivi.ru you can watch movies, TV shows, TV programs, cartoons in excellent quality for free and legally.

Cinema is available for viewing online without registration, you do not need to download anything.
• Thousands of movies, TV shows, cartoons and programs for free and online!
• Ratings ivi.ru, IMDb and Kinopoisk;
• Ability to see descriptions of films and a list of actors;
• Metro interface

When using we recommend to connect to Wi-Fi.

Program author: ivi.ru

Russian interface: Yes

XAP: Attached fileivi_ru_v1.4.0.0.xap (904.45 KB)

Previous versions:

WP7 Market: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-RU/apps/683...b4-72e20f02e5b0

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Reason for editing: v.1.4

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XAP file:Attached fileivi_ru_v1.0.0.0.rar(903.51 KB)

Rep: (458)
After installing xap-a, it writes about the invalidity of the license and offers to download the off version from the market, but in other markets except Russian (for now?) Is not available. MB how to break it?

Post has been editeds-droid - 26.02.12, 11:41

Rep: (518)
then hapu need to sign something like that ... In the evening I’m poking around with the applets.

Rep: (518)
I tried to download Hapu with different settings. Certificates must be all in place.Attached fileivi_ru_v1.0.0.0.rar(910.15 KB)

Rep: (4)
Installed from the market, writes "the content is not reproducible for your region"? region of Russia.

Post has been editedgva72 - 26.02.12, 12:23

Rep: (53)
Something does not show me through wi-fi. The shell works, when you click on the view point on the black screen run. After 3g, too, through time.

Post has been editedAlekseyG - 26.02.12, 13:33

Rep: (458)
After installing the 2nd version, the label does not even appear = (

Rep: (15)
Dawn was waiting. And then I installed it, I'm going to watch a movie in the subway. Lyapota .....

Rep: (26)
Gva72 @ 02.26.2012, 13:21*
Installed from the market, writes "the content is not reproducible for your region"? region of Russia.

I am now in Thailand and writes the same thing.
Maybe you need to be in Russia?

Rep: (4)
In Germany, too, does not plow: (

Rep: (458)
Apparently checked by LiveID I'm in Russia, and this account does not show European (GB) from this

Rep: (1)
and it does not work for me

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Reason for editing: removed (((((((

Rep: (156)
When I rewind, everything becomes in squares, not clearly: (not very convenient

Rep: (156)
Updated to ability to add har no :(

Rep: (374)
Attached fileivi_ru_v1.3.0.0.xap(1007.82 KB)

Post has been editedkirk999 - 14.05.12, 12:09
Reason for editing: went to the cap

Rep: (158)
A good application, but writes - "Content is not available in your region", can there be any opportunity for the author to correct, so that it works in other regions? Change of language and region on a smart gives nothing ... Region - Europe - Germany ...

Rep: (0)
Could not see more than one video: "Content is not available for display in your region"

Rep: (0)
The same garbage about content

Rep: (2)
Nobody tried to pay for the "content"?

Rep: (0)
The player displays the message “Unfortunately, this video is not available for viewing in your region.”

ivi.ru is a site with a licensed video, the rights to which are purchased for a certain territory. Currently, our entire catalog is licensed for display on the territory of the Russian Federation. In the future we plan to expand the geography of our broadcasting.

The region is determined based on your IP address. If you live in Russia and see such a message, please write to us at [email protected]

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