ProfileMatic | Automatically switch phone settings (Harmattan)

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ProfileMatic (Harmattan)
Version: 2.5

Last update of the program in the header:12.05.2014

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The program for automatic switching modes in accordance with the established schedule.

From version 1.1.0 to 1.4.0, quite significant changes have occurred in the program:
1. Added two new action conditions: WLAN and Location by cell id.
WLAN - allows you to take actions when connecting to a user-defined WLAN network.
The location by cell id allows, as far as my understanding of English is enough, to perform certain actions when it hits a certain location (cell id). The program determines your location by cellular transmitters. You can define several states, such as home and office, for example, and enable / disable the necessary parameters depending on your preferences.
2. In addition, several new actions have been added: account management, turning on / off flight mode, energy saving mode, and managing BlueTooth status.
3. Enter the start time of the settings and the end time of their actions. In this regard, the option Restore previous profile has been added. Honestly, I don’t have much English, so I didn’t fully understand what I mean. Apparently we are talking about restoring the previous state, which was before the inclusion of the settings on a schedule. If someone figured out, please tell.

Program on the Ovi store:

Management in accordance with the established schedule, location or when connected to a specific WLAN network:
  • sound modes (normal / silent / silent)
  • call volume in the normal mode;
  • BlueTooth modes (on / off / on and visible);
  • Power Safe Mode;
  • accounts;
  • Flight Mode.


Russian interface: YES

Download: Version 2.5.0
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* Alexxxl, please tell me what I am doing wrong. The script works from the terminal - a notification appears on the phone about the bme restart. And when I create a rule (sh -c "echo rootme | devel-su -c 'sh /home/user/scripts/ in ProfileMatic and try to check, nothing happens.

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* Araysh , on behalf of whom in the terminal run the script?

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If you mean a password, then rootme.

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Yes, and when the phone is restarted, a banner with the ProfileMatic symbol and the inscription "Default rule on" pop up at the top of the desktop screen, but when the acb is dropped, the charge is not restored and the phone is cut down.

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And to the above: sometimes with an incoming call, the charge drops to 4%, a banner appears that the rule worked, but the charge is not restored. Or maybe you need to save the script in the terminal? (I have terminal knowledge of the initial level -))).

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