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Last update of the program in the header:20.01.2012

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A whole world of music in your pocket.
Spotify allows you to listen to music wherever you are through streaming via 3G, 2.5G and Wi-Fi networks.

The application is developed and maintained by Nokia in collaboration with Spotify

Premium account requiredSpotify(available through US proxy).

Note: During the installation, a one-time additional software update is possible for the phone.

  • Offline playlist - Play music even without a network connection
  • On-the-fly sync - On adding a track to the playlist from the phone, it immediately appears in the PC client and vice versa

Nokia Store page: Spotify on the Nokia Store (available through US proxy)

Russian interface: Not

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It is impossible to install from the warehouse or manually Wants a library with Tell me which (and how) repository to add to install

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* kajisan
Repositories for Nokia N9 (Post Ancelad # 30918117)

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* Alexxxl,
There was this repository not helping

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Managed to deliver. The problem was in the libspotify library. I found it on .deb (, installed it with aegis-dpkg -i. But the curve way. Apparently, somewhere you need to remove / replace links to dead repositories.

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* kajisan
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