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> Digma iDx9 - Firmware | Digma iDx9, iDx9 3G
21.02.12, 08:47

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Digma iDx9 - Firmware
PictureDigma iDx9, Digma iDx9 3G
IDx9 Description | IDx9 3G Description | Discussion » | games and apps » | Firmware »

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12.01.17, 13:49

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people, and how to actually flash idx9 3g ?? via flash drive? And what keys to clamp to start the firmware process?
12.01.17, 14:06
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* Arko182,
look at the hatDigma iDx9 - Firmware (Post burovikk26 # 16773961)

I love the right beer, here is the right beer Vodka!
10.05.17, 22:35

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Hello everyone, they gave this miracle to see what was wrong with him! Everything works, but after pressing the off / lock button, the screen goes dead, as it should be, after pressing again the screen does not light up, the home button, menu, etc. when you click on them, light up and there are sounds from the tablet, it helps only reset, again before the screen goes out. I tried to reflash to 4.0.3 and 4.1.1 anyway, the same problem, tell me what could be the matter? Digma idx9 3g 1gb

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27.07.17, 13:52
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Craftsmen, experts and just good ryabyats, good day to you: thank_you:
Tell me please, this firmware is suitable forBliss Pad R9010..
Lying about doing nothing, it’s a pity to throw out, I don’t even know what to do with it, at least for spare parts and something to come up with. : blush:

I do not rummage in this, and Temka with this tablet is closed, I apologize for the post past the cashier ..
He seems to have the same chipsetRockChip RK2918 1000 MHz
Again, if something freezes stupid, then ... sorry, I do not rummage = (
26.09.17, 14:52
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Good day to all. I got this miracle IDx9 3G. The trouble with him is this: charging is not going, pushing the battery straight. When you click on / off, the android with digma bla bla bla bla lights up. In theory, it should start, but no. Let go of the button and everything goes out. In the recovery is not included. What are the thoughts, what to do?

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07.12.17, 18:44

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Tell me why idx9 3g does not see sim yota?

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