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Themes and decorations Samsung GT-I9001 Galaxy S Plus (Part Two) | Themes, decorations and their discussion

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Themes, decorations, software modifications forGT-I9001 Galaxy S Plus
The second part of.

PictureGalaxy S 2011 Edition

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      Extended Quicksettings v.2.0.2 by j4n87 + LeeDroid Tweaks

      Suitable for firmware based on 3.24.401.1 and 3.25.401.1 Advanced menu switches with the ability to customize.
      There will be screenshots

      XDA thread


Themes, modifications and other decorations
The minimum set for improvements and battery saving - no need to put additional programs!
BEFORE MODIFICATION MANDATORYmake COPIES of original filesand save them on BB !!!
BEFORE making "decorations"MAKE DEOdex!!! WHAT IS DEOdex?
Deodexing Instructions (DeOdex)firmware with ROOTby access from artnef and Wild cat

Boot animation when loading the body (Animated Android) from stemline
Booth animation 3D Droid in space from poppuri
Collection boot boot animation from mpal
Another set of boot BIOS-style animations from Wild cat
Collection of boot animation Animation set III from Wild cat
Loaded animation in the style of the series "Stargate SG-I" from Wild cat
Boot animation in style Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 from Wild cat
A small pack (3 pcs.) Boot animation from Wild cat
Collection of boot animation (15 pcs.) from drgoo
Collection of boot animation from FrosTPK
Stock 3rd touch visas ( as amended! ) from stemline
Touch visas 4 ( set a simple replacement for the standard 3rd! )
Collection of wallpapers from Wild cat
Collection of animated wallpapers (sample Wild cat )
Replacing the standard screen on the analog from Android 3.0 from artnef
Font Collection for Android OS from Wild cat
Keyboard TouСЃhPal ("Killer" Swype!) - Intuitive input mode like in Swype! RUSSIAN DOWNLOAD there!

Firmware 2.3.4

Firmware 2.3.5

Advanced Pack for firmware2.3.5 and 2.3.6 from stemline

Firmware 2.3.6
Square battery 3D with percentages from stemline
Battery Collection from eek323
A small graphic pack modifications from stemline
Enlarged photo (half of the screen) and the rising call is removed from stemline
Mod with stock graphics ( supplemented! ) from stemline
Disable autoconversion sms in mms from stemline
Prefab pack from Astartsev
Touch Visa 4.5 RUS from poppuri
Small graphic pack adapted max654
Modified upper curtain from mpal
ICS style theme pack (Android 4.0) Install via CWM! from the xda forum
Modifications forLiteStock from the author of the firmware kelt525
Photographing with the ON button
Universal archive (for self-creating installation packages from CWM) from mpal
PUMA program ( to modify files-remove the rising call, increase the number of smsetc., including the stock firmware! ) from Pako777

Everything that you do - at your own peril and risk! Authors of manuals and mods are not responsible for your actions! Installation of any decorations, start only after installationCWR and creating complete BEKAPA the whole system! How to install CWR can be read in the second post of this topic - Instructions, manuals, tips .

This topic discusses issues related to the "graphic" part of the device: themes, widgets, dialers, patches, icons, etc. Getting S-OFF, ROOT, installing firmware, kernels, recovery, and other system components, as well as a discussion of this whole economy, is conducted in specialized topics. I remind you that it is customary to express gratitude on our forum by raising the reputation of a specific participant. Messages like “Pamagite! I did not backup, put ... and now I have a constant reboot, what to do? "," Thank you! You are super !!! ”, flood and offtopic - will be deleted without warning. The authors of such messages 3 days RO.

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Instructions, manuals, tips

[color = royalblue]
[/ color]
RESTORING your data when installing a new firmware (from backup-a!) from Wild cat
VIDEO-instructions for installing the firmware via Multidownloader

MOST DETAILED instructions for firmware-setting up the phone ( CAUTION a lot of beeches! ) from JWaTTo
ENABLE 3-button mode (for firmware!) and 2-button (for recovery!)
Log in to Recovery Mode without USB lanyard.
FAQ on setting up and connecting the Samsung Kies program
Stock programs that can be removed from the device! Make it easy!
NET CWM ( without modem firmware and kernel !!!Instructions inside the archive! ) from Wild cat
Installing CWM or kernel via terminal
FeaModRecovery (CWM + video driver) collection of all versions! from mpal

WHAT is CWM and what is it for!?!?! (read under the cut!)
ClockworkMod recovery (CWM) - Modified unofficial recovery, which is available for most devices running Android. It has much more features than native recovery. On some devices it is installed instead of native recovery, on other devices it is installed in parallel. Allows you to install unofficial firmware, easily install patches and patches in the form of zip files, create a backup of the firmware and user data, reset to factory settings (wipe data / factory reset), clear the cache (cache), dalwick cache (Dalvik-cache ), battery statistics (battery stats), formatting and partitioning on a memory card and much more.

Installation InstructionsCWMand mounting adrenaline (everything you need is in the archive!) from Wild cat
CWM update (FeaModRecowery 1.4) from the XDA forum, without changing the kernel! from mpal
FAQ by sectionCWM menu(for beginners Androvodov!)
Step-by-step instructions on the firmware of ANY CSC on ANY firmware (specifically on the Ukrainian!) from AleksHr
Swype error fix instructions (if it occurs when loading the body!)
Restoration of "bricks" without SC ( need to solder the cable! )
Battery calibration program and instructions from Wild cat
Remedy for the error "unexpected closing of programs and processes ..."after flashing"! from Wild cat
Secret codes (service, dial via dialer!) from mpal
Installation MODEM (Phone part of the firmware!) From max654


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I understand, I see how they started to spin for a couple of days .... the situation is such — I cannot put a photo on the lock screen, I always have a photo of my daughter, it is important for me, from the heart, if time is

Rep: (426)
Strangely, I did not succeed either, but I remember for sure that when it was like this I put my own gallery and the picture was set ....
I will look at my leisure, Sedna - tomorrow, I will try to find out what the problem is

Rep: (2766)
FrosTPK @ 02.24.2012, 15:44*
Strangely, I did not succeed either, but I remember for sure that when it was like this I put my own gallery and the picture was set ....

I tried, everything works. Your gallery is from add-ons

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FrosTPK @ 02.24.2012, 13:15*

prefet! if possible, correct it in 5.6 when you add pictures or music in mms, the font is unreadable. And so everything works great !!!! )

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It’s important to see, because I’m talking when replacing it, the picture is placed and not in any way.

Posted 02/24/2012, 4:53 PM:

it's already tomorrow at 5.8
Sedna will be 5.7 (Sedna I can no longer fix this)

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Stand your mod 5.6 in no way put a picture on the locker!

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we already know this, I asked to indicate which firmware

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2 minutes ago installed 1nfecting_MOD__ICS_v.5.6.zip and here again lagged behind the topic: D
FrosTPK could you explain how you can in 1nfecting_MOD__ICS_v.5.7.zip replace the battery with the one you did for the Wild Cat, otherwise, if you put it on top, it changes the curtain, but I need a battery. I really love it, but not to fall behind
Thank you in advance!

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When rolling a battery pack, the framework-res.apk file is being replaced, it is exactly the same as in the main pack only in it there are other pictures of the battery, so that it can not change the curtain at all

Posted 02/24/2012, 8:01 PM:

AFT 5 minutes, at the same time I personally check the battery from Kote

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FrosTPK , each time after installing the next version of your mod, you have to delete gmail, allshare, google talk and voice search again. Why are you shoving out of your pack? : beee:

Rep: (426)
I checked, only the type of battery changes, the stock remains exactly the same as in the usual pack, so I do not even know what to tell you

Posted 02/24/2012, 8:09 PM:

mb because i need them? and mb because they stand not only for me but also for other people, and the icons are replaced with ICS icons, and what prevents you from entering the archive before installing and deleting those applications that are not needed?

Rep: (25)
And before installing, you need to delete the old version? If so, how?

Rep: (426)
Well, I kind of already answered, but in general you, of course, pinned me, I did not expect this from you
Inactive items are gray, active blue, tobish if data transmission is turned off then it will not be blue

no, don't

Rep: (426)
Here another answer is brewing - Please read the logs, please, I do not write them for myself

Fix the boot icon in the curtain (when jumping from Markt).
Temporarily return the stock unlock, because the lock was not working (it was impossible to set a picture on the lock), - the stock file was modeled, made the Restart and Restore items.
Recycling graphics (top buttons and buttons in the application menu) in Music_Player.apk is in our general style under ICS - Tremered.
Recycling graphics (top buttons and buttons in the application menu) in mms.apk - in our general style under ICS - Tremered.
Recycling graphics (top buttons and buttons in the application menu) in JobManager.apk is in our general style under ICS - Tremered.
Recycling graphics (top buttons and buttons in the application menu) in MyFiles.apk is in our general style under ICS - Tremered.
Recycling graphics (top buttons and buttons in the application menu) in Phone.apk is in our general style under ICS - Tremered.
Recycling graphics (top buttons and buttons in the application menu) in TouchWizCalendar.apk is in our general style under ICS - Tremered.
* Updated battery files (for fixing download icons in the notification line), updated MediumPhoto package (photo on the floor for changes described above)

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Reason for editing: + from naduvanchik

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Dear, can someone tell me such a question .... I put the packs from the respected FrosTPK, different versions .... the last 5.6 ..... The blind, modified by 7 buttons (it’s been a long time ago) has not changed, as it was gray and stayed ..... Not that it bothered me, but interestingly - why is this)?

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Guys tell me I put the pack 1nfecting_MOD__ICS_v.5.5.zip, and I installed the program DU Meter, it showed the speed of the Internet in the blind and on this pack you can not see all the black, how to fix it?

Rep: (48)
Alex85865 @ 25.2.2012, 8:32*
Guys tell me I put the pack 1nfecting_MOD__ICS_v.5.5.zip, and I installed the program DU Meter, it showed the speed of the Internet in the blind and on this pack you can not see all the black, how to fix it?

update pack ...

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Curtain instructions

Attached Image

Attached fileExtended_Status_Bar_XXKQ1.zip(1.25 MB)

here is not a transparent black background, did FrosTPK

Attached fileSystemUI.apk(336.83 KB)

This is what the settings menu looks like.
Attached Image

this is where labels are selected
Attached Image

here you can adjust the order of labels relative to each other, labels that do not fit scroll in a circle.
Attached Image

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