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Sony Xperia ion - Discussion | Smartphone, 4.55 "

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DiscussionSony Xperia в„ў ion
PictureSony Xperia в„ў ion / LT28i
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Of page Sony Xperia Ion LT28

A photo
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
First-class HD smartphone that allows you to view any material in HD-quality on a 4.6-inch screen.

Another novelty and again a masterpiece of technical thought fromSony! Modern smart phone with powerful dual core processor that quickly cope with any tasks. Bright and contrasting 4.6 inch display with technology Mobile BRAVIA Engine hit you with picture quality. On it any information, photos or FullHD video shot for example 12.1Mpix . smartphone camera will look vivid and realistic. This smartphone is just a godsend for those who like to communicate on the Internet - modern wireless technologies will provide access to the Internet. The amenities will add other great features - HDMI connector and shoot start button, navigation GPS and GLONASS and wireless technology NFC .
Full specifications
16 million flowers
Resolution,720x1280 (HD 720p)
Type of display, TFT (touch)

Speakerphone yes
MP3 support yes

FM radio. Additional camera.
Built-in camera:12 megapixels (photo - 4000x3000, video - 1920x1080, 30fps, autofocus)

Dual Core QualcommSnapdragon S3 APQ8060 1500MHz video processor Adreno 220 .

Memory cards,microSD .
Maximum memory capacity, up to 128GB.
Built-in memory1GB (RAM), 16GB (Flash) .

Business functions:
OS: Android 4.0.4

Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, DLNA standard
3.5 mm audio output
TV out, HDMI

Smartphone, stereo headset with nozzles, HDMI cable, USB cable, high-power charger, two NFC tags.

Device Functions:
GPS navigation, audio player, video camera, video player, Glonass navigation, voice recorder, radio, cell phone, photo album, camera

Li-Ion, 1900mAh.

Work time:
- in standby mode, up to 400 h
- at act. up to 10 h
- in music playback mode, up to 12 hours
- time in the video mode: up to 4 hours.
MiniFAQby sony xperia ion
On Sony Xperia Ion is the factory film pasted?
Yes, it is pasted.

Is the body exactly metal?
Yes. Painted.

Is there an indicator light?
Yes, but very small.

What are the differences between the Sony Xperia Ion LT28i / LT28h / LT28at?
In the processor, in the first two it is APQ8060, in the third MSM8260, and in the communication standard.

What is the total internal memory instead of the declared 16GB?
Approximately 12GB.

What is the shell on Sony?
Sony Timescape.

Does the smartphone have a frame around the display?
No, so it is advisable not to lay it down with a crane.

Why does the Sony Xperia Ion 4 touch buttons, and not 3 as on new smartphones?
Probably because the smartphone was developed long before the refusal of the "Search" button.

What is actually the material of this "iron" on the body?

The touch buttons are not responsive.
Just press between the icon and the screen.

Do dents on aluminum appear?
Yes, with an average impact on the body metal can bend (rarely, but still).

What is the display on the smartphone?
The smartphone has a TFT LCD display. But it is made on its own technology Sony.

Is there a stereo sound on the recorded video?

Does the smartphone have a file system limitation?
Yes. The maximum file size of 3.79 GB is 4,080,895,840 bytes. And this is a limitation on the size of video files recorded from the camera.

I sent a message, the notification did not come whether my message was sent.
Opposite the dispatch time, a check mark will appear if sent. No more signs of sending will be.

Can I take a photo in locked mode via the "Camera" key?
Yes. first there is a frame fixation followed by a snapshot.

My smartphone is in the area of ​​shortage, but the network has something to do?
Flash on firmware 4.1 (Not verified)

Where is the antenna?
In the bottom plastic cap.

Does the phone understand exFAT memory cards?
No, he does not read them.

Does your smartphone support LTE?
Yes, there is such a communication standard, but only in the LT28at and LT28i versions. But in Russia does not work.

Is "Fast Charging" here?
When using the original s / y.

Is there an HDMI?
Yes. micro-hdmi.

Will there be an upgrade from Sony to 4.1?
By office According to Sony will be in the late spring of 2013.

What is the glass on the smartphone?

For some reason, the game crashes, what to do?
Perhaps ChainFire3D can help.

Which sim card is needed for a smartphone?
MicroSIM, but simple SIM works too.

Does the memory card slot support 64GB cards?
Yes, one user of the phone uses 128GB

How to change the number of desktops?
Install a third-party launcher from Sony.

What is the average smartphone holds?
According to user feedback from morning to evening in medium loads.

Does the smartphone have OTG support?
Yes there is.

I can not determine whether the message was sent or not.
Here is a small instructionfrom gro1954

How to unlock Sony Xperia Ion from AT & T?
Buy an unlock from the operator (from $ 40 to $ 60).

Where can I find the Sony Xperia Ion manual?
Here ishere

Sony Xperia Ion Reviews
Useful links, usage information
A photo
Control Key Combinations
If the device is turned OFF:
Volume Up + USB Cableconnects to computer>FASTBOOT MODE (BLUE LED lights up), firmware firmware, kernels.
Volume Down + USB Cableconnects to computer>Flashmode (The GREEN LED lights up), firmware of official firmware.

During power ON:
Volume down on boot butanimation, hold >SAFE MODE (Enter safe mode, boot without installed applications). Attention, live wallpapers and widgets will be reset!

If the device is ON:
1. Power + Volume Down - Screenshot.
2. Power + Volume Up until the moment when the display turns off (without waiting for vibro) - OFF.
3. Power + Volume Up to 1st vibro - RELOAD.
4. Power + Volume Up to 3rd vibration - OFF.
Sevis Codes, Unlock from AT & T
How to find out which region your Sony Xperia Ion is built for?
Go to the service menu (dial in the number dialer * # * # 7378423 # * # *)
Further:Servise info - Software info - Customization Version and see, for example: 1265-2659_R6G.

Then look at the number:
1265-0588 Generic_GLOBAL
1265-2655 France
1265-6257 Britain
1265-2659 Russia
1265-2661 Germany
1265-2665 Ukraine
1265-6514 Generic_Exchange_Unit
1265-9458 Turkey
1265-9460 Saudi Arabia
1265-9462 Morocco # 1
1265-9464 Morocco # 2
1265-9466 United_Arab_Emirates
1265-9468 MENA_Arabic
1265-9470 Philippines
1265-9472 Ireland
1265-9474 Denmark
1265-9476 Italy
1265-9478 Sweden
1265-9480 Austria
1265-9482 Britain
1265-9484 Indonesia # 1
1265-9486 Indonesia # 2
1265-9488 Indonesia # 3
1265-9620 Japan
1266-0286 Austria
1266-0288 Switzerland # 1
1266-0290 Switzerland # 2
1266-0292 Greece
1266-0294 Taiwan
1266-0296 China
1266-0298 France # 1
1266-0300 france # 2
1266-0302 Hong Kong
1266-0304 India # 1
1266-0374 india # 2
1266-0374 Austria
1266-0448 South Africa
1266-0450 Switzerland
1266-0790 Sweden
1266-0792 Northern
1266-0794 Baltic_Generic
1266-0796 Denmark # 1
1266-0798 Denmark # 2
1266-0800 Norway
1266-0802 Denmark
1266-0804 Spain
1266-0806 Thailand
1266-0808 Malaysia
1266-0810 Singapore # 1
1266-0812 Singapore # 2
1266-2323 Portugal
1266-2683 France
1266-2793 Japan (domestic)
1266-2799 Japan (domestic)
1266-2801 Japan (domestic)
1266-5259 Italy
1266-5936 Hong Kong
1266-6992 MENA_Latin
1266-7573 Italy # 1
1266-7575 Italy # 2
1266-8283 Greece # 3
1266-8286 Spain
1267-0131 Portugal
1267-1659 Canada
1267-1661 Central Europe
1267-3257 Taiwan
1267-5571 Peru
1267-7648 Spain
1267-9107 United States
1267-9798 Poland
1268-3030 Central Europe
1268-3032 Hungary
1268-3966 Belgium
1268-4083 France
1268-6989 Portugal
1268-7351 Spain
1268-7862 France
1268-8151 Australia # 1
1268-8153 Australia # 2
1268-8656 Australia # 3
1269-1869 Bosnia_and_Herzegovina
1269-2124 Australia
1269-3709 the Netherlands
1269-3711 Denmark
1269-3713 Hong Kong

Next is the LT28i
1264-1655 Generic_GLOBAL
1264-2698 Hong Kong
1264-3077 Canada
1264-3083 Malaysia
1264-3091 Taiwan
1264-3094 Canada
1264-3096 Canada
1264-3187 Hong Kong
1265-0231 Indonesia # 1
1265-0233 Indonesia # 2
1265-0236 Indonesia # 3
1265-1032 Philippines
1265-1097 Thailand
1265-2669 Domestic Japan
1265-2671 Domestic Japan
1265-2673 Domestic Japan
1265-6523 Generic_Exchange_Mobility
1266-4811 Canada
1266-7141 Taiwan

1255-2568 Domestic
1255-4185 Internal
1255-7823 United States
1257-2962 Domestic
1257-2988 Generic_Exchange_Unit
1261-6429 Internal
1261-6712 United States # 1
1263-0748 United States # 2
1263-9615 USA # 3
Service Codes

*#*#7378423#*#* - Service menu
*#*#73556673#*#* - Demo mode
*#*#4636#*#* - Service menu
AT & T unlock

Heavy Game Launch Instructions

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Cap updates
12.08.2014 - Added information on the maintenance of the device flash drives, size 128GB .
03.05.2013 - Supplement MiniFAQ.
02.05.2013 - Edit MiniFAQ.
27.04.2013 - Modified MiniFAQ and spoiler with games.
27.03.2013 - Renewal of the topic! (new curator)
12.02.2013 - Added photos taken by SXI
25.01.2013 - Added CDA codes to decrypt the device region
20.01.2013 - Added information on unlock and Mini Battery on battery
18.12.2012 - Added spoiler "Why is my message deleted?"
18.12.2012 - Added link to information about upgrading to Android 4.1
16.12.2012 - Added link to accessories theme
14.12.2012 - Added link to compare screens
10.12.2012 - Added link to purchase codes for unlocking AT & T Ionov.
Polls archive
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

On all Sony Xperia Ion is glued at the factory a transparent protective film! It is under the protective shipping (the one with the inscriptions and the ear for removal). High quality film, stable and transparent.

How to remove the photo under the spoiler?
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Rep: (3)
Chic apparatus. Finally, sony (ericsson) announces tel. worthy of competitors. Poh that competitors will be with 4 cores - this is more marketing. Everything in this phone pleases: the display is in resolution and the fact that it is not buggy Amoled, the camera is in resolution and backlight, a separate hdmi (and not paired with us as in sams and pc). I think samsa will have to try to attract customers to the third helix because on 4 - cores you will not leave much (in marketing terms). I'm still waiting for LG 3D, it seems they promised more powerful and thinner than the old one. Sony disappoints only his leisurely in terms of admission app. retail.

Post has been editedPie2012 - 22.05.13, 21:14

Rep: (17)
golden_dragon @ 01/10/2012, 2:53 PM*
Sony Xperia features:
* 4.6 inch display HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels)

Officer specs, more detailed -

Screen:4.55" 16,000,000 color TFT / 1280x720 pixels
Dimensions: 132.0 Г— 68.0 Г— 10.6 mm / weight - 144 g.


Rep: (65)
Mr.Palevo @ 01/10/2012, 16:23*
A smart phone, but again plastic?

Aluminum (partially at least).

Rep: (839)
a decent machine .. the question is different .. does the camera need such a phone?

Rep: (107)
Ask this from the owners of Nokia N8 and Samsung Pixon, they will answer you) So that the digital camera will not always carry around with you.

Rep: (10)
In his twitter, Dmitry Lazarev, representative of SE, reported that an analogue ion would be presented at MWC 2012, but for European countries, including for us :-)

Rep: (2)
ansfer23 @ 01/10/2012, 2:56 PM*
Sony disappoints only his leisurely in terms of admission app. retail.

duck they have a lot of directions in the industry, all need time
yes and production like them suffered the most during the floods

Rep: (250)
If they reach Russia by the summer and will not be greedy (picking up the price of the level of other flagships, while losing in the filling) - oyaen is an interesting option. I always liked cameras in SE.

Rep: (11)
I hope there will be a version for Europe. The device is cool.

Post has been editedDubar - 11.01.12, 18:02

Rep: (211)
Cool - and the topic is already there.
The screen would be a little bigger to 5 ".

Posted on 11/01/2012, 19:26:

golden_dragon @ 01/10/2012, 2:53 PM*
Sony Xperia features:

And in the cap would add thatMemory card slot: microSD в„ў, up to 32GB !!!
I think this will be a pretty important thing for some.

Rep: (3)
Cool - and the topic is already there.
The screen would be a little bigger to 5 ".

Normal size. You want 5 "take sams. NOTE, but this is already a shovel and it is not clear in which pocket to put it in the summer. But Sony is more or less acceptable - just a compromise between note and smaller app.

Rep: (127)
Normal size.

Yes, almost normal. But I would not mind 4.7d. :)

Rep: (17)
Something is blurring, he brutally judging by the video on YouTube, is there really no oleophobic coating? : blink:
Attached Image

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Rep: (133)
From hundreds of sweaty hands, no coating can save.

Rep: (608)
http: //savagemessiahzine.com/2012/01/24/53841/

Rep: (5)
When will it start selling?

Rep: (11)
When will it start selling?

In the second quarter of 2012, and only in the states

Rep: (16)
One comrade encouraged, you can buy it at the end of March, accessories for it are already on sale in Europe ...
P.S. and not in the states, but much closer, or rather, in my example, Poland)))

Post has been editedceller11 - 24.02.12, 18:33

Rep: (5)
One comrade reassured, you can buy it at the end of March, accessories for it are already on sale in Europe ... P.S. and not in the states, but much closer, or rather, in my example, Poland)))

If this is true, then this is good news =): happy:

Rep: (1810)
While pre-order is availableHEREPrice without delivery 570 cu
Attached Image

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