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Version: 0.3.3
Last update of the program in the header:6.10.2012

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Plug-ins to create accounts for correspondence in servicesICQ , Aim , MSN , Yahoo , Gadu-gadu , In contact with , Classmates , QIP / XMPP and any Jabber / XMPP .
Only correspondence, conferences and photo / video posting on the services are not supported and creation is not planned.
All work with accounts (create, delete, change) is done from the system application.Uch. records , there is no separate icon to launch the application and it is not necessary.

Before installation, it is necessary to remove all previous packages related to the accounts (including Accmanok. In it, disable the icons in the menu if created). You do not need to delete accounts.

If you have problems displaying avatars after updating the firmware:
  1. go to the account records
  2. turn off all accounts
  3. go to contacts
  4. go to the account records
  5. enable all accounts

If the above does not help then: in FAQ for NOKIA N9 there is another effective way - tyts

Russian interface: Yes
Author: CODeRUS
Download: Attached fileextraplugins_0_429371.3.3_armel_0541.deb (1.62 MB)

Download from the store: http://store.ovi.com/content/249452

Older versions:
Attached fileextraplugins_0_429371.3.1_armel.deb(1.63 MB)

Attached fileextraplugins_0.3.0_armel_122.deb(1.7 MB)

Full version containing everything you need to work -Attached fileextraplugins_0.2.4_armel_206.deb(1.69 MB)

Version for those who already have libpurple0 and telepathy-haze -Attached fileextraplugins_lite_0.2.4_armel_120.deb(301.75 KB)

libpurple0 for Lite -Attached filelibpurple0_recent_585.deb(1.66 MB)

telepathy-haze for Lite -Attached filetelepathy_haze_recent_164.deb(133.52 KB)

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Ancelad @ 07/08/2013, 14:22*
do you use contact transport?

I use, but also those contacts that are present in QIP, but not broadcast, are also not loaded.

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Well, until recently, everything worked for me ... The truth is that there are more frequent problems with gathering associations .. and on all accounts .. but I think this is hardly caused by a pile.
Sasha, that is, if you start a bale from a computer, is everything buzzing there? and you see native contacts and "transported" and can communicate so?

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Yes, I’m sitting on the open source here, there’s no qip for it) But at work, I reconfigured it to another transport, which they understand the Cyrillic alphabet, I downloaded the contacts, but nevertheless, the QIP account on the phone says that it can not import contacts, that is, even those 7 that I have it right in QIP. So I thought that qip something up there, I need to try to configure through jabber.
Yes, and messages come, which is interesting, and after that a person appears in contacts, but does not appear in any status (online or not).

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I fixed everything. It turns out for some reason the export of contacts does not work if only 2G Internet is turned on.

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VK will not work, because they cover up XMPP support ...

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yes there is such a byak ...

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Taki fell off xmpp vk.com (((

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I propose to share best practices in terms of screwing VK to a particular vehicle.

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Well, the transport is just the same from the topic of the KhMPP ... I rummaged yesterday at the instrumentation forum .. until I found anything inspiring ...

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of the currently existing ones for me is the TitanIM Client and the Kutim messenger, both of which naturally work through the API

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"Titan" is not a bad option, but a terrible brake and the messages that come on it are poorly implemented. Someone, I remember, wanted to finish it, but so the process stopped.

As I understand it, QIP works with the VKontakte API. I did not find in the vast network information on how to use this.

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So I have not yet found ...

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As for api qip, it is only used for client for bb, i.e. you don’t translate to the phone, theoretically it seems possible for me to appear transports that would cling to VK through api, but I doubt very much that there are developers who want to do something similar except for only jabber BB clients and then we’ll get there ...

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Not only on the BB, QIP mobile clients, for example for the bucket, also work through the API. But that's not the point. So far, nothing, I think, is shining.

Posted on 09/08/2013, 12:46:

As a result of the above events, I started using ICQ and ran into a problem. ICQ constantly flies. In the account settings, you can only change the connection port. Are there any options to change the server (!) Connection? Can I fix a config with my hands?

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Well, maybe our qutim mobile client also works through api, but although it is a multi-client it’s all a client, but wants to integrate into the system natively.
As for Asi - I didn’t quite understand your question.

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I meant changing the server asi. That is, the standard connection server is usually "login.icq.com", and the port is "5190". You cannot change the server in the Extraplug settings, only the port. Maybe you can fix something somewhere in the config, so that the server can be changed? He is still somewhere registered.

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and if to rummage in fs for a configoff? for example .accounts?

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Found this on the nethttps://github.com/mrDoctorWho/vk4xmppI understand more in the repair of diesel engines than in programming, because my reasoning has not yet figured out how to use it. Apparently this is the "electronic" wisdom, which can make a contact work through XMPP.

I ask the gentlemen who know to see this link :)

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Taki earned! : clap:

I managed to configure the native contact through XMPP :)

All setup information:
1. http://vk.com/club32075
2. http://jabberon.ru/index.php?option=com_co...3&Itemid=57

To configure, I used the BB client called PSI (on its example, the configuration is done using the second link). Download herehttp://code.google.com/p/psi-dev/

Tomorrow I will sign everything in detail. Today, alas, there is no time.

Posted on 09/12/2013, 19:53:

And something else ... Everything works, but messages do not come on behalf of the user, but from a contact of the type [email protected]

How to deal with it?

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It happened, comrades. Not even 2 weeks have passed since the Vkontakte XMPP server was turned off, as a person with the nickname mrDoctorWho washed down his transport with blackjack ... well, you know :)
The transport was named vk4xmpp. It works through the VKontakte API and differs for the better from the previous one. You can familiarize yourself with the server side here:https://github.com/mrDoctorWho/vk4xmpp

From what I noticed during several hours of work:
- attachments come in messages (in the form of active links for the browser);
- fierce stability (I noticed only a couple of flights with immediate reconnection).

The only negative is the relatively complicated process of setting up and connecting vehicles.

Do everything at your own peril and risk. Only you yourself are responsible for lost records and crooked hands!

And so, we proceed, in fact, to configure:

1. At this stage, you need to download the Jabber client PSI. follow the link and load (yes, you need to click on the green field in the upper right corner :))http://psi-im.org/;
2. Install the program and run (there will not be any difficulties);
3. The program will offer to create a profile. We create. You can call it anything.
4. We get a window in which we are asked to create an account or select an existing one. Click "create."
5. In the next window, enter the server name. I chose the jabberon.ru server. In theory, you can use any that has on its board the server side of the vk4xmpp transport. In order not to bother, drive in this one and you will be happy. Do not touch anything else and click "next."
6. Will swear on the certificate. I said I trust him :)
7. We come up with a username and password. Remember them (!). Copy the link to the captcha (from the 3rd field) to the browser line and enter the resulting captcha into the 4th field. Click "next" and "finish".
8. Now we will see a window with a list of contacts (which are not in it yet). Click in the lower right corner on the button that says "disabled" and connect. The program swears on the lack of information about you and on something else. Ignore by clicking "ok", "cancel" or something like that.
9. Click "General" (upper left corner) - "Overview of services". Get the window. At the bottom of the list we will see "VK4XMPP transport". Double click on it.
10. We get the next window, in which we will configure the transport itself to work with VK. Copy the link from the first field to the address bar of your browser. On the page that opens, click "allow." After that, copy the link from the address bar of the browser and paste it into the lower (3rd) field of the program window. We hammer in the 2nd field the login from the Vkontakte website (Phone number or E-mail). Click "next."
11. Now go to the window with the list of contacts and see the contact vkontakte.jabberon.ru and a message from it. We open a chat with him and see that the bot gives us a link. We pass on it. We send the captcha in the response message of the form "! Captcha XXXXXX" (naturally without quotes). If everything is done correctly, then your contacts will appear in the list.
12. Attention! Do not run head over heels to score an account on the phone. Your contacts are not authorized. Get a cruel glitch. Each contact, one by one, manually authorize using the program. Double click on the contact, in the window that appears, click "authorize". After you have authorized the entire list, go to the phone settings.
13. Go to the Accounts ->Add ->Jabber \ XMPP.
the name is arbitrary.
User JID is the login from the 7th item of this manual in the format "[email protected]"
password - the password that you also entered in the 7th paragraph.
When everything is filled in - click "input". For an unknown reason, you cannot specify a connection server in the initial settings. Therefore, after creating the account, we again go into it and see the necessary fields. We leave the port unchanged, and in the field "server" enter "jabberon.ru". Click "save."
14. Change the network status to "online", go into contacts and rejoice that everything works as before (or maybe even better);)

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