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Dear club members and who wish to join it!

Since in QMS they write to me with requests to take to the club, I focus on the fact that I resigned as curator of this topic. Anyone wishing to become members of the community - add a link to the club (take it from the header) to the signature.

Yours sincerely, dushkin_alex.

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  • Contact the PM to the curator of the club. Applications in the subject are no longer accepted! Thank you all for your understanding!
  • Copy and paste the code below into your signature.

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The first version of the logo was created by a respected member of the club. oldkeeper , based on it, a real club logo was created, the final version of the logo was created by a respected mobi222 The main administrator of the forum allBBs.ru, also, active assistance in creating the logo was provided by members of the club dear myrainbow and dear Master YODA .

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Hello to all. It is interesting (as always) to find out who uses what;)
In addition, laying out, you make a good reminder to yourself. Here is my list:
Attached ImageBattery Watch (battery charge on the main screen).

Attached ImageBeWeather (The weather is there, a lot of settings and views, super).

Attached ImageBlackberry protect (this is so clear).

Attached ImageDropbox (free 2 GB in nete, plus a synchronization program).

Attached ImageFilescout (conductor).

Attached ImageFree Chat For Facebook with BBM (Facebook chat in BBM).

Attached ImageMemory Booster Pro (memory cleaning).

Attached ImagePictureID (photo caller full screen).

Attached ImageQR Code Scanner Pro (and so it is clear).

Attached ImageQuickpull (program reload).

Attached ImageVibrate on Call Connect (vibration when connecting to the subscriber).

Attached ImageKindle (reader).

Attached ImageTunein radio (bad radio).

Attached ImageaiStream Russia (news, radio, movie posters, TV programs, currency rates, weather, Russian).

Attached ImageBreezy (printing to a printer from a smart).

Attached ImageGorspravka (objects near you, search).

Attached ImageiSpeech Translator (also understandable).

Attached ImageSpeaker on (Speakerphone).

Attached ImageWaze (navigation).

Attached ImageBerrywall (everyone knows this).

Attached ImageMy mobile (Edit the address book of the device, notes, tasks from a PC. direct link for smart).

Attached ImageWho is it pro (analogue BeBuzz, the choice of the color of the diode on the event).

Attached ImageCrossroad (subject, free option here ).

Attached ImageChess (I will say "checkers", because you will not believe. And rightly so).

Well, by itself, BBM 6, twitter-facebook.
All this is set at a time.

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And congratulations to my colleagues on housewarming!

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You guys are great !!! Such a huge forum, and about such a beautiful device like a Blackberry, is very, very little information. There are other forums, but stillsavagemessiahzine.comdearer

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V.Astahov @ 01/10/2012, 19:44*
There are other forums, but stillsavagemessiahzine.comdearer

I support one hundred percent exactly, I want to communicate on this site, blackberry is a very good site, but by 4 pda I have become more attached

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myrainbow PictureID does not work normally?

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No complaints, if you set specific contacts in it and do not go to the tab of general contacts settings.

From all this gentlemanly set, the joint was on the penultimate versionQuickpull (reboot program).
The trick is that you download this application from the site, install it, and it offers to install the add. the module, without which the self-reload "reload now" does not work. This is where there was confusion with the permissions of this application and the desire of the main module to reboot. Now everything is all right.

Here withWaze I have not figured out (navigation), I forget to check it on the road.
Therefore, it is not recommended yet.
At home I give him the name of the street in Russian, a space, digits of the house number (without letters) - he finds it and routes it.

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myrainbow ok, I'll have to try

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Stuck on the topicCrossroad .
The rest are no longer perceived, always returning to it :)
She abruptly changed the style of BB, in fact - this is a theme-Quick Launcher such, with an exclusive design.
Only the wallpaper on the main page is changed to my own.

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myrainbow @ 01/10/2012, 18:00*
(reboot program)

I use alt + shift + del reboot without too much software

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but I somehow feel uncomfortable to do it ... probably my hands are not from there: D

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Something in my messenger was out, for no reason, for no reason, just stopped running, I click on the icon, and there is silence ...

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V.Astahov, I personally had a very bad incumbency to work on the Internet. It’s not realistic to go to the store, too, the mail arrives with a five-minute delay, at best, MTS operator Moscow
myrainbow Well, then yes, someone is more comfortable: D I, for example, tolerate and dictate when third-party programs duplicate the stock functionality, so I don’t install those, thanks for waze, I’ve been looking for a navigation program for a long time, I didn’t really test it, I’ve spent the night in the yard, but at first glance standing, besides in Russian, and this is an additional plus for her, you do not know what the catch is, why she is free

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I think because it is still under development. Burzhuiny swear at her, write that hangs on the road, etc.
But somewhere I read that the version from the site is working, apparently has not been updated in App World.
In general, you have to watch for yourself.
Well, of course, this is a beta version, besides, the information comes from the users themselves. I looked at Peter, one user rode, from him there was info about ambushes and closed passages.

yes you flew out of the group

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myrainbow it’s understandable, they’ll get help now, and then they’ll tell me the money: D but oh well, I’m testing this program next to the window, I found the satellites quickly, the map was also drawn quickly and the program warned me about a police ambush 1.6 km away from me: D

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A small overview of the transition from 9520 to 9860.
In the twenties of December 2011, I bought myself 9520 PCT from MTS, in view of the dead SE Arc (8 months of use). I liked the device very much, immediately went to MTS, connected BIS. He began to conjure with the phone, unlocked BBM, untied it from the operator, WiFi was only half unlocked (An icon appeared, but nothing more). I think, oh well. Began to use, and I even really liked. The main thing is, the network did not lose, confident reception everywhere, I really liked the touch with SurePress (unusually). The battery lasted for two days, which is not very important. But the moment came when WiFi was needed, and decided to look at 9860. I bought this device Eurotest from Serbia last night (everything is unlocked). Upon arrival home began to deal with the device. OS7 Beautiful, fast, everything is clear. The display is bigger, the device itself is thinner, it is more pleasant in the hand, control with the help of the trackpad is more convenient (at least for me), the connection today was worthy of blackberry. Battery: the device is on 07:30 and at the moment 54 percent is left, with active use in talk mode and WiFi data, which is not bad in my opinion. Only here it is not customary, SurePress is not, so far, when I type the text, I look at the display and check if I clicked.

P.S. Overall, very pleased with yesterday's acquisition. Now here is 9520 not in the business (selling at a fair price)

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Well, well, I can say something about navigationWaze .
Today was two trips
in the first case, the program found me perfectly, accurately monitored my movement around the city, but reported on the impossibility of laying a route to a given destination.
In the second, the route was laid (the point is the same), immaculate monitoring, there are no complaints about the drawing.
Voice guidance greatly raised my spirits. Behind the wheel neighing like a horse. Not only do the concepts of “keep left” and “turn left” periodically get confused, but the voice voice of the distance to the maneuver also disappears, only a maneuver is pronounced. For example, on straight sections of the road (without intersections and congresses), turns were repeatedly proposed in both directions, while the drawing was correct.
Overall impression: a good program for raising the mood (in a bad mood is not recommended). If there is a passenger, it is possible to place bets on the voice acting of the direction of the next maneuver.
But seriously, I think, if the project develops, over time, there will be a good version of the navigator for BB.

thanks for the information

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In general, I wait when Megaphone adapts its application "Megaphone-Navigation" to BB.
Request for technical support has already been sent.
On the MTS, it was convenient to use their navigation.

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myrainbow @ 01/11/2012, 20:44*
On the MTS, it was convenient to use their navigation.

I have not heard of this, it will be necessary to look

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The service is paid.
Application support BlackBerry 9000, 9700, 8900.

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