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Samsung n100 netbook theme
processor - Atom N435 1330 Mhz
Display - 10.1 "1024x600
RAM - 1024Mb
hard drive - 250Gb
Netbook full copy of Samsung n150 excluding processor
I posted a photo of the disassembled netbook!
a photo
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There is no microphone in this netbook, unlike other netbooks, my goal is to restore it. To do this, on the ALC269 (realtek sound chip) manual, you need to add a circuit like the one in the figure. while I am working on this topic, I’ll be adding results.

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complete microphone connection scheme. I suppose to assemble the scheme on a separate board, and to be fed into the audio codec

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Ramil, how are you doing? By the way, I also took n100 the other day, I can’t give WiFi mind - the driver doesn’t want to be installed ...

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shawl that very soldered on SMD really wanted soldered to the audio chip, did not risk looking a microscope with a large uvilichenie ... A driver on wi-fi ok and got up on XP and seven, on the off site has everything you need for this netbook, I downloaded from there .... AC when installing wifi drivers still put several programs that also does not work as it should, and still hang in the process, further straining the already weak processor ... way out was found quite simply, it is necessary to unpack the driver itself and pull current driver themselves, and their lips ANOVA, thereafter wifi OSes easily controlled by standard means. if I have to put the driver separately.

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Ramil, I will be very grateful to you for separately laid out drivers. I have an XP SP2 system (license), the driver also downloaded from the office. Site, but for some reason did not get on the Wi-Fi.

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Indeed, I installed the drivers separately and the VF network was immediately discovered. Thanks for the tip!

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wifi driver

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Bought a week ago (the N100-MA02) with MeeGo The game is not long, very annoyed some strange delay briefly touching the touchpad (like pushing the left button), sometimes do not work. In short, put Win7, any problems at the same time has not arisen. I understand that perversion (despite the fact that there are drivers for WinXP), but would like to experiment. It works fine, office, internet, light igruhi (a la Heroes III) pulls the film shows. But here it is, until two obscure (and not a pleasant moment):
1 - Not all combinations of buttons like "Fn +<key>"I set up the prog from the Samsung website" Easy Display Manager ". Now I can decrease the volume (brightness), disable the touchpad, switch to external monik, mute the sound, that's all. For example, I can not disable the wireless connection, I just don’t respond.
2 - Light clicks appear (every 5-10 seconds) when the hard drive is idle. It seems to write that these are problems with WD brooms (I have a WD3200bpvt) and this is the sound of frequent parking of the magnetic head when switching to power saving mode. Who is the thread yet faced with this?

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I'm probably a veteran in the use of this netbook. clicks do not stop forever, I just do not pay attention. There are cases of a complete stop of the screw, and the netbook works without a hard drive (I read something at this time).
On a netbook, 3 disks, XP and seven are installed on two, during the download, there is a choice of which one to load, I use XP current, though. combinations of buttons like "Fn +<key>"They work both in XP and in the seven normally, the Wi-Fi never turns off on this netbook, it seems you turn it off and it is necessary to reboot as the Wi-Fi works again.
about combinations of buttons like "Fn +<key>"I just keep quiet about the prog from the Samsung" Easy Display Manager "website, I haven’t met this method yet because several buttons are loaded for these buttons in the task manager, another thing is an old old laptop, where nothing is necessary for the operation of these buttons .. .

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Even some dumb clicks, obviously an abnormal situation. And how much is your netbook? SMART okay, do not wear HDD? By the way, the manufacturer WesternDigital?

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somewhere in October ... at the beginning, too, I listened to that yes why yes what clicks ... I thought, but this hard drive did not pour in ... until everything is alive without any changes ... yes, in principle, it’s good even that heads are always safer exploitation. when the heads are parked, they are completely removed from the surface of the pancake, in contrast to the hard drives ...

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And I have a Samsung N100-MA02, I bought it a month ago and I am happy with everything)

Main technical characteristics

Operating system: MeeGo


CPU: Intel Atom
Index: N435
Processor frequency: 1.33 GHz
L2 cache: (level 2) 512 KB
Chipset: Intel NM10 Express (North Bridge)
Bus frequency: 667 MHz


Type of RAM: DDR2-667 (PC2-5300)
The amount of RAM: 1024 MB
Connector Type: 200 pin SO-DIMM
Number of connectors: 1 (total)
Drive: hard disk (HDD)
Storage capacity: 320 GB
Drive Interface: SATA
Hard disk rotation speed: 5400 rpm


Screen type: liquid crystal
Screen diagonal: 10.1 "
Screen resolution and format: 1024 x 600 WVGA 16: 9
Screen Coverage: Frosted
Graphics processor: Intel GMA 3150
Camera: WEB-camera


Sound devices: microphone; speaker
Sound Chipset: HD (High Definition)
Output power (per speaker): 1.5 W

Input Devices

Input device: keyboard
Number of keys: 84
Cursor control: touchpad

Removable Storage Devices

Memory Card Reader: SD; SDXC; SDHC; MMC

Connection methods and connections

Network type: wireless Wi-Fi; connection via a dedicated 10 / 100Mbps line
Wireless standards: IEEE 802.11b; IEEE 802.11g; IEEE 802.11n
Interfaces / Connectors: USB 2.0 - 2 x Type A; VGA output - HD-15; audio output / headphone - mini phone stereo 3.5 mm; microphone input - mini phone 3.5 mm; Ethernet - RJ-45

Supply system

Charge source: external power adapter
Power supply power: 40 W
Input voltage: 100 - 240 V
Technology: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery: 3 - sectional

Dimensions and weight

Width: 26.4 cm
Height: 3.4 cm
Depth: 18.8 cm
Weight: 1 kg

Add. information

Security features: lock slot

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By the way, does not plow the camera on Windows 7, does anyone have firewood?

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Kreedzo @ 03/10/2012, 1:44 PM*
By the way, does not plow the camera on Windows 7, does anyone have firewood?

Judging by the lack of camera drivers for Samsung netbooks, they should be. in vin7. Take advantage ofwindows update.

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Pasha_550 @ 03/10/2012, 5:26 PM*
Judging by the lack of camera drivers for Samsung netbooks, they should be. in vin7. Use windows update.

There are no drivers there, on the Samsung off site there is only under XP, but not for the seven.

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Solving the problem with clicks

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To whom it is boring, you can put on our netbook Linux mint 12 liza, linuxmint-12-lxde-cd-32bit. Download on page LXDE. All devices get "out of the box" buttons working through Fn, partially supported, to control the display brightness, the samsung-tools samsung-backlight package is separately downloaded. In principle, the speed of the netbook is quite satisfied and in fact, after configuration and installation, I replaced windows XP.

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I also have such a model
I can not put the system - the system does not see the disk
How to reset the settings in the BIOS to the factory?

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1www1 04/04/2012, 21:46*
I also have such a model, I can put the system - the disk system does not see how to reset the settings in the BIOS to the factory?

apparently, there is no sata controller driver in the installer. Just take another distribution kit (not an assembly, but an OEM version is better).

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