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> Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young - Games and Applications. | Discussions, launch and launch assistance.
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Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young - ���� download

Attached Image

Important information!
Read all, be sure!

Dear forum users and guests! I appeal to you, as the creator of this topic, a huge request to stop the flood and offtopic topic!
For those who do not understand what is going on, I advise you to studythis
Thank you for understanding. Regards arxangel - serg.

Before asking a question, read miniFAQ. Acquaintance with subsections "Introduction to the topic" and "How to make a post" - MANDATORY !!! All messages that do not comply with the rules of the topic and forum will be deleted without warning!

Questions on the health and how to run games on firmware based on CyanogenMOD (CM7, etc.) askhere. All questions on the "cyan" in this thread will be deleted.

The main provisions of the topic :

Knowledgeforum rulessure! Especially the 4th section.

Off topic posts will be deleted!

Flood and offtopic punished.

Russian spelling and punctuation rules

Introduction to the topic
Game features of our device
Welcome. Now I will tell you about some features of our device in terms of games.
First, the architecture of our processorARMv6 . The themes for games often indicate the ARM on which the game runs. Lately, there are less and less games for ARMv6, so soon, probably, we will only have to play old games.
Secondly, our video accelerator. For those who are not in the subject - this is an analog video card from a PC. Our video accelerator built into the processor is very weak for games. And you don’t need to write that “GTA 3 even goes on the Galaxy Mini, but we don’t have it !!”, we already know that, and it’s impossible to improve our video accelerator. And on the Galaxy Mini, Gio, Ace, 550 costs Adreno 200, which is more designed for games than ours.
Third, Chainfire3D is required to run almost all 3D games. Read how to install it in the Useful Software spoiler below.

Among the users of the device, there are widespread opinions about the existence of super productive cores and firmware. But it is not so. Re-flashing the device or replacing the kernel does not give a performance boost of more than 5-7 frames. Therefore, the firmware or kernel, optimal for games, does not exist. I'd add that most games behave more stably on the drain. Sometimes you need "from cyan" (all the details in the header of the games theme). Otherwise, flashing for FPS is not advisable.

As for the non-official assemblies of cyan (CM7, CM9), there is a special situation. In terms of supporting games, different assemblies behave differently, but in general, much more than 50% of the games running on the drain go on different CM roms (the most optimized ones support about 90% of games from the drain). In addition, on CM some games and without a kettle work, which are started only with a kettle on the drain. In the current CM, the ones that are not the ones in the header of the games (for running some games on the stock), but others are newer and more advanced. A number of games not running with them for running on the drain normally work on them.
And about the FPS: the CPU initially has more performance than on the drain, and with overclocking and tweaks, the increase will be almost 10 FPS for many games. For more information on the issues of launching games on firmware based on Cyanogen MOD can be found in the topic.Club testing games and firmware for devices on Broadcom BCM21553

How to make a post (or the rules for writing messages)

When adding a screenshot, we MUST use the spoiler. For users of the mobile version of the site, use the command "spoiler" or "spoil".

[spoiler] Attachment (internal link to the files you attached, appears when you click on the "Insert into message" button) [/ spoiler]


[spoiler = Screenshot] Attach [/ spoiler]





Rules for adding video reviews in the "Video" section.
The duration of the video review must be at least 4 minutes per game. In the video review should be told about:
- storyline (briefly)
- graphics
- gameplay
- distinctive features.
When adding a video review or a link to a video review of a game from the "Game List", indicate its full name.
If you post a video review or a link to a video review for a game that is not in the "Game List" section, see "How to add a game to the header" (below).
When adding channels youTubeYou should take into account that the videos placed in them should belong to you, and not copied from other resources or channels of other users.


How to add a game to the cap.
To add a game to the header, you need to indicate the full name of the game in your message, specifying the features / genre in square brackets. It is MANDATORY to have a link to the topic of discussion of the game in our forum or, if it is not available, to the market. If the game has specific requirements (Chainfire3D settings or the need to change the system files), be sure to indicate this. If the game, to run on our device, requires the installation of a specific APK / CASH, you need to specify in the message a link to download them. If the game was checked on our device at the end of the message, insert it:
[b] [color = "red"] [size = "2"] Tested on Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360. [/ size] [/ color] [/ b]

If the game was tested on another device, insert it:
[b] [color = "darkred"] [size = "2"] Requires compatibility check with Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360. [/ size] [/ color] [/ b]


How to add a game to test compatibility with our device.
First of all, we study the "Testing" section in the topic header.
To add a game for testing, you need to specify the full name of the game in your message, specifying the features / genre in square brackets. There must be a link to the discussion of the game in our forum. Insert this at the end of the message:
[b] [color = "darkred"] [size = "2"] Requires compatibility check with Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360. [/ size] [/ color] [/ b]


How to add a link to the message.
For users of the mobile version of the site example code links to our topic:

[url = "http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=301738&st=6720&gopid=22011576& "] Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young - Games [/ url]


Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young - Games


Examples of properly decorated posts:
• Test result + link to the new game for caps + link to the video review.
• Link to the new game for the caps.
• Request for compatibility check.


Useful software
® Chainfire3D
Attention! Root-rights are needed to install Chainfire3D! How to get them read in the header of this topic:Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young - Firmware
Chainfire is a program for changing the texture decoding method, the official support of which is declared only for certain devices, for example, Sony Xplay or devices, based on the Tegra2 processor. The program also allows you to enable forced antialiasing (MSAA) in the settings for each application, which theoretically should improve the picture, the function works for all devices except Tegra. In addition, you can reduce the resolution and quality of textures (in real time) to run on weak devices.
Crack (Installafterapk):Download
Installation and use instructions:
1. Install Apk, then Crack
2. Download the archive with processor emulation plugins, inside 3 plugins as zip files, without unpacking, you need to dump them on the device’s memory card, better to the root. The name of each plug-in contains the name of the processor for which it is intended - NVIDIA, POWERVR, QUALCOMM. Those. if you want to run the game for Nvidia terga2, you need to install the plugin, the name of which is specified NVIDIA.
3. Open the program, install the driver using the "Install driver" button, then the phone will reboot. If you want to use the forced smoothing function (MSAA), then when installing the Chainfire driver, you need to tick the "(BETA) EGL Driver" option, but the stability of the program and the entire system may be impaired.
4. Open the program, click on the item "Install plugins / shaders" (Install plug-ins / shaders), then the program will automatically scan the memory card for plug-ins (which you copied to the memory card in the third paragraph). The program will find plugins and shaders and display their list. Install the necessary plug-ins and shaders (if you don’t know what you need, install everything).
5. In the program, go to "Default OpenGL settings ->Use plugin "and select the plugin for the accelerator for which the target game (which you want to run) is made for.
The description of the games shows the settings that need to be set in Chainfire 3D.

® OSFP- Optimization of the system for the selected application.
® RAM Manager- Optimization of RAM.
® LuckyPatcher by ChelpuS- Patcher for most programs and games.
Loader droid- one of the best Android downloaders, optimally suited for downloading large files (in our case, cache files) via Wi-Fi and 3g.

Installing games with cache

How to unpack multivolume archives
The cache for many games is compressed into multi-volume archives (part01, part02, etc.). With standard unpacking of such archives, errors often occur that prevent the game from starting.
A universal way to unpack multi-volume archives:
1. We put the programZarchchiver.
2. All parts of the multivolume archive are moved to a separate folder.
3. Select the main archive for unpacking (part01, etc.), start the unpacking process.
4. Subject to paragraph 2 of our instructions, all other parts of the archive should pick up on their own.

If he writes: "Could not play video".
Video can be converted this(KLAC)
Optimal conversion settings for our device
Attached Image

1. Rename the native video file (but leave it in the folder!).
2. The resulting converted file (or any other file if desired) is called the name of the original, placed in the folder with the cache.
THE MAIN THING:Most games check the integrity of the cache, so we don’t delete the native file (rename it and leave it in the cache folder), replace it with a size of no more than 15 MB.

What is and what they eat

"Those" are from GTA 3(they are the same: "libs" from CM7; they are also: "egl-drivers").

How to install:
Before installing, you should make a backup firmware usingCWM
1. Swing;
2. Unpack in ANY folder (for example, the programZarchchiver)
3. We doRoot rights(if you do not have them);
4. Downloading® Root Explorer;
5. Using Root Explorer'a, having made the system mounting in R / W (read / write mode) in advance, move the egl folder (located in / system / lib / archive) from the archive along the path: / system / lib / WITH REPLACE(Attention!!!After copying, be sure to check the permissions of the folder: drwxr-xr-x; for files in folder: -rw-r - r--)
6. Restart the phone (optional);
7. We are happy!

Thanks for the instruction maximan_mh
Thank you for the archiveDimaVarushenko

Restoring the standard libs
1st way: to restore standard libs, copy the / system / lib / egl folder from the backup'a and place it on the / system / lib / path.
2nd way: go to CWM and restore the system folder (backup & restore / advansed restore / select the system archive from your backup).
3rd way: instead of using backupthisarchive from maximan_mh.

Copying the desired folder reboot. If the phone goes into the "perpetual reboot", go into the "recovery" mode, open the CWM and do the "fix permission" (CWM / Advansed / Fix permission)

Another way to replace "libs", through recovery, we look: Here

On the network and on our forum, native and modified (often "self-made" or third-party custom developers) walk with different versions of. and custom firmware, which often only work normally with certain kernels / firmware. Installing third-party driver libraries from your "yang" will not make "SGS3", replacing for certain games brings the result most often only for them. To clarify incomprehensible terms, go to the topic "Firmware".

Remember that all actions you make at your own peril and risk! No one except you is responsible for your actions!

List of games

Choose the genre you are interested in:

Action / Shooter

Auto / Moto / Alternative - Racing and Trial

RPG / Strategy / Quests

Sports / Gambling / Simulators

Online games

Arcade / Logic / Runners and Jumpers

Color designation of games
Before the link to the theme of the game, you can see the symbol "*" in different colors. What do these colors mean:
*- the game is no longer supported by the developer or deleted from the forum at the request of the copyright holder.
*- for the correct functioning of the game, it is necessary to replace "libs" with custom ones.
*- link listed on google play.

Top games of the month

Rules section and responsible for filling
During the month, users laid out the game. After entering them into the “List of games” and entering them into “Changes in the topic headings”, they can be suggested for the “Best games of the month” poll. How to do it:
- contact one of the persons responsible for the section through the QMS (Fast Personal Messaging Forum System)
- attach a link to the post where the game is listed with the test result on our device.

IMPORTANT! You can only offer a candidate before the start of the poll for the current month and only the game that was added to the "Game List" in the month for which the vote is being held.

Responsible for the section:


The best games of October 2013

Top Games November - December 2013

Emulators for Android

Jetpack Joyride contest results!
I sincerely hope that all your results were not screwed up using various programs :)
1. deadbrise - 8,309m! Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young (Post # 18010382)
2. Shutrkut - 5,802m! Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young (Post # 18010136)
3. Polar 1337 - 5,486m! Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young (Post # 17646661)
Congratulations to the winners!

Subway Surfers results!
1 place: ecto330 - 954038points! - Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young
2nd place: Shutrkut - 764550points! - Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young
3rd place: Schweppes_lut - 352968points!! - Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young
Congratulations to the winners!

Doodle Jump Contest Results
I sincerely hope that all your results were not screwed up using various programs :)
1. Mhfdue - 290755 points! Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young (Post # 21535205)
2. DimaVarushenko - 131524 points! Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young (Post # 21639660)
3. ruslanorus - 51557 points! Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young (Post # 21555908)
Congratulations to the winners!

Zombie Highway Competition Results
I sincerely hope that all your results were not obtained using various programs and backups;)
1. Shutrkut - 6.12 mi! Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young (Post # 22086684)
2. narul - 6.08 mi! Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young (Post # 22065218)
3. Polar 1337 - 4.63 mi! Games for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Young (Post # 21966519)
Congratulations to the winners!

Hill Climb Racing Competition Results
I sincerely hope that all your results were not obtained using various programs and backups;)
1. narul - 1583 meters! Screen record
2. _sanyok99_ - 1582 meters! Screen record
3. Polar 1337 - 1581 meters! Screen record
Congratulations to the winners!

Fruit Ninja Competition Results
I sincerely hope that all your results were not obtained with the help of various cheat programs and backups;)
1. Matrixand - 1030 points Result Screen
2. Zloy_Kartofel - 588 points Result Screen
3. Shutrkut - 489 Result Screen

Congratulations to the winners!

The results of the competition for the best logo of the summer of 2013
1. maximan_mh - 38 votes
2.Prostoe logo.-16 votes
3. Winrunner - 11 votes

Poll result

Congratulations to the winners!

The award for the first place in competitions - +7 to the reputation
for second place - +5 reputation
for the third place - +3 reputation

(award system from 05/02/13)


Section Rules
The testing section was created to test the compatibility of the first NEW games with our device (which were not previously tested on the Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360). Obviously not reaching games (GTA VC, Dead Trigger, games not supported by the device in the market, previously tested versions of games, etc.) DO NOT OFFER !!!
For users:
- To offer a game for testing, see the examples of messages asking for a test in "miniFAQ / Introduction to the topic / How to make a post", or use this code:
[b] [color = "darkred"] [size = "2"] Requires compatibility check with Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360. [/ size] [/ color] [/ b]

- If you have a start-up instruction or other information that is conducive to testing, indicate it in your message asking for the test.
- If you want to offer for testing a new version of the game has already passed the test, be sure to indicate this.
- Do not forget to specify which version you want to send to the test.

For testers:
- The main thing: the presence in the profile and in the active use of the Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360!
- Testers should monitor the topic for messages asking to check the game for compatibility. Only messages drawn up according to all the rules specified in the subsection "How to make a post" are taken into account.
- After the discovery of the above request, the tester informs about his intention to test the game:
Quotation of the request for the test or [url = "link to the theme of the game, if the tester decided to test the game he found himself"] Name of the game [/ url]
[Center] [color = "red"] [size = "2"] Took for testing. [/ size] [/ color] [/ center]

- Only one tester can take the game for testing.
- After checking the tester puts the message:
Quote of requests for testing with the name of the game. Or quote his post with the desire to test the game if the tester chose the game he found himself.
[color = "green"] [size = "2"] Test result of the game: [/ size] [/ color]
[color = "red"] Status (Playable / Not playable) [/ color]

- Do not forget about the prohibition of excessive citation, therefore, in the quotation we leave only the request (or a direct link to the game if there was no request) and the name of the game;
- We quote with the “quote” button, and not with the simple "quote" command
- The text of the message with the test result:
Description of actions to run (experiments with libs / kettle / build.prop / selection of cache and apk)
If the game is "Playable", we post a link to the desired apk / cache and request (according to the rules of the theme) to pick up the game in the header.
- We do not select the tested games, but we check every first “free” game (after forming a team, in koumiss we will distribute the genres of games between testers or leave everything as it is).

Our testers


Changes in the topic header
All recent changes in the topic header can be found.


Accommodation Rulesfor screenshots, video reviews and new games in the header, look in miniFAQ


In the "miniFAQ'e" created a section "Useful software."


SignpetitionOn the opening of the source code for our video accelerator. It depends on the appearance of such versions of Android, as 4.0 and higher!
Please discuss the petition inthe clubordeveloper club, all posts in this thread will be deleted!

H. users who have reached the groupFriendssavagemessiahzine.com! Under each message you have buttons.badlyandOK! If the message is negative, off-topic or containing an insult - putbadlyif the message is useful - putOKbecause This greatly facilitates the work of the Curator, do not forget that the Curator has a delete functionAllmessages with a rating below 0 (i.e.-1; -2; etc.)!
Make the topic cleaner and better!

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Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360

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Guys, tell me please, I want to install vatsap, is there a version that will go 100%?
17.03.18, 22:16

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2.17.253 passed to s6102 drone 2.3.6 try

brother for brother sviy for svogo
07.04.18, 15:58

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Installed Chainfire, put the driver, plug-ins, effect 0. It does not work, as everything was so. Samsung gt-s6102 young. Android 2.3.6 stock, root.

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Guys, throw a link to the dungeon hunter for this phone

20.02.19, 20:53

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MEME.DADDY @ 10.10.2018, 09:44*
Guys, throw a link to the dungeon hunter for this phone

My friend there on the map is difficult to move and even the lags near the end are terrible.

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