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The first rule: in this topic are given only signatures. For pearls in messages exist Pearls of Our Forum ; in statuses - Pearls in statuses. For catch phrases and sayings exist favorite quotes, sayings
Rule two: no reference to the "owner" of the signature is allowed.
Rule Three: signatures with rules violations (mats, insults, etc.) that moderators did not have time to remove are prohibited.

The topic is not flood and do not comment. Remarques in their posts are allowed (witty - welcome).
Before creating a message, it is recommended to use a search on the topic, so as not to “fear” ...

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* syncmaster172,
So what? This is a quote from the classics - Leonid Filatov "The Tale About Fedot-Archer Young Daredevil")

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* Anatoliy ,


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Serious talk is not my fad, my fad is the Humpbacked Horse.

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* Anatoliy Yes syncmaster172 like a plushkin - dragging without a doubt everything that comes to my eyes!
sorry no - / + posts

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Do not confuse Cyrillic and Latin!

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Sometimes you want to quit, fill the vacuum with minced meat and rush out to Bangladesh

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Even if you have been eaten, you still have two choices ...

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Born in the USSR, I would like to die there;)

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I would change the world, but God does not give the source ...

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The man was born tired and must live to rest! ..

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Strongly do not swear, I'm just from the Urals :) I left myself. It was warm in itself, summer and brandy ...
RatingsNOT MINUS . Only plus .

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/_/_/ == (_|_)
/ _ / _ / So take a selfie in such a way as to prove that this is impossible © ©<Nick>

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Sorry if it is crookedly written. never knew how to write

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Russian-speaking developer - do not forget about the Russian language in the application!

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Moderators, be human!
: D aru

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Do not be afraid if you are alone, be afraid if YOU ARE ZERO ...

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What does not kill us ... we do not buy.

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