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Discussion of the rare smartphones | Less than 5 owners on the forum

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Discussionrare smartphones
Picturerare smartphones
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H. visitors of this topic as you may have noticed this topic has a title
Discussionrare smartphones

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owners lexand s5a4 argon at MTK 6572 respond. necessary system files

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8 months ago bought a phone Mijue M6. Of information on it could not find any, no firmware, removed from production. MB someone has the same firmware and for him?http://unite4buy.ru/review/Obzor-Mijue-M6/

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There are online "happy owners" lenovo a8 plus? And now the question. Where can I buy a battery for such phones left? Only through Ali?

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Planokyr4ik @ 20.03.2015, 13:41*
I ask, create a theme for the phone Bravis Tau. I will be very grateful...

I keep as also bought this miracle of technology.

Posted on 04/04/2015, 10:55:

Yes, and more. The owners of this wonderful devaysa ozyvaytes than our longer the more chances to create a theme at our BRAVIS TAU.

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Good afternoon, everybody, have a smartphone ERGO SMARTTAB 3G 5.5 "BLACK, what kind of animal? There is a theme in our forum?

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* andryxa8608
is the theme. YouHERE

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The curator of the topic is appointedbullik01
Please love and respect!

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Getting root on 4.4.x through CustomRecovery CLICK

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Planokyr4ik @ 20.03.2015, 14:41*
I ask, create a theme for the phone Bravis Tau. I will be very grateful...


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If anyone has a throw firmware keneksi alpha, and the driver for this animal, brief instruction, and the stitching

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Hello. I bought orro m6 (iphone 6 copy) with 2 sim. ITC 6582. android version was not very much and I decided to flash it. eventually sees only 1 SIM and the image on the camera and the photographs to the top of the legs. I can not find another firmware on it. Prompt how to be, who knows. thank

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Hello people help to identify this device
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image


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I create a theme for FOG N4 smartphonehere
This is the best external copy Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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good day.
on hand was the Korean phone KT Tech EV-S100 TAKE.
Who knows anything about it? whether there is a firmware on it? phone restarts upgrade downoad server is eating another way to flash ???

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* killerjon,
You have the characteristics it has, on the box is something written .. This will help to find the firmware

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Tell me what it is, bought bravis tau and on the same day problems: 1. warm in the Ryan chamber 2 may itself close any game or program if I do it in the time sitting, it can that be?

Rep: (2464)
evgeniymc777 @ 27.04.2015, 09:25*
it can that be?

This overheating. This happens if, for example, for a long time to play.

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* bullik01,
In my case it is not important to play or not, the main thing that would be about 5 minutes just worked and have heated up

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BRAVIS MEGA. guys someone tell me how this phone? or look the other way? whether there is to it dnepropetrovsk.foxtrot.com.ua/ru/shop/mobilnye_telefony_bravis_mega.htm firmware

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Good day thread who can tell whether this is realhttp: //ru.aliexpress.c...-Inch/32274338400.htmland that in general it is for Piram MPIE and whether they have a website

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