General issues of purchasing devices running BlackBerry OS in online stores | Also here we publish coupons and codes for discounts.

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General issues of purchasing devices running BlackBerry OS in online stores

Where can one buy?
FAQ on buying portable devices abroad

Handtec - due to the recent cancellation of PayPal, it is not recommended to buy here
Computeruniverse , purchase instruction , Video registration instructions , Video purchase instructions
Clove - purchase instruction , picture instructions - Purchase instructions. , Mobile Store - official partner, speak Russian. There is a guarantee of return and repair - the cheapest, but also the most risky option
Flea market - - BlackBerry Ukraine Store - Russian online store, many branches, delivery in the Russian Federation
Megaphone Moscow Megafon online store for residents of Moscow
Beeline Moscow - Beeline online store for residents of Moscow
MTS Moscow - MTS online store for residents of Moscow
Coupon codes for CU - 5 euro discount on first purchase
Fresh codes
Clove and handtec discount vouchers
There are currently no workers vouchers.
Guys, make it clear who in the subject. As a result, they took 14222, and this is the amount of the transaction in the currency of the card, and just the amount of the transaction is 13750. What is the catch? The bank took about 500 for the conversion, but all one is not cheap. I read here that it was necessary somewhere to put a daw at registration, about the conversion of Paypal. Because of this, perhaps, the amount of this?

First you need to register with PayPal and link your card:
After you add a card, PayPal will automatically perform two authorization operations - to check the presence of the card and to confirm it. At the same time, $ 1 and $ 1.95 will be blocked on the card, respectively. The amount of the first operation ($ 1) will be unlocked after 30 days (if the validity of your card expires by this time, the money will be returned to your account in the system). The amount of the second transaction ($ 1.95) will be unlocked on the next business day.

Dispute paypal

For owners kykyryza (corn), I want to add the FAQ section about "Now about converting to PayPal.":
As I understand, there are no options for this card. And as was indicated in this topic, it will be written off at the rate of the Central Bank (previously blocked + 5%).

If you buy for the first time in paypal you need to make a minimum purchase for one dollar, after which you can buy defy

Now about converting to PayPal.
In short, the bottom line is that by default PayPal itself converts the purchase amount and takes 2.5% for the conversion.
The PayPal course is only known at the time of the transaction.

Another option (economical): conversion at the rate of your bank.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that your bank can convert at its own rate, and maybe at the rate of the payment system (Visa or Mastercard). The course of the payment system (at least a visa) is more profitable than a bank one and it is closer to the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
How exactly the bank converts can be found in the support service of your bank.

Here is the exactINSTRUCTIONS for choosing the option of converting to PayPal
You can also read more detailedinformation (post number 423)
Are common
Read first

Samsung GT-i9000 - Purchase
Wikipedia mail rules
Samsung GT-i9000 - Purchase (Post # 5758568)
How does Russian mail work, read links embedded in a message
Motorola Defy - Purchase (Post # 5639121)
FAQ for impatient or when to start worrying?
mini FAQ for "waiting" - those who have already ordered and received a tracking number.
How to easily and quickly buy abroad
Club lovers overseas shopping

On average, the same number of days (7-10) go from the foreign online stores of the parcel to the Russian customs, and then the great and terrible Russian post office works, which in the best case will manage in 7-10 days, and in the worst - in 14 and more (especially if you do not live in the capital). Such is the Russian postal roulette. From England comes about14 daysfromEurope 21, again on average! There are cases when the parcel goes from England and in 5 days, and there is when it goes and 2 months

Which device is better to buy?
How to buy a Blackberry

About any actions related to Russia
“The severity of Russian laws is mitigated by the non-binding nature of their execution”
But it’s not necessary to lower hands and always hammer our mail. But everything, of course, depends on people.

Department of claims UFPS (including the search for postal items): tel. (812) 312-52-33Call and say: "I want my package to find a podzhaluysta!".

I sent an email to the Department of claim work on the international postal exchange of the Main Center for the main mail traffic (GTSMPP)
[email protected]
An hour later, the location of the parcel turned out. Following immediately updated track (PMMP).
thanks userwinwizard

Russian banks most often DO NOT CHECK the address when paying (personally checked several times), so the BILLING address can be any.
But foreign online stores are very NOT LOVE DIFFERENT addresses of payment and the recipient!
Therefore advice: always specify ONE and the same address for both billing and for shipping!

useful links
Getting reimbursement with Handtec- Getting reimbursement with Handtec, Exchange of experience, discussion of problems with reimbursement here you can punch the package in Russia program for easy tracking of the parcel. In order for it to track and in the Russian post it is necessary to replace the services.xml file.the siteThe program is laid out. Russian Post has changed the request form.
The program for tracking on your devicePacketracer
Tracking siteTrack My Package
Another (convenient and understandable) online package tracking service:
Autopsy in the presence of postal workers
Motorola Defy - Purchase (Post # 5652778)
Motorola Defy - Purchase (Post # 5670927)

Shopping on eBay and online stores in the USA and Europe. Customs

Links to email identifiers (track, tracks) for Motorola Defy

For US buyers
Questions on the purchase of Android devices abroad (Post # 5861761)

Why did Uncle Vasya, who ordered with me, have already updated the track, but I don’t?
Your parcels could be sent in different batches. If the parcel slows down to our border, then wait 10 days and write in support of the store or mail of the country where you bought. Usually, abroad, delays occur extremely rarely, and this is due either to the lack of goods in the warehouse or to weather conditions. Our mail may not work well or not work at all, which is likely. Or simply customs thumps, which is also possible. Or, as always, the track forgot to update. Above it says what to do with our mail and customs.

Parcels to individuals from abroad costing less than 1000 euros and weighing less than 31 kg in the period of 1 calendar month are not subject to disinhibition.

Baltic Bank Visa Electron does not allow to pay onlineMotorola Defy - Purchase (Post # 5684839)

For those who order in Peter

What to say in the mail to get this package without notice?
You come with a passport and say that there should be a package already. They may ask for a track (13 characters). My arrived in the department on the same day in the evening, but they did not bother to disassemble the bag in two days - when I got it. ;-)

The experience of buying the map corn (Euroset), on the spoiler
Question on payment via corn - masterCard: If the card is issued for a specific person and the goods have already been bought at CU via paypal, can it be bought at Clove and what will the owner of the card have to write in the box if it is empty?
http: //
- When paying for services via the Internet, in the field the cardholder (cardholder name) should indicate the thirteen-digit barcode of the card.
- When I make purchases with the help of this card, I write my Name and Surname with translit.
The site corn is written: The owners of the card "Corn" have the opportunity to make payment through the payment system PayPal.
Name and surname are not used when authorizing a MasterCard card. Therefore, you can enter a freely formulated First Name and Last Name in Latin characters. We also recommend entering the words UNEMBOSSED NAME.

Is there a Russian in the device with CU, clove, Handtec?

Do not deploy the goods at customs?
No, not deployed. At a cost of over 1000 euros - customs duty of 30%.

For phones from England you need an adapter for charging, for German ones, European charging, for Russians. Charging from America to our networks is also suitable.

Is there a guarantee for the phone and will it be possible to repair the phone in Russia with this guarantee?
1) Warranty service will be only if it is officially shipped to Russia, if you do not reflash it, as in this case there will be software and components for repair in Russia. If there are problems, for example with a speaker, you can send it back to the store.
2) To contact the service center, the original packaging and invoice are sufficient as a fact (purchase) of the transaction and proof that this is a device of the factory assembly and the original equipment (including all papers, brochures, etc., no more and no less)
3) The warranty card is NOT a mandatory document when completing the device. since it was not attached to your device - accordingly, it was not part of the standard equipment.

The parcel starts to crack after it gets to Russia.

Very useful advice, if you have any problems with the bank, call those support.

And you don’t have to pay in your mail for the fact that the parcel arrived from Moscow to my city?

The fact that the Russian post writes that the declared value (rub.) - 0 is this normal?
Absolutely normal, because The value indicated by the seller is not in rubles.

What if my delivery address and my passport registration address do not match?
Motorola Defy - Purchase (Post # 5730112)

Post of Russia
I called the reference RP (8-800-2005-888), clarified a couple of points of interest to me:
1. In the post office by tracking number, are required to see whether the mailing is in their office;
2. Can issue, only in the presence of the notice;
3. To issue a notice and, accordingly, to issue it to you, on the spot, are not required;
4. We are obliged to open the mailing, according to your desire (don't sign in notice to receipt and if necessary before opening)
5. If the postal workers do not fulfill the above points, call the number above (works around the clock) where they will receive your complaint and tell where to send someone and where to write something.
The numbers of regulatory acts, as well as the acts themselves that regulate the above points, were not requested from the operator, so inaccuracies are possible.

If you have any problems with the Russian post or need any information, call this phone, well, you need to ask about this in the subject.

Delivery by Airplane to the capital, and by provinces by land

Site clove is very slow, this is normal.

On weekends the store does not work.

Ordering order with Clove:
1. Registration.
2. Order
3. Send an e-mail confirmation of the order.
4. If this is the first order, then send another message, where they are asked to either verify the identity with any document, or a confirmation code from the bank.
5. Send a message that you have confirmed your payment.
6. Sending goods.

What address to send scan of your documents?
[email protected]

Is there payment via paypal?
No, since December 2010 Clove with paypal does not work.

How is the phone packed?
A box wrapped in cellophane with bubbles and in a sealed bag.
Packing is normal for international mail. The so-called "small package"

What to drive into the field "County / State:" on the clove?
The name of the settlement or region, region, republic, etc. ... It is important that they understand at our post office what you mean. Unless, of course, you order in the Russian Federation.

And where do you look at the status of the order, in your account or somewhere else. In personal it says You currently have no previous orders.
The status of the order appears in your account, after confirming the documents.

By the way, how to add a position to the order?
If you need to add an additional position to the issued order, then you need to write a message to the clove.

If you write Order Reference CT1 ********** (10/20/2010) - PROCESS in your account, what does this mean?
This means that the order is being processed.

Personal shopping experience at the Clove Store
Personal buying experience 2
Delivery to Russia from March 2011 - by plane

Tell me where can CU find the tracking number?
My Account ->Invoices ->Rechnung / Lieferung

Those who have not used CU before
After sending, your orders are transferred from orders to package tracking.
The departure number from ONE tsiferok is normal and is tracked on dhl.DE and not there they will give an international number to track it at the post office of Russia.tracking.

If, after purchasing at CU, paypal gives the message "To complete payment add another account or Update your card", then you have not made any purchases on paypal before, you need to make a minimum purchase for one dollar.

What kind of delivery to CU?

They wrote "The shipment is being transported to the destination country" on, but did not send a tracking number for Russia (I read here that it should end with RU). This is normal? And where should it be pointed out? Send an email?
After the appearance of the inscription "The shipment is being transported to the destination country" on the page with the code that gave the CU the inscription UPU code / matchcode appears with the code of the type CL ********** DE. This is it. As soon as the parcel is sent, you will be given it.
It looks like this

Motorola Defy - Purchase (Post # 5678961)

Will it be necessary to send scans of documents or will card details be sufficient when ordering goods?

Does the device have English?
There is.

Log in through the store via https

For buyers on ComputerUniverse:
The ability to track the package after purchase does not appear immediately. I only earned the next day.
Russia - Royal Mail Signed is the usual, you need to put it
rest of the world - (usps / fedEx) - this is a courier delivery, should be faster.

Ordered with handtec. Will an invoice be enclosed in the package, or will there be any paper with a detailed listing of the investments?
absolutely nothing, only the phone itself is bundled and that's it.

But what about the invoice that they need to send back with the phone if there is a marriage?
There is a special form for hendtek, on request they send it to the post office. fill and ship with the phone

How to fill out the form with handtec, and then began to fill out, but what about the Voucher Code xs?
If you don’t understand the meaning of this or that field in the order form, use any online translator.
Vaucher Code is a discount coupon (for Handtec today there are no such).

When buying must send scan documents?
You can scan a passport (civil or foreign) and send them, or you can send them the transaction number for which they have blocked your money in the account, you can find out by calling the bank, they will ask you about everything. But most likely, it will be necessary to send them all the documents that are just there and several times. Usually they ask the same thing 10 timesexample, but in the end is normally sent.

Writes to Handtec not registered, writes
Can I make a purchase without registering?

Can. To order a registration is not needed. And it has not been working there for a long time (or rather, it works, but through the support service).

Can someone help, you can a little Handtek cheat with the price of delivery.
Choose a phone, put in the basket. Choose the type of delivery Middle East, then change to Royal Mail.
And the delivery price is 14 pounds, instead of 23.
But it works if one thing in the basket.

Does the store insure the parcel?
InsuresMotorola Defy - Purchase (Post # 6349772)

What does the package look like?
Motorola Defy - Purchase (Post # 6586821)
Motorola Defy - Purchase

What kind of delivery?

As in Clove and any other stores from England, to your capital Avij, then ground transportation.
By Anguilla - Royal Mail, then by plane, then - your mail.

Full name in ang fill?
Name should be written in Latin, ie, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich.
The address is also in Latin, because how to read it all will be employees of the Russian Post.
As for the rules of filling, you can userecommendations of the Universal Postal Union

Theme Rules
In order to reduce the topic, kindly requesteddon't spreadmessages about the current status of your order, messages of this kind are equal to flood. Write to the topic, only if you have any problems, if you have problems with an idle order, send a message no earliertendays See in the header in the sectionFAQCommon foreign e-mail identifiers (here they are incorrectly called tracks), very useful! When reporting an identifier to a topic, I send the number to the appropriate list. Messages like: "the parcel has not changed its status for ten days, I start to panic"flood.

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Tell me how things are with pearl 9100 9105? Need a dialer with buttons. Alternatives are not found. But I can't touch this particular device. Since it is not in stores. And I did not want to order without looking in real life.

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Maxx-com @ 05/04/2013, 11:14*
Tell me how things are with pearl 9100 9105? Need a dialer with buttons. Alternatives are not found. But I can't touch this particular device. Since it is not in stores. And I did not want to order without looking in real life.

Which online store did you find a good new 9105? On ebay, 4 sentences are several to 10 sput one to 6 and then not every one sends to Russia.
in the shops from the cap it is not .. for myself, too, I was looking for a push-button good quality with good transmissions and did not find the best 9900

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Which online store did you find a good new 9105?

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Is it worth buying on Amazon?

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maxx-com @ 05/05/2013, 12:38*
Quote (6y4 @ 05/07/2013, 14:11)
Which online store did you find a good new 9105?

By the way, I also wanted to take this device, but reviews about these stores were embarrassing and I'm still looking for ((

can anyone respond to the store

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Gentlemen, no one bought here;product_id=131? The price is quite attractive ...

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plander_kozzeron @ 11/13/2012, 12:25*
write to this dude at the post office he is taking him cheap from America, he will tell you what it is to [email protected], Alexey.

I confirm. I ordered my wife 9790 at a cost of 8500 + peck 350, with a cover and a protective film. Everywhere offline they are 14,500.
This man sits on the Blackberry forum, he himself seems to be a wholesaler, but he also does small things))

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Good day. In the header "where to buy" store is indicated. Interested in buying something there, and what can I say about the store. Particularly interested in whether they sell there used under the guise of new ones.

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Good afternoon, I’m thinking about buying a blackberry z10, please tell me if you can download music directly to your phone from the Internet, like on android, the same with apps ???

Rep: (31)
Why pricesSuch ... Various... $ 100 whatever one may say.
Where is the catch?

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So the whole catch in the price is. I bought at a low price, and then be kind - pay for the unlock, unlock the code (and this, by the way, is not always possible - 10 attempts in total) or treat it against corrosion.
This is also what to buy a cat in a bag. There are probably good and honest guys who sell conscientiously and precisely new phones, but most of the “honest” ones can perfectly veil the errors and until you break them - you will not see what you bought.
I caught it once ... I don't want it anymore: yes2:
By the way, in the store indicated by me, when compared with Ebey, it is not particularly valued, I bought a cover the other day - the original.

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Bliiin ... 20 pieces ... three toads are already choking me! :(
Where are SUCH phones with such keyboards? who saw the thread?
Attached Image

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in Rostov-on-Don with such a clav I met at a price of 26 rubles. : blink: Expensive pancake ....<_<

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No matter how you say .. or take it in Moscow from the hands (many of those who do not understand this smartphone are sold on Avito for 14 - 16 ty)
Or buy Eurotest for ~ 20 000.
I expected to meet the 15-16k

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ummm ... tell meFrom the basement - you are a representative of this very store?
After every couple of posts you have a mention of this very store, in which, incidentally, not such a smartphone is depicted, or rather, its keyboard is normal, stock. tell us where the Russified clave is taken from (not an engraver), we will be grateful.

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I have Q10, but with engraving. This clave looks, of course, better, but I climbed on the forums and came to the conclusion that with engraving it is better - clave is native, it has not been changed and it is better than change. And I don’t know where to buy either)

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All Buenos DГ­az!
I'm going to take 9900 bold from here:
If you look at the technical characteristics, you can see the following paragraph:
-Unlocked Quad-Band GSM cell phone compatible with 2G Network 850/900/1800/1900 MHz band and 3G bands are HSDPA 850/1900/2100 or HSDPA 900/1700/2100, depending on the cell phone version. Please check seller condition notes for version.
Attention, the question is - can I use it in Rashka with Sim Megafon? Will 3G work?
I admit that the question is stupid and the button accordion and is ready to be content with little in the form of indications of "what to read" on the topic.
And yes, Muchos Gracias in advance!

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I ordered myself from 30 on Thursday evening. About 18.00
in digital
paid immediately on the site with a master card through Yandex.
EU but immediately send SMS about successful payment to the mobile bank
still no money came to the store
can they go so long?
and how can they prove that the payment on my part has passed?
I think to take an extract from the savings bank about the operations

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Hello. Guys, tell me, is there blackbury with a quarty keyboard on 2 sim and if not, then maybe you heard about the release of such models in the future? Thank you in advance.

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I'm thinking about buying a Z10. Do I understand correctly that the assembly from BB only Mexico?

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