Battery Usage | energy monitoring (Harmattan)

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Battery usage
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Last update of the program in the header:10.01.2012

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A useful program that everyone should have. Battery Usage displays statistics on battery consumption by processes and applications for all the time and after the last charge, as well as warns of much changed power consumption or suspiciously energy-intensive processes, as well as provides other information.

  • display of battery charge percentage
  • display of remaining work time based on collected statistics
  • tracking suspicious consumers of charge
  • display of remaining time before charging

Russian interface: Not
Download: Ovi Store
Download: Attached filebattery_usage_0_271953.8_0_armel.deb (552.75 KB)

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why not a single review?

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Who can make another icon for this program?
what would from the family in appearance did not differ.

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Though the kill is not set!
Operation failed: E: sub-process / usr / bin / dpkg retumed
an error code (255) ...

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From the console under the root
aegis-install dpkg -i battery_usage.deb (or as the file is called)

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