Shutdown | Reboot smartphone (Harmattan)

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The Shutdown app will act as the simplest touch tool for shutting down or restarting your Harmattan smartphone.
The program presents the user with an interface on the device screen in the form of two buttons for rebooting or shutting down the phone.
There is a third key that allows you to create icons for rebooting and shutting down the device, which will be located on the desktop of the smartphone and allow you to perform the actions embedded in them in one click.

Attention:After deleting the program, these menu icons will not disappear independently and you will have to delete them manually. To do this, you will need to remove crochik-shutdown.desktop and crochik-reboot.desktop from the /home/user/.local/share/applications directory using a terminal or file manager (recall that the /home/user/.local folder is hidden ).

  • Shutting down and restarting the smartphone


Russian interface: Not

[b] DEB:Attached fileshutdown_0_416112.0.4_armel.deb(51.92 KB)

Past versions

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Rep: (12223)
Update version to 0.0.3.
-Fixed bugs;
- Fixed removal of '1-Click icons'.

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Rep: (12223)
Shutdown v.0.0.4.

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And how to install it ???

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The first version is installed, but does not work. And the latter is not put at all. Writes, installation error.

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