Extraplugins | ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, VK, etc. (Harmattan)

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Version: 0.3.3
Last update of the program in the header:6.10.2012

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Plug-ins to create accounts for correspondence in servicesICQ , Aim , MSN , Yahoo , Gadu-gadu , In contact with , Classmates , QIP / XMPP and any Jabber / XMPP .
Only correspondence, conferences and photo / video posting on the services are not supported and creation is not planned.
All work with accounts (create, delete, change) is done from the system application.Uch. records , there is no separate icon to launch the application and it is not necessary.

Before installation, it is necessary to remove all previous packages related to the accounts (including Accmanok. In it, disable the icons in the menu if created). You do not need to delete accounts.

If you have problems displaying avatars after updating the firmware:
  1. go to the account records
  2. turn off all accounts
  3. go to contacts
  4. go to the account records
  5. enable all accounts

If the above does not help then: in FAQ for NOKIA N9 there is another effective way - tyts

Russian interface: Yes
Author: CODeRUS
Download: Attached fileextraplugins_0_429371.3.3_armel_0541.deb (1.62 MB)

Download from the store: http://store.ovi.com/content/249452

Older versions:
Attached fileextraplugins_0_429371.3.1_armel.deb(1.63 MB)

Attached fileextraplugins_0.3.0_armel_122.deb(1.7 MB)

Full version containing everything you need to work -Attached fileextraplugins_0.2.4_armel_206.deb(1.69 MB)

Version for those who already have libpurple0 and telepathy-haze -Attached fileextraplugins_lite_0.2.4_armel_120.deb(301.75 KB)

libpurple0 for Lite -Attached filelibpurple0_recent_585.deb(1.66 MB)

telepathy-haze for Lite -Attached filetelepathy_haze_recent_164.deb(133.52 KB)

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Fine! I would like in the next version at least some kind of support for notifications about the collection and delivery in ICQ.

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I did it yesterday, now the contacts in the contact list are visible and the network status is also, however, there are no avatars in the message list (there was a circle in the past), no network status is visible, it can be cured only if you contact the contact book of contacts, change it and save. Are there any easier ways, and then 120 contacts (((

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Rusdiver, turn off / turn on accounts, then go to the contacts. It helped me.

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Are there push notifications like on android?

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Gentlemen, I have a record without a name on my n9 ... when you remove extraplugins, it disappears, and if you re-install it, it appears. besides, hung account is clearly ICQ, since The newly created ASI account cannot connect if it is online at that time. The suspended ASI account does not add contacts, however, it can be done "online" and "offline", it hangs in (with the extraplugins program installed) in the section "my network status". I think this is a trace of my wrong repeated actions to remove and install the accmanok and extraplugins programs (on the first day of owning the phone, I immediately decided to put an asya). how to remove it, i.e., where is the unnecessary file? flashing with cleaning is not at all an option - it just fixed everything ((((((

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Search somewhere in / home / user, I remember I had the same garbage - I cured it with the firmware with cleaning. These Extraplugins are buggy steel, but the author conducts dialogues in the style of a moped is not mine and is not going to release further updates.

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yes it was ... but since it was on an almost pure body - I stupidly asked him again and everything was ok))

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most applications have a red square instead of icons. how to edit ??

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I put it, connected it with VC, now I am glad that I can write VC as usual sms)) until it flies, it works

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put. what's next? I do not get it. how to communicate?

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Extraplugins v.0.3.1.

What's new:
В»Added option to create an icon of the desired service in the menu.
"From the Ovi Store, the 'Run' button opens the Accounts.
В»Fixes designed for the Ovi Store.

Download: Attached fileextraplugins_0_429371.3.1_armel.deb (1.63 MB)

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Oh, it's a pity that the bug with ICQ remained ...

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With contacts falling apart, instead of a name, the number shows as if not merged. Bug with PR1.2 appeared

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Podskajite pliiiz, all the same, how to write to someone with asci?

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hands)) like something else .. did not understand the question at all ...

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You install a little thing from the topic header, then go to your accounts and log in under your ICQ. Then you set it up in the "Online" state and now all the ICQ contacts in your regular contacts phone book are from there and write through the familiar SMS interface)

Posted on 07/19/2012, 11:11:

the same and vk. If you have been offline and they have written to you, then it does not come to you from contacts, but from id********@vk.com and only then wakes up and comes from regular contact

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ChSH, in PR1.3, the glitch reappears on reboot. Those. If the "buggy" contact is disconnected and reunited, then it works quite elegantly until you reboot the phone. In PR1.2 it pops up almost constantly.

By the way, I have one glitch that sometimes the on-screen keyboard does not appear in the chat?

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New version 0.3.2 from 10/04/2012

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Attached fileextraplugins_0_429371.3.2_armel.deb(1.59 MB)

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v.0.3.3 from 10/06/2012

Restored service Odnoklassniki.

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Attached fileextraplugins_0_429371.3.3_armel.deb(1.62 MB)

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I installed, poked, deleted, now the notification is still lit that the phone needs to be rebooted and the blue flag is lit at the top, how to remove?

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