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This is the official VKontakte client from the creators of this sots.seti. The program has great functionality, including the use of navigation features of the smartphone and offers a couple of features associated with the cards. It is also possible conclusion feeds VKontakte on the notification screen.
All runs smoothly, accurately and clearly.

  • news
  • music (with searching and editing)
  • albums (editing)
  • messages (with attachments)
  • Friends (finding and editing)
  • map (view the next user, the publication of its location)

Russian interface: Yes
Homepage: vk.com/nokia_app
Download: Ovi Store
[color = blue]Download: Attached filevkontakte_2_412986.0.18_armel.deb (1.48 MB)

old versions:
[color = "blue"]Download 2.0.1: Attached filevkontakte_2_412986.0.10_armel.deb (1.46 MB)
[/ color]

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News error sypyatsya, entered with 45go times and then a one-time password is sent. Leafs inadequate.

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And on page ovi store says that this app is not supported for the N9 ... Apparently the update will no longer be.

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official support for it is great, but the update is likely can not wait (

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Does not want avtoizirovatsya ... already 50 times and entered a login and password, exactly right. Gives: incorrect username or parol..Hren some.

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NatRain, It can be hacked page? I normally authenticated.

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XCastet @ 07.03.2013, 16:32*
NatRain, can be hacked page?

Absolutely not. Page not compromised. Strange somehow. Although honored reviews and saw that no one I have this problem get out.

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In general, set the identity of the currently klineta, I go, I write the password is incorrect, and is sent to the SMS-ka with some sort of left the password in the profile number that you specify, and signed "Use this one-time password to log in to applications while for Symbian instead of your password." Then re-enter the password does not fit again and sent to the new

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the same problems with "Invalid username / password" although everything exactly right%)

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A similar problem with the input. Even I changed the password to a new, still will not let me. And reg. number is sent to "one-time" password for Symbian.
According to the one-time password authorizes, but does not want our RSS feed to show. For the rest, everything seems to be working.
Well, not in the joke of course receive every time a password to login.

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Go on Maemo?

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I understand the sources of this client does not itself Vk it has long been abandoned, and there is no hope?

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use titanium, is currently the most efficient advice customer

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Alexxxl Titanium is certainly not a bad client but it lacks functions that do not have that in the VC client, such as attaching a photo to post audio video viewing application for friendship. Also titanium annoying fact that he is in the feed after some time ceases to update the news and how to make it do not know.

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peopless @ 14.01.2014, 06:26*
after some time ceases to update the news and how to make it do not know.

honestly I never encountered .. I may have news not so much ...

in any case, the only customer who has supported this VeeK Lite, and the developer even want to release the update (when the truth is not known)

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a long time ago I asked the question about the authorization to tech support VC:

Good day,

constantly when trying to login via the app for Nokia N9 smartphone gives an error "Invalid Password", immediately after which comes a text message with a one-time password with which to log in fails, but not downloaded news (I get an error: "One of the parameters specified was missing or invalid: end_time should be positive ").
Is it possible to decide how some of these problems?

Also I notice that the application has disappeared from the ovi store.
March 1, 2013 at 23: 28 | Delete question

Agent Support # 356
Hello Sergey.

It is still there in the ovi store: store.ovi.com/content/238024

The fact that an application for Nokia is using the legacy authentication scheme, which we had to turn off due to technical reasons. Hopefully in the near future, developers of the mobile client will take measures to remedy the problem. While you can use a mobile version of the site m.vk.com through your phone's browser.

We advise you to join this community (https://vk.com/nokia_app)and monitor the news.

VKontakte support team.

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Duck if this official app, to whom trusts technical support that, "developers of the mobile client to take corrective measures problems"?

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Also today asked to contact support question about his work. I'll wait for an answer.

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but he died a long time .. the development of closed another year in the 12th ...

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