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Nova Launcher | The original and customizable launcher for modern Android

Rep: (373)
Nova Launcher
Version: 6.1.11

Last update of the program in the header:15.06.19

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Tags: llll launcher

Short description:
The original and customizable launcher for modern Android.

Main features
  • Customizable grid on the desktop (from 2x2 to 12x12)
  • Create folders on the desktop and application menu by dragging a shortcut to a shortcut
  • Grouping in the application panel (by folder and as tabs)
  • Scrolling dock bar, adjustable number of panels and number of icons in one panel (from 1 to 5)
  • Tweaking launcher color scheme
  • Resizing Widgets
  • The ability to put a widget / shortcut in the dock bar
  • Using ikonpak supported by Nova Launcher
  • Wallpaper scrolling
  • Backup and restore launcher settings
  • Import settings from another launcher
  • A large number of high-quality and smooth effects.

Benefits of Nova Launcher Prime
  • Support for gestures on the desktop
  • Counter of unread messages in Hangouts, SMS, Gmail, WhatsApp and others when using TeslaUnread plugin
  • Flexible customization of the application menu: Custom tabs, vertical or horizontal scrolling
  • Hiding applications
  • Additional gestures on icons
  • Additional scrolling effects
Additional Information
Nova Launcher v6:Android 5.0+
Nova Launcher v4, v5:Android 4.1+
Nova Launcher< 3.3: Android 4.0.1+

Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Homepage: http://teslacoilsw.com/
E-mail: [email protected]
Russian interface: Yes
Google Play: https://play.google.com/com.teslacoilsw.launcher
Google Play (Prime Key): https://play.google.com/com.teslacoilsw.launcher.prime
Assistance in translating to crowdin . Just go link register and help the application to be better
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  • Version Nova Launcher / add-ons;
  • The cause and effect of the problem / issue;
  • Did you use tips from the Knowledge Base and what was the result of the instructions you applied.
This will help us quickly understand and try to help in solving your problem.

The authors of modifications are not responsible for the performance and full functionality of their mods on your devices and everything you install, you do at your own peril and risk.
It is necessary to solve the problems of modifications with the author of the mod using QMS!

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  • Discussion of problems related to beta (beta / test) versions - with this you just clutter up the topic. Respect other forum readers who are looking for information that is useful to them, and not a discussion of the bugs that the developer subsequently eliminates.
    To report an error there are two actual ways: Google+ community official Nova Launcher and Nova Settings>Support .
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Discussing hacking keys in this topic is prohibited!

Key Nova Prime v3 : Attached fileKey + Nova + Prime + C.apk (21.74 KB)

Key Nova Prime v4 : Attached fileKey + Nova + Prime + D.apk (48.53 KB)

Key Nova Prime v5 : Attached fileKey + Nova + Prime + 2017.apk (68.68 KB)

Key Nova Prime 2019
Lucky Patcher Patch
List of changes caps
Legend:[+] - added; [^] - updated; [&] - fixed; [x] - deleted.

[2019-09-07] //
[^] BETA 6.2

[2019-08-26] //
[^] Previous versions have been moved from "Pay attention" - "Useful links" to the main part of the header under the download buttons.

[2019-07-22] //
[+] Nova Launcher Prime v6.1.11 Fininal lite-mod by DS

Version: 6.1.11 [Final] Prime by Balatan (Alex0047)
Version: 6.1.6 Prime Nova Launcher 6.1.6 (Prime by Balatan)

Beta versions:
Version: 6.2.0
Google Play (Katafrakt)
Prime by Balatan (Alex 0047)
From the developer's site

Past versions
It contains previous versions of Nova Launcher and add-ons!

Nova Launcher v6 / Requires Android 5 and up
Nova Launcher v5
Nova Launcher v4
Nova Launcher 4.3.1 (Google Play Store)
Nova Launcher 4.3.1 (Prime by Balatan)
Nova Launcher 4.3.1 Prime Color Mod by balatan
Version: 4.3 Prime Color Mod Nova Launcher (Post Alex0047 # 49344962)
Version: 4.3 Original + Prime Nova Launcher (Post Alex0047 # 49344153)
Version: 4.2.2 Final Prime Nova launcher (Post Alex0047 # 45990869)
Version 4.2.2 Final Prime by Balatan with a modified color palette
Version 4.2.0 Final Primeby Nakvas
Version 4.2.0 Final Primefrom Balatan with a modified color palette
Version 4.2.0 Nova launcher (Post Vitalk031 # 45122472)
Version 4.2.0 Final Primeby balatan
Version 4.1.0 Final Primefrom Balatan with a modified color palette
Version 4.1.0 Final Primeby balatan
Version 4.1.0 Final Version 4.1.0 Beta3 Primeby balatan
Version 4.0.2 Final
Version 4.0.2 Final Primeby balatan
Version 4.0.2 Final Primerecovery from Balatan
Version 4.0.2 Final Primefrom Balatan in other colors
Version 4.0.2 Final PrimeMod Lite from Alex0047
Version 4.0.2 Finalwith modified search string
Version 4.0.2 Final Primefrom n.gowda
Version 4.0.1
Version 4.0.1 Primeby infinity
Version 4.0.1 Primefrom infinity with augmented noskojv
Version 4.0.1 Primeby RetRen
Version 4.0.1 Primewith a modified color palette and translation
Version 4.0.1 Final Primefrom n.gowda
Version 4.0.1 Final Primefrom n.gowda with updated noskojv translation
Version 4.0 Final Primeby infinity
Version 4.0 Final Primeby Jasi2169
Version 4.0 Final Primefrom infinity with augmented noskojv
Version 4.0 Final and 4.0 Final Primewith the changed color in the settings menu from andro1d and the added translation noskojv
Nova Launcher v3
Nova Launcher v2
Nova Launcher v1

[b] TeslaUnread 5.0.8:Google Play Store
TeslaUnread 5.0.7:Google Play Store | Balatan (Cracked)
TeslaUnread 5.0.6 (Google Play):Attached fileTeslaUnread_for_Nova_Launcher_5.0.6.apk(1.29 MB)


Nova Google Companion

Previous versions of Nova Launcher can be found here.

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Reason for editing: Update: beta 6.2.0 GP / Prime

Rep: (39)
Damn how infuriates these collections of information in almost every application. Metrics, analytics, constantly merging something every time you turn on data transfer. Previously, in older versions, I simply erased a line in the manifest with permission to access the Internet, now the application crashes even if I cut off Internet access in smal.

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