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Whatsapp | messenger, sms replacement, mms

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Version 2.18.368.0
Last update of the program in the header:27.06.2019

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Messenger for a large number of mobile platforms. Android, iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows Phone.
The program is worthy of attention, as a full replacement sms and mms.

After installation, the program will ask you to enter your phone number and send you a registration number via sms.
After that, it is synchronized with the phone book and you will find out which of your friends is using WhatsApp.

  • short messaging
  • exchange of pictures (photo transfer)
  • exchange of short audio messages (2 minutes)
  • can send your location
  • status setting
  • synchronization of contacts with the phone book

Homepage: http://www.whatsapp.com/

Russian interface: Yes

XAP: 2.18.368.0
To install from a PC: WhatsApp (Post hqqddy # 73140163)

Previous versions:

Marketpalace Web: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/apps/218...ec-054cf4569a79
WP7 Market: zune: // navigate /? phoneAppID = 218a0ebb-1585-4c7e-a9ec-054cf4569a79

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I post xap to anyone: rofl:

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Attached fileWhatsApp_v1.5.0.0.xap(914.51 KB)

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And if the contact is not online, send SMS? And how to find out online contact or not? I have 3 people displayed in Favorites, and that's it, status is not visible. that is, when you open a chat, it is written when it was last seen online, but it’s not clear whether it’s online or not

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Armo3000, The fact is that "on the network" it means that the application is open and the person is actively communicating. And messages always come if the network is available or the Internet (wi-fi) is. Pops up the alert as when SMS. Messages are transmitted only through the Internet.

Posted on 1/7/2012, 8:53 PM:

gavrila I about mms did not understand how to send it. I do not have the function to send a picture by mms. There is only e-mail. Maybe not looking there? But in vatsappa I found this function, and I don’t pay for sending mms.

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MMS in WP7 is.Set up MMSandhttp://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/ru-r...xt-message.aspxFurther about MMS here - offtop.

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In the latest build of 8107.79 WP, texts in the chat window no longer appear - just empty balloons with ellipsis. The same thing happens in Kik messenger ... What could be the problem?

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Custom firmware. Russian is there by default.

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VKozar @ 01/21/2012, 11:08*
Custom firmware
that's actually the answer, why something is not working

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You and I have the same firmware, I do not see anything like it

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S-droid @ 01/21/2012, 10:49 PM*
we have the same firmware with you

.... and where I spoke about my firmware - what is yours?

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where did i talk about my firmware

you have written in your profile.I suspect thats-droid from there and found out.

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Yes, I forgot what he pointed out. Nevertheless - on this prosh and such a glitch, it is not possible to use the messenger :(

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new version 1.6 is asking for a hat;)

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Attached fileWhatsApp_v1.6.0.0.xap(949.55 KB)

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in it a couple of shoals found -a source

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corrected in the new version
pick up a hat pliz

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Attached fileWhatsApp_v1.7.0.0.xap(959.55 KB)

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updated to version 1.8
from visible and large:
location service support expanded
video feature added
Added the ability to create a blacklist and block users

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Attached fileWhatsApp_v1.8.0.0.xap(1007.29 KB)

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I want to add that the new version loads the list of contacts a little faster, although it can only seem. The video works fine even when sent to other platforms. compatible with custom firmware.

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I have money for SMS, how to set it up correctly? I connected to wi fi, I activated the number, I do not know what the problem is

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And to whom you send messages haveWhatsapp ?

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Fabulous failed for half a day in the middle of this week, and everything worked on other platforms, only reinstallation did not help on the WinPhone. I started to get upset, but then everything worked first, and then I upgraded to 1.9.0.
Russification, smiles appeared, the conversation began to load when the window was dark (what for?), The stability is still not very good: sometimes you have to restart to get the messages loaded.

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Attached fileWhatsApp_v1.9.0.0.xap(2.35 MB)

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