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Whatsapp | messenger, sms replacement, mms

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Version 2.18.368.0
Last update of the program in the header:27.06.2019

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Messenger for a large number of mobile platforms. Android, iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows Phone.
The program is worthy of attention, as a full replacement sms and mms.

After installation, the program will ask you to enter your phone number and send you a registration number via sms.
After that, it is synchronized with the phone book and you will find out which of your friends is using WhatsApp.

  • short messaging
  • exchange of pictures (photo transfer)
  • exchange of short audio messages (2 minutes)
  • can send your location
  • status setting
  • synchronization of contacts with the phone book

Homepage: http://www.whatsapp.com/

Russian interface: Yes

XAP: 2.18.368.0
To install from a PC: WhatsApp (Post hqqddy # 73140163)

Previous versions:

Marketpalace Web: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/apps/218...ec-054cf4569a79
WP7 Market: zune: // navigate /? phoneAppID = 218a0ebb-1585-4c7e-a9ec-054cf4569a79

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why does it take money to send SMS?)

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Rodmistar @ 05/01/2012, 18:15*
why for sending SMS
because it is SMS, and they are paid.

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And what, comrades, does push work for everyone ???

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The second day is terribly buggy. In the settings, the status is now "Not Connected". :( Messages come only PUSH, but do not reach the chat.

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Lehus, it was such an opsos megaphone, about three days ago. Simka changed (5 minutes, 0 money), everything became normal.
And no one has a problem: when you open any picture, the program is guaranteed to crash, have to save, then watch?

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Phone: Samsung Omnia W I8350
Firmware: 7.10.8773.98
Guys, what should I do if I don’t find whatsapp in the marketplace, but when I search through Yandex, I go to the offsite, click download now, it goes to the marketplace and writes "The program is unavailable, you need to update the phone software, this program is tied to to another mobile operator or not available in your area "

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In the process, for some reason they removed it from our marketplace. Maybe some thread is rebranding, or an error, as with gMaps.koshan, in general, you are not alone.

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Googled it well.
"Today, many WhatsApp messaging service users have noticed that the app has disappeared from the Marketplace.
WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton replied that most likely when testing the new version, the application was marked as private and disappeared from the Marketplace. Soon the application will return. At the moment, he cannot give any more detailed information. We hope that after the update it will not become paid, as on other platforms. "

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Guys, I can’t install it: it is not available in your region, please help to install it.

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application authors posted new screenshots of their application how it will look in WP8
Attached Image

Attached Image

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Guys, what to do, can not be installed?

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Guys, tell me how to install additional smiles on vots up !!! My husband has Nokia N8 and they already go there as standards, I have sgs2. I would like even more smiles))) although much more ..: rolleyes :))) but still))) who knows, tell me)))): blush:

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CumbeR-C @ 08/08/2012, 12:31*
Guys, what to do, can not be installed?

There is a hap in the cap.

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Saw in the header the long-awaited update to the version2.8 after the application disappeared from the Market
from the new:
- 3 new functions on the toolbar: "Search", "Status" and "Create Group"
- no longer cling location to message
- added the ability to add contact information to the message

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The same problem as with lexus1984, push comes-chat is empty, the status is "not connected". Other programs work with a bang. Simka is a new month only. And whatsapp support is silent for the 3rd day. No idea how to fix it? The previous version worked great

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Is wifi not connected? I had this behavior on one point (dlink, I don’t remember the model). I was also surprised for a long time, because I'm used to working on the rest.

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With wifi, just the norms work, but through the operator-buggy ((

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It works fine for me through wi-fi, dsl with wi-fi. Messenger cool, sorry few use it

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The problem was solved by hard cutting. It's a pity, of course, to reconfigure and install everything, but the messenger is really worth it =)

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How to get out of it?

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